Tieu Chien is about to introduce "new love" to the audience, the "g.irl side" is praised more beautiful than Duong Tu

Hoàng AnhDec 19, 2022 at 14:33

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Recently, on Weibo, a blogger revealed that the film of Tieu Chien and Ly Tham is about to be released to the audience in the first quarter of next year. On film discussion forums, in addition to showing an expectant attitude towards the new project of handsome man Tran Tinh Lenh, the beauty of the new love Tieu Chien also received many positive reviews.

Tieu Chien is about to introduce "new love" to the audience, the "g.irl side" is praised more beautiful than Duong Tu - Photo 1

Recently, Tieu Chien is considered to be quite quiet compared to co-star Tran Tinh Lenh - Vuong Nhat Bac. However, the actor still proves his charm when he is always in the top 1 in terms of temperature at every event, Weibo 2022 night is an example.

According to information from the Chinese media, Tieu Chien still has 2 unreleased TV series, Ngoc Cot Dao, starring with Nham Man and The Sea of Dreams, so they are charming with Ly Tham. It is known that these are all works that have launched media publications such as trailers and posters, just waiting for the broadcast schedule of the platform.

Tieu Chien is about to introduce "new love" to the audience, the "g.irl side" is praised more beautiful than Duong Tu - Photo 2

Not letting fans wait long, a blogger reported that The Sea of Dreams will be released in the first quarter of 2023. Although this information has not been confirmed by Tieu Chien and related actors, the audience could not hide their excitement. but leave many comments on social networks. In which, in addition to expressing the anticipation for the next "comeback" of the top Liu Tieu Chien, the audience also looks forward to the chemistry between him and Ly Tham.

In fact, Ly Tham has always been appreciated for her acting potential. Some people even think that the talent and beauty of Tan Hong Lau Mong's beauty is not inferior to the rumored love of Tieu Chien - Duong Tu. Accordingly, they fully believe that the couple will make a successful project as well as receive many impressive achievements.

Tieu Chien is about to introduce "new love" to the audience, the "g.irl side" is praised more beautiful than Duong Tu - Photo 3

It can be said that Tieu Chien and Ly Tham are the typical "debt-free" duo of the Chinese small screen, because both of them have appeared together in 4 movies, even worshiped the way of marriage, but In the end, they still couldn't come together.

So, to make up for the fans of the two actors in particular and the Chinese movie geeks in general, the Dream Sea is not only created for this talented couple, but also added to the movie. Quite a few sweet moments. Before. In the leaked videos, it is not difficult to recognize the natural 'chemical reaction' of the two.

Tieu Chien is about to introduce "new love" to the audience, the "g.irl side" is praised more beautiful than Duong Tu - Photo 4

The sea of dreams revolves around the story of young people who have the will to build a career in the era of reform and opening up. In the film, Tieu Chien plays the guy Tieu Xuan Sinh with great will and ambition, Ly Tham transforms into a nurse Dong Hieu Mai, the two of them accompany each other on the road to a beautiful future.

In addition to recreating the enthusiastic years of youth, the film also inspires the audience about the journey to pursue their dreams, opening a new era of the cast.

Tieu Chien is about to introduce "new love" to the audience, the "g.irl side" is praised more beautiful than Duong Tu - Photo 5

Before the Sea of Dreams, Tieu Chien and Ly Tham appeared together in Douluo Mainland, Young Khanh, His Royal Highness Lang and Tru Tien in the movie version. In Douluo Mainland and Young Khanh, the roles of the two characters do not have any special relationship with each other, while in Tru Tien and His Highness Lang, Ly Tham and Tieu Chien respectively take on the role of secretly in love with each other. side and vice versa.

Besides the Vast Sky, Tieu Chien has one more highly anticipated work, Ngoc Cot Dao. Although there is no official broadcast schedule, the film has made a number of achievements such as reaching the milestone of 4 million pre-orders, becoming one of the works with the greatest interest of the Chinese screen.

Tieu Chien is about to introduce "new love" to the audience, the "g.irl side" is praised more beautiful than Duong Tu - Photo 6

This is considered a huge number for a Chinese-language drama. Having this, largely thanks to the name of Tieu Chien.

Moreover, the return of Tieu Chien to play ancient costumes attracted a lot of attention from the audience. Therefore, in the immediate future when "Ngoc Bone Dao" airs, Tieu Chien has certain advantages.

Besides, the film also has a quality production team and large investment capital. Although it has only just released the trailer, the film has received a good response. Therefore, the audience has high hopes that the crew will quickly seize the opportunity to put the film on the air.

Tieu Chien is about to introduce "new love" to the audience, the "g.irl side" is praised more beautiful than Duong Tu - Photo 7

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