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Trang Tran left the Vbiz world with all her heart for her husband and children to settle in America, saying a heart-wrenching sentence

Xuka15:53:31 19/12/2023
She wrote: Tears flowed and I couldn't sleep. So tough that I burst into tears. She revealed that the thing she misses most is the drinking sessions with friends and reminded anyone who comes to eat her noodle soup to remember to take a photo and tag her.

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H.OT: Thuy Bi is "war of words" with the international school, Trang Tran declares: "I don't teach bad children"

Nam Phương17:33:34 30/05/2022
Former model Trang Tran affirmed that what she shows on social networks does not affect the process of raising and raising children. In contrast, Trang Tran's daughter was very well educated by her. After the parents of the international school condemned the "school v.iolence"...

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Thuy Bi: There was a c.hild who was bullied at an international school and fought with Trang Tran for nothing but m.oney

Nam Phương16:40:03 28/05/2022
Not only beautiful and talented, Thuy Bi is also passionate about singing, but not very brilliantly. Currently, she is a single mother and has a rich life thanks to her business

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Being told "there are teeth marks wherever he goes", Trang Tran angrily responded: "Everyone has the right to talk a lot"

Nam Phương16:30:31 20/04/2022
Trang Tran's statement about Hien Ho's love drama received negative feedback. The former model immediately responded harshly

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Trang Tran "ruffled feathers" saying that green tea shocked her husband after Hien Ho spoke up: "After apologizing, you kept quiet?"

Nam Phương17:43:07 19/04/2022
Former model Trang Tran could not hide her frustration when her husband blatantly snatched her husband

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Trang Tran "teaches life" to Mrs. P.Hang, telling showbiz about two words of dedication: "The rich are still going to o.ff their calendars"

Nam Phương12:46:57 07/04/2022
Trang Tran once again stirred up the internet with a shocking statement on livestream

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Trang Tran is sad because her overseas Vietnamese husband has a series of dangerous diseases: fat in the b.lood, b.lood pressure

Nam Phương11:33:56 16/02/2022
Trang Tran advises people to change their lifestyle to stay healthy. Temporarily putting aside the drama with Mrs. Phuong Hang, Trang Tran is enjoying a happy time when her overseas Vietnamese husband returns home after many years of separation. No more intense combat, swearing...

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While being treated for Covid-19, Trang Tran wrote a letter to apologize to her daughter, telling stories about being pregnant and still going to charity

Nam Phương13:43:58 15/09/2021
Trang Tran shared, after having negative Covid-19 treatment results, she will return home with her daughter. Complete the motherhood, be the wife of a woman that I have been lacking for a long time Recently, the epidemic situation in the city. Ho Chi Minh has had unpredictable...

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