Trang Tran mocks someone who is 'living a cowardly' life, the tribulation is nowhere to be seen, the netizen pointed directly at Phi Thanh Van

Thư KỳApr 06, 2022 at 10:03

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Recently, the former supermodel posted a sarcastic forum "someone" who lives a cowardly, fake life, when friends are in trouble and hides "sandals". With Trang Tran's post, many people boldly pointed to Phi Thanh Van's name.

Referring to Trang Tran, everyone knows that the former supermodel is a hot-tempered celebrity, what do you think, the most outspoken in Vietnamese showbiz. Therefore, whenever something "itchy" happens, the former supermodel does not hesitate to directly express her views on her personal facebook.

Trang Tran mocks someone who is 'living a cowardly' life, the tribulation is nowhere to be seen, the netizen pointed directly at Phi Thanh Van - Photo 1

Recently, the former supermodel suddenly posted on her personal page a status with the intention of sarcasm someone living a cowardly life, living a fault, when friends were in trouble, "nowhere in the world". Trang Tran wrote: "What is a good friend? When I'm wrong, keep quiet for me. When I'm f.orced to sit down, I often go to Facebook to advise me. My friend is L."

Trang Tran mocks someone who is 'living a cowardly' life, the tribulation is nowhere to be seen, the netizen pointed directly at Phi Thanh Van - Photo 2

Although in the article, the former supermodel did not mention anyone by name, but through the way she posted the article, netizens have strongly "pointed to the name" of actress Phi Thanh Van.

Some accounts have left comments: "It's so deep, I know who to say", "I know who you are talking about, it must be a friend of PTV hen. Hearing the name makes my soul scream...kaka" , "You speak so well. I'm so sorry, I also read PTV's articles and laughed", "Why didn't PTV's mother give advice when she was c.ursing the deceased person. audience, please open your heart to roll", "Probably Mrs. Phi Thanh Van must have read the article but denied it too much, friends are like clothes, when in trouble, I can't find it to talk about philosophy",...

Trang Tran mocks someone who is 'living a cowardly' life, the tribulation is nowhere to be seen, the netizen pointed directly at Phi Thanh Van - Photo 3

On the morning of April 5, Phi Thanh Van made the online community "bewildered" when posting a long letter about the female giant Binh Duong - Nguyen Phuong Hang after being detained for investigation.

Accordingly, the Ugly G.irl actress revealed that she and Nguyen Phan Hang have a close relationship, often texting and calling each other about stories in life and work.

"Sister! My sister loves you!

Love the times when the two sisters talk on the phone for hours, love the feelings and tears she sheds when she tells in talk shows at Dai Nam.

But above all, I also understand your mentality very well. Because even though I have only played with you for a few years, you are always the one who listens to me a lot and understands my feelings! Outside that bright smile is a heart full of pain and nostalgia.

Trang Tran mocks someone who is 'living a cowardly' life, the tribulation is nowhere to be seen, the netizen pointed directly at Phi Thanh Van - Photo 4

We humans are born, grow old, get sick and die. All dust returns to dust. This is also the immutable law of a human life. Birth, old age, sickness, and d.eath are always like that.

But if it weren't for the unfortunate mistakes that went beyond the final limit, in middle age, my sister had made the most advancements in the golden life in Vietnam!

Do you know? I think I'll keep this secret! But because I used to be the youngest brother to play in the group of Sisters, today my compassion is really sad when I constantly read articles that I have fallen into law.

Like so many times, I share with students and the audience to absolutely avoid falling into the situation: 1000 - 1 = 0. That is: 1000 things you do right, but only 1 thing you do wrong, all things will be lost. remember what you did wrong with completely forgetting about the things you did right in the past. The worst thing is when you commit a crime.

I feel sorry when you do 1000 good things, but the recent things are painful, too heavy. Sister!... Now it's too late to regret!

Trang Tran mocks someone who is 'living a cowardly' life, the tribulation is nowhere to be seen, the netizen pointed directly at Phi Thanh Van - Photo 5

Thinking back to the time that passed like a shuttle, I don't know when I will return to the old days, so that the sisters will date again, eat, drink, laugh and sing until they are slightly drunk, review together The memories of sadness, joy, happiness, suffering, innocence, innocence have not yet lingered on the dust of the sisters' lives.

I kept quiet until now I started writing this letter again! I don't blame anyone, I'm not angry at anyone, I'm not sad, I let go and calmly waited and received all the information for a long time. I understand the reason and root cause; but the destination is really so dreary that I don't dare think it's true!

Our core value has always been ethics. Now I only pray for my sisters, all journalists - reporters - artists - viewers, please open your hearts to compassion. let it all go! Anyway, she was detained to serve the investigation. And because Vietnamese law will definitely make the most accurate decision.

Hey, sister! I just ask you to calm down and pray for the best to come to you like you have ever enjoyed!", Phi Thanh Van shared.

Trang Tran mocks someone who is 'living a cowardly' life, the tribulation is nowhere to be seen, the netizen pointed directly at Phi Thanh Van - Photo 6

After posting emotional thoughts, Phi Thanh Van's post received a lot of mixed opinions. In addition to some supporting the actress's point of view, many people also criticized her.

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