Tran Duy Minh Dat: young plastic master Duy Tan, the president who 'teared the story out'

Phong TrầnApr 19, 2024 at 13:35

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Social media platforms are spreading the image of the young man, currently the Operations Director of the family group's branch in the US, graduated with a master's degree from a top school, and has extremely handsome appearance.

Young people are extremely interested in the identity of the handsome and talented young master who has been making the rounds on social networks in recent days. This guy is known to be the son of the owner of Duy Tan plastic group, named Tran Duy Minh Dat.

According to information shared on LinkedIn, Tran Duy Minh Dat graduated with a bachelor's degree in Finance and Management from the University of Virginia (University of Virginia - USA) in 2012. It is known that this is the second largest public university in the country. In the United States, there were years when the school rose to the top of the nation.

Tran Duy Minh Dat: young plastic master Duy Tan, the president who teared the story out - Photo 1

After graduating, he returned home to work at Duy Tan Plastics as a Business Analyst for 2 years.

By 2014, Minh Dat continued to return to the US, working as a project manager. Since June 2016, Minh Dat has assumed the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO - Chief Operating Officer) of Plascene - a branch of Duy Tan plastic.

Tran Duy Minh Dat: young plastic master Duy Tan, the president who teared the story out - Photo 2

At the end of 2018, Duy Tan Plastic's official page announced the opening of a branch in the US. Up to now, he has worked as COO for nearly 8 years and during that time, he was also the assistant General Director of Duy Tan Plastics.

Along with developing his career, Minh Dat also maintains his studies. From 2017 - 2020, he studied and graduated with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the University of California (University of California, USA). This is a famous school with a long history, a leading education system in the United States and is always in the top of the best universities not only in the United States, but also in the world.

Tran Duy Minh Dat: young plastic master Duy Tan, the president who teared the story out - Photo 3

In addition, this young businessman is also considered to be actively active in the young business community in Ho Chi Minh City. He is the Vice Chairman of the Family Business Club under the Ho Chi Minh City Young Businessmen Association, often appearing in club and association activities. Here, Minh Dat impressed with his handsome appearance, is predicted to be the strong heir of Duy Tan plastics.

In an online seminar in 2021, Minh Dat also shared about the issue of remote working among employees, specifically the attitude of some managers.

"In fact, although most people who work from home are proactive in flexible working hours, work efficiency is still recorded as increasing. I think managers should support, even support. Additional technological tools increase convenience and improve remote working conditions, helping employees work in 'new freedom' while still ensuring work efficiency" - he said.

Tran Duy Minh Dat: young plastic master Duy Tan, the president who teared the story out - Photo 4

Beauty and intelligence create the strong attraction of male businessmen. Although he does not have the handsome appearance of a handsome man like Korean movies, young people on the internet still give young master Minh Dat the title of Real-Life Talent.

His father, businessman Tran Duy Hy was born in 1959 in Vinh Long. It is known that he left Vinh Long to go to City. Ho Chi Minh studied mechanical engineering at Polytechnic University. At the age of 28, Mr. Duy Hy founded Duy Tan Plastic Production Corporation, combining the letters Duy (the middle name used to call him in the family) and the word Tan, which implies change. After more than 30 years leading the business, this chairman always maintains a discreet demeanor in foreign affairs and is even said to rarely speak at length in front of his employees.

Tran Duy Minh Dat: young plastic master Duy Tan, the president who teared the story out - Photo 5

Duy Tan Plastic's predecessor was a plastic synthesis and manufacturing company built by Mr. Tran Duy Hy and his wife in 1987. In the beginning, Duy Tan made plastic containers for detergents and personal hygiene products. In 1990, realizing that our country's household plastic market was growing strongly, taking advantage of the efficiency of machines, Duy Tan experimented with creating more household appliances.

On the evening of October 5, 2023, the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards (APEA) gala night took place in Ho Chi Minh City with the presence of 65 leading enterprises in various fields. This is an international a.ward held annually since 2007 in 16 countries and markets across Asia to honor businesses and entrepreneurs with outstanding achievements and sustainable contributions to the community.

At the event, Duy Tan Plastic was honored in the "Inspirational Brand Award" category. In the list of 20 w.inning brands, Duy Tan Plastic is considered by the Organizing Committee to be a strong inspirational brand in the plastic industry in Vietnam and the region. Selection criteria are based on: kindness, health and sustainability. Award-winning companies must be brands that have operated reliably in the market and have specific measurement indicators in each field.

With 37 years of development, Duy Tan has become the leading plastic brand in Vietnam with good plastic products (household plastic, industrial plastic, packaging plastic) produced using modern technology. HDPE, SAN, genuine PP, PET plastic materials all have high durability, aesthetics, good bearing capacity and are safe for users.

Tran Duy Minh Dat: young plastic master Duy Tan, the president who teared the story out - Photo 6

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