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Trang Tran panicked because of anti-fans, wherever she went she was fired from her job, it was difficult in America

Đức Trí16:22:35 12/06/2024
Former model Trang Tran and her life after settling in the US has been a topic of great interest to netizens over the past time. Even though she left Vietnam, she was still tormented by anti-fans in her home country, to the point of being helpless and admitting she was tired.

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Pharmacist Tien revealed that he was married, Trang Tran revealed that he bought a house for 80 billion and is enormously rich

Thanh Phúc10:36:08 31/05/2024
Pharmacist Tien and Trang Tran are two showbiz characters known to be longtime close friends. As the powerful person behind a series of popular reality shows, Pharmacist Tien was recently exposed by close friends about his huge assets and thoughtless spending habits.

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Trang Tran was upset when her mother-in-law was persuaded to send her daughter-in-law back to the country, and said one thing frankly

JLO16:30:36 17/05/2024
After settling in the US with her husband and mother-in-law, Trang Tran's married life with Louis Tran received even more public attention. Recently, rumors circulated on social networks that the former model was sent back to Vietnam by her mother-in-law.

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Trang Tran hinted that there was someone who ruined the family's happiness. After coming to America, she is now struggling to learn the language

Thanh Phúc06:50:07 13/05/2024
Former model Trang Tran has just shared remarkable stories about her married life with her husband and daughter, after settling in the US. After half a year in America, Trang Tran caused confusion when implying that someone was deliberately destroying happiness.

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Trang Tran revealed that the husband and wife slept separately and were prepared to be kicked out of the house by their husbands

Minh Ngọc10:41:12 02/05/2024
Recently, Trang Tran shocked netizens by r.evealing that although she went to the US to live near her husband, the two often sleep separately and she even prepared herself in case her husband kicked her out of the house.

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Trang Tran was a 'drinker' in Vietnam, then came to America to improve her mind, and after 4 months she dared to do this

Thanh Phúc07:33:58 21/04/2024
Former model Trang Tran's life after bringing her daughter to the US to settle with her husband has interested many people. She was famous for being a drunkard when she was in Vietnam, but it took her 4 months to come to America before she touched a drop of beer for the first time.

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Trang Tran sent a few words to Nam Em and encouraged the other person to sing again

Phi Yến09:51:03 11/04/2024
After Nam Em worked with the Department of Information and Communications of Ho Chi Minh City for the second time, Trang Tran shared something that attracted the attention of netizens. Many people think that the former model is sending a message to her juniors.

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Trang Tran was severely stressed when she lost her job in America: Frustrated because of being harmed by her countrymen

Nhật Duy17:09:50 18/03/2024
The former model could not hide her frustration because the rumors put pressure on her employer, causing her to lose her job. Currently, Trang Tran does not know what to do to make a living in America.

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Trang Tran flexes her daughter's expensive tuition fees in the US: "How can I afford it as a janitor"

Đông Nguyên14:55:01 05/03/2024
Constantly being mocked as a janitor but bringing her daughter to the United States to suffer, Trang Chen officially responded and had a g.irl's tuition flex that surprised the people.

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Trang Han did not expect Nam Em to be fined up to 37.5 million VND, 3 times more than her

Minh Ngọc19:35:37 02/03/2024
On 1-3, Nam Em went to Ho Chi Minh City Department of Information and Communications to work by invitation. Through many livestreams that evoke noise in the past, r.evealing hidden corners of showbiz to create public opinion recently, Nam Em was administratively sanctioned 37.5 million VND.

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Trang Tran works as a janitor for $ 20 a day, life in the US is difficult?

Bảo Nam16:18:01 02/03/2024
Moving to the US at the end of 2023, Trang Tran regularly updates her new life with her husband and children. Recently, she said she has started working, no longer at home waiting for her husband.

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Ngoc Trinh was released, Dam Vinh Hung and the Vietnamese stars immediately took action

Nguyễn Tuyết12:23:57 03/02/2024
After nearly 4 months in detention, Ngoc Trinh was officially sentenced to 1 year suspended prison by the court to the joy of many people. Including Dam Vinh Hung and some famous Vietnamese stars.

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Trang Tran was sarcastically criticized for going to the US to live in a slum, immediately showing off her "huge" property.

Keng15:14:35 17/01/2024
At the end of 2023, Trang Tran brought her daughter, Kien Lua, to the US to settle with her husband after many years of living apart. This former model's life in a foreign country received a lot of public attention.

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Trang Chen came to the US to settle down, revealed what scared her the most, sounded sour

Pinky16:24:21 04/01/2024
Former model Trang Tran has just made an attention-grabbing post on her personal page, r.evealing what scares her when she settles in the US. Anyone who reads must pity and empathize with her.

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Trang Tran was suddenly accused of being in debt and had to flee to America. The government responded harshly

Châu Anh10:09:38 30/12/2023
Not long after settling in the US with her husband, Trang Tran was suddenly called out on social networks for borrowing m.oney to play and then fleeing to America. The incident was quickly shared throughout social networks, and the former model quickly spoke out clearly about this noise.

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Trang Tran settled in the US: She cooks for herself, doesn't have a job and has to "live off her husband", her mother-in-law's attitude is shocking

Keng13:46:43 21/12/2023
Recently, Trang Tran and her daughter officially settled in the US, reuniting with her overseas Vietnamese husband after many years of living apart. On her personal page, the former model still regularly livestreams, updating her daily life with the audience.

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Trang Tran left the Vbiz world with all her heart for her husband and children to settle in America, saying a heart-wrenching sentence

Xuka15:53:31 19/12/2023
She wrote: Tears flowed and I couldn't sleep. So tough that I burst into tears. She revealed that the thing she misses most is the drinking sessions with friends and reminded anyone who comes to eat her noodle soup to remember to take a photo and tag her.

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Trang Tran shows off her belly and is suspected of being pregnant with her foreign husband

Yang Mi16:29:26 09/11/2023
Appearing at the event with an unusually large bust, model Trang Tran attracted attention and was questioned by netizens about being pregnant with her foreign husband after marriage. This also received congratulations from netizens.

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Trang Tran directly criticized the new beauty queen Bui Quynh Hoa, shockingly declared: "Going internationally, the only thing to do is stand and applaud"

Pinky17:36:09 02/10/2023
Former model Trang Tran has just shared frankly about the new Miss Universe Vietnam 2023 - Bui Quynh Hoa. Criticize your juniors for going international and just stand there clapping and watching your country get to the top.

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Trang Chen raised her 'big sister' voice, disparaged the faces of the famous models, adjusted the way of doing the profession

Đức Trí07:18:52 14/09/2023
Former model Trang Tran made a series of shocking comments, when she directly disparaged a series of famous models, long-time activities in the profession. Commenting as well as straightening the way of thinking, with the standard tone of the model village.

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Trang Tran did not spare Lan Khue's student, attacking him directly on the livestream for bad catwalks

Pinky13:54:59 08/09/2023
Former model Trang Tran continued to attack student Lan Khue - model Trang Do on the livestream because the catwalk was too sleepy. People simultaneously stirred when she had candid sharing, correcting the juniors to hope the model would change soon.

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Trang Chen directly criticized Lan Khue's student, shouting for kicking out of the catwalk for acting too 'itchy'

Đức Trí13:37:38 06/09/2023
Former model Trang Tran has just shocked the people, when she shouted at the model on the catwalk, Lan Khue's student, despite being a guest sitting in the front row of the show.

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Trang Tran made people "surprised" when she decided to do this, related to the late Phi Nhung

Nhật Hân10:50:31 05/09/2023
Recently, former model Trang Tran surprised the online community with her decision mixed with surprise by the appearance of the 3rd character, known to be related to the late Phi Nhung.

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Trang Tran is offensive in the photo series in the middle of the sea, fans criticize it too vulgarly

Phúc Sen13:42:16 30/08/2023
Former model Trang Tran has just released a photo series that caused eye pain in the online community, was fiercely debated by people when she was in the middle of the sea, posing was criticized as vulgar, objectionable, and hotly debated.

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