Ho Van Cuong was questioned by Trang Tran about asking the CEO for m.oney, former manager Phi Nhung spoke up

Hà HàOct 10, 2021 at 13:30

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Recently, Phuong Hang continuously went to the livestream to ask for 200 million on behalf of Ho Van Cuong and the parents of this c.hild voice. Too angry at the behavior of the female streamer, at 11 pm on October 9, Trang Tran went to Ho Van Cuong's house to meet the b.oy and his family to clarify the problem.

Ho Van Cuong was questioned by Trang Tran about asking the CEO for m.oney, former manager Phi Nhung spoke up - Photo 1

During the livestream, Trang Tran claimed to be a fan of Phi Nhung for 19 years and was extremely upset about the information that singer Phi Nhung did not pay Ho Van Cuong's debt. Although he insisted that he did not force the supply and was not required, Trang Tran repeatedly asked Ho Van Cuong and the b.oy's mother to answer the question: "Does Cuong authorize or rely on the female CEO to collect debt for you or not? ?". Faced with Trang Tran's question, Ho Van Cuong just lowered his head and didn't say a word.

Next, Trang Tran turned the camera to Ho Van Cuong's mother and said, "If Cuong can't speak, will Thu, Cuong's mother, answer this question in front of everyone?" At this time, Ho Van Cuong's mother could only utter one word: "No thanks". Then, at the end of the livestream, when asked by Trang Tran if she wanted to say something to everyone, Ho Van Cuong's mother replied weakly: "Please ladies, uncles, uncles, don't spread rumors about me. It's gone, let me go in peace."

Closing the livestream at Ho Van Cuong's house, Trang Tran affirmed: "Those who are not related to the story of Cuong's family should stop. Millions of words from the online community are not as valuable as your one word. Cuong here, I don't force supply, I don't force. I just want to ask Cuong's family if he asked the CEO to collect the debt for me? Let's all understand the story. If not, please stop the story. You can watch the clips Cuong has performed and interacted with many audiences on many stages. Cuong is so big. don't worry, no one can't do anything without m.oney If I really don't ask for help, I'll just say I don't ask, I'm not used to, just say I don't know....Before I filmed this clip, I expected a force that would Come in and say I'm looking for a chat, but I don't care. I just hope that those who are trying to claim debt for me, Cuong's family says no. You guys just live your life and wish Cuong a good career."

The most remarkable thing is that right after returning from Ho Van Cuong's house, Trang Tran continued to livestream on his fanpages with an angry attitude accusing Ho Van Cuong of being ungrateful, "having a mouth to eat but no food. mouth open", "must learn to become a person before learning to become famous". The former model asserts that Phi Nhung has been famous for a long time, not relying on Ho Van Cuong to get her reputation: "Do you think with its name, you are invited to sing? Sorry, it's still a long time. If there is no sister Phi Nhung, who invites you. Have you heard from Thuy Nga Paris by night center? Who has fed him for the past few years? Who did his parents get a job in the city because of?".

While Trang Tran's livestream was still storming the online community, Phi Nhung's former manager continued to speak out about the incident. This person wrote on his personal page: "From a rural b.oy who was taken care of by his adoptive mother. If it weren't for Phi Nhung - whom I call one mother tongue, two mother tongues... where would I be now? I am now more than 18 years old myself, no longer a bewildered c.hild like the first day Phi Nhung hugged me in her arms. protect me with all my mother's heart No merit, but ten thousand times of care, why would I have the heart to sit quietly and listen to people "in the name of protecting Ho Van Cuong" to i.nsult the mother who just closed her eyes not yet in your hands?

Ho Van Cuong was questioned by Trang Tran about asking the CEO for m.oney, former manager Phi Nhung spoke up - Photo 2

During 6 hours of sitting and talking, asked if I asked the other c.hild to ask for m.oney for me, or did I receive his m.oney, listening to his promise to buy a house for me, but I was willing to sell out the family's love? I still know that this life has always been a lot of shame. But Phi Nhung, Nhung has suffered too much already. Before Nhung went away, suffered physical pain from tormenting illness, always turned to her children, tolerant of all mistakes. But now, up to a sentence, speaking to protect his deceased adoptive mother, Cuong can't do it? Or Cuong, how do you benefit from Hang's promises? That he will build a house for you, give you m.oney? But why is this life so easy, Cuong? The birth mother, the foster mother, the people who love you, work hard because of you, and you don't even pity them to protect them? Why is Nhung raising and taking care of the wrong person? Is it possible that after the sublimated voice is the soul calculating, considering material things more than friendship and human love? Cuong, have you thought carefully? How many years have you sold your adoptive mother, now you just haven't had time to sleep, and let the blood-soaked people spray people to get some profit? Are you still a cute b.oy today, Cuong?"

Currently, the incident is still attracting the attention of the online community and receiving countless mixed opinions.

Ho Van Cuong was questioned by Trang Tran about asking the CEO for m.oney, former manager Phi Nhung spoke up - Photo 3

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