Tieu Chien does not date Vuong Nhat Bac, r.evealing evidence of "couple" with famous beauties?

Hoàng PhúcMay 25, 2022 at 10:39

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As the current leading peak, Tieu Chien's every move can't overcome the "fine as an owl" eyes of the online community. Recently, Chinese netizens were shocked when they found out the details proving that the actor was dating Duong Tu.

The relationship between Tieu Chien and Vuong Nhat Bac is always a topic of interest to many people. Even many people "push the boat" these two peaks soon become a couple in real life.

Recently, however, netizens are not confused by the suspicion that Tieu Chien is not dating Vuong Nhat Bac but ... Duong Tu.

Tieu Chien does not date Vuong Nhat Bac, r.evealing evidence of "couple" with famous beauties? - Photo 1

Accordingly, fans suddenly discovered that the IP addresses of Tieu Zhan and Yangtze were displayed in Hengdian, although at the moment, the couple does not have any projects together.

Although knowing that the save peaks r.eveal the IP location is somewhat coincidental still does not say anything, but for the fans of the couple Tieu Chien - Duong Tu, this is a good sign.

Tieu Chien does not date Vuong Nhat Bac, r.evealing evidence of "couple" with famous beauties? - Photo 2

Besides, the fans of Tieu Chien - Vuong Nhat Bac are not afraid to worry about the relationship of the couple because it has been a long time since both of them have collaborated on a project together, so the... pale is also understandable.

Tieu Chien does not date Vuong Nhat Bac, r.evealing evidence of "couple" with famous beauties? - Photo 3

Tieu Chien and Duong Tu are two famous young stars, possessing the largest number of fans in the Chinese entertainment industry. The couple had the opportunity to cooperate in the romantic and romantic film project Du Sinh asked for more instruction and received a lot of attention from the audience.

Many people even suspected that the couple was in a fake movie when the moment Yangzi and Tieu Chien went to dinner at Hengdian was caught.

Previously, in an interview not long ago, Tieu Chien was put in a difficult position by a reporter with the question: "If Yangzi becomes your girlfriend, is it appropriate?". The question is short, but it is clear that if it is not subtle and quick enough, the answer will more or less cause controversy throughout the forums.

However, Tieu Chien once again proved his high IQ. Accordingly, the handsome man Tran Tinh Lenh made an interesting comparison instead of directly answering the question that if Duong Tu is Snow White in the fairy tale, then he is the white horse prince who is crossing the border. all troubles.

Tieu Chien compares Yang Zi to the fairy-tale Snow White and compares himself to the prince's white horse who is "struggling" to overcome obstacles that mean it's very difficult to be together.

Tieu Chien does not date Vuong Nhat Bac, r.evealing evidence of "couple" with famous beauties? - Photo 4

Many netizens, after hearing the answer, were full of praise for Tieu Chien's subtle refusal, which could both avoid Yangzi's displeasure and make "fans only" satisfied.

Before being associated with Yangtze, Tieu Chien once shared that he wanted to get married at the age of 35. But now, he has reached the age of 30 and still has not had any dating confirmation. Some people did not hesitate to start "urging" the 9x actor to quickly go to see his eyes and find an object to love. However, compared to love, he seems to be more interested in career.

In another development, Tieu Chien's film The Sea of Dreams recently suddenly became entangled in a bad noise.

Tieu Chien does not date Vuong Nhat Bac, r.evealing evidence of "couple" with famous beauties? - Photo 5

Specifically, people posted long articles on weibo to denounce the filming crew for making filming props in residential areas, affecting the anti-epidemic situation.

Posts appear for about a day then disappear. After that, the film crew also changed the filming location to Hengdian.

Tieu Chien does not date Vuong Nhat Bac, r.evealing evidence of "couple" with famous beauties? - Photo 6

Since the announcement of the project, the Sea of Dreams has encountered many rumors. Some people said that Li Tham was stuck in Shanghai because of the epidemic. The actress could not join the crew as planned, thus affecting the filming schedule.

Some people even spread the news that Tieu Chien had to play the same role as the female lead. The reason is because, the co-star was isolated in another city and could not return in time. However, these news are all baseless rumors.

Tieu Chien does not date Vuong Nhat Bac, r.evealing evidence of "couple" with famous beauties? - Photo 7

Dream Sea is a drama genre movie. If the work is successful, it will give Tieu Chien the opportunity to develop in the long run.

However, the film that has not been shown has been accused of affecting the anti-epidemic situation. The actor himself is also constantly entangled in private life.

During Shanghai's blockade, Tieu Chien fans took other people's donations and received them as relief items for their idols. This action caused the actor to be ridiculed, his reputation also decreased.

On May 22, the actor surnamed Tieu continued to be accused of taking advantage of the memorial day of the academician to "scour the heat". The marines who plowed the data to help the actor were banned from speaking and locked their accounts. Some people also think that Tieu Chien is in a drought, so he has to suffer many bad things.

Tieu Chien does not date Vuong Nhat Bac, r.evealing evidence of "couple" with famous beauties? - Photo 8

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