Trang Khan is upset because the fanpage has been renamed to 'scam'?

Hậu HậuOct 30, 2021 at 17:00

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Recently, the online community was surprised again when the battle of Trang Khan and female CEO Dai Nam had not come to an end, the model's personal page changed again.

Trang Khan is upset because the fanpage has been renamed to 'scam'? - Photo 1

Specifically, Trang Khan expressed her frustration because someone changed the name of the fanpage she often livestreams to "Scam Trang Khan & Fashion". The former model wrote: "My page is still owned by me. After drinking for a few hours, I changed my name to go out and curse. The whole family was at ease." A few days earlier, in the midst of a "war" with CEO Dai Nam, Trang Tran suddenly revealed that she had been fined 7.5 million VND for speaking inappropriately on social networks. In addition, the former model wrote: "Losing 7.5 tubers. It's hard to be a good person. See you in court." In addition, Trang Khan also announced that he would not curse or swear on the livestream anymore because he did not want to be fined.

The former model said: "In the fined minutes, it clearly states that my occupation is a freelance business, I'm not an artist, I've been removed from the artist label, don't slander me, from now on I'm forbidden to call me I'm an artist. Now anyone who comes in and curses at me won't dare to curse back, just curse at me freely. A single slander costs 7.5 million, it's not going anywhere. Where do I get 7.5 million. I dreamed of being fined for a long time, I went to VTV for swearing and swearing. The most h.ot thing is to sue people but can't sue." Accordingly, Trang Tran said that she had satisfied her wish to be punished and "forbid" others to call her with the name of an artist.

The former model said: "It's 7.5 million. You guys stand to attack me, I'll stop c.ursing you guys. I'm so glad to be on the right day to drink again, make a to congratulate me. But how many of you Well, I'm out of m.oney. The best part is the fine version I can be myself: free business, I'm so happy when I get rid of that label." In addition, Trang Tran also "sarcastic" someone who often pretends to faint or drop b.lood pressure when invited to work. She confided: "Cursing people for 7 or 8 months, they have not said anything and have sued them for mental intimidation, dear old man. Directly c.ursing this c.hild's name, humiliating, this case of stealing this c.hild from charity. enough games, didn't see a drop in b.lood pressure, suddenly went up to cooperate with the investigation and fainted, fainted... Oh my god, that "fake" disease often faints, that age is pre-menopause.. "..

In Vietnamese showbiz, in addition to the model name, Trang Tran is also known as "the curse" because she often uses the language "bazaar". On the livestream, the mother-of-one is not afraid to use harsh words with guests, staff or with characters that she does not like, causing social networks to stir.

Trang Khan is upset because the fanpage has been renamed to 'scam'? - Photo 2

On the side of the owner of Dai Nam, the assistant of the CEO once posted a status line saying that the model was fined 7.5 million VND for speaking inappropriately on social networks. Accordingly, the assistant narrated CEO Dai Nam's words: "If you give me 10 days, I'll have done what you wanted." Over the past time, Trang Tran and CEO Dai Nam have constantly had a f.ight with each other on social networks and received a lot of attention from netizens. Not long ago, CEO Dai Nam also announced that he would file a lawsuit against Trang Khan for c.hild a.buse. The reason is that the former model took the action to go to singer Phi Nhung's house to "interrogate" Ho Van Cuong at midnight.

The beginning of this war was related to the passbook that the singer Phi Nhung's manager assigned to Ho Van Cuong. Accordingly, some comments said that the book was renewed, not from 2016. Therefore, female CEO Dai Nam frankly declared that she would pay 1 billion to Ho Van Cuong if Phi Nhung's manager could prove it. The savings book has been around for a long time. Before the statement of CEO Dai Nam, Trang Khan countered: "I will pay a deposit of 500 million, she will deposit 500 million. Then, the management company held and handed over the savings book in 2016, she continued to give it. 500 million is enough 1 billion for Cuong."

Trang Khan is upset because the fanpage has been renamed to 'scam'? - Photo 3

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