Midu's fiancé is a businessman, wedding photos are still not revealed publicly?

Phi ĐứcApr 15, 2024 at 15:04

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Midu recently continuously revealed many hints about preparing to follow her husband and quit the game. Even this morning (April 15), social networks were full of behind-the-scenes wedding photos of the actress. The identity of Midu's husband is still a mystery to netizens.

Midu (real name is Dang Thi My Dung, born in 1989) is a h.ot g.irl, actress, lecturer, and real estate tycoon who is very familiar and famous to fans.

On the morning of April 15, images appeared on social networks that were said to be behind the scenes of wedding photography of Midu and her businessman fiance. While the owner has not yet given an official response, the "scanners" discovered a genuine hint from the g.irl's side. Recently, not only does Midu often talk about getting married, but she also reveals details like many beauties who have been "closed".

Midus fiancé is a businessman, wedding photos are still not revealed publicly? - Photo 1

Accordingly, those who follow the "Vbiz lady" will easily realize that Midu has a hobby of "flexing" designer bags, red books, houses... but she rarely shows off jewelry. In a series of everyday moments, the actress rarely wears accessories, specifically rings. However, in the most recent photo posted on her personal page, Midu revealed a diamond ring as big as a proposal ring on her middle finger.

Midus fiancé is a businessman, wedding photos are still not revealed publicly? - Photo 2

Midus fiancé is a businessman, wedding photos are still not revealed publicly? - Photo 3

Usually, women who wear a ring on their middle finger mean they are ready for a new relationship and no longer cling to the old. In addition, in Vietnam, most girls will wear a proposal ring on the middle finger of their hand because it is both aesthetic and has a unique message. In terms of meaning, people consider the left middle finger to have a close connection with the heart. In addition, in terms of the meanings of the fingers, the thumb means parents, the index finger represents brothers, the middle finger represents yourself, the ring finger represents spouses, and the pinky represents children. Therefore, women who are proposed to and are preparing for marriage will wear the ring on their middle finger, and when married, they will wear it on their ring finger.

Midus fiancé is a businessman, wedding photos are still not revealed publicly? - Photo 4

After a noisy love affair with young master Phan Thanh, Midu felt she did not want to be dragged into love dramas if she dated someone. She also shared her opinion on whether celebrities should or should not declare their love on social networks in 2020.

Midu expressed the difficulty of loving someone when he himself is a celebrity: "When no one knows who he is, no one cares about whom he meets or flirts with. But when he is publicly belongs to you, suddenly you become a pitiful g.irl on someone else's trophy."

She is afraid that r.evealing her lover will make her have "thousands of parents in society":

"If you love each other, you have to listen to the opinions of your family and relatives. Now you have to have hundreds of thousands of parents in society, each commenting a sentence, just reading it is enough to give you a headache... So So there are many love relationships that have not yet blossomed and quickly fade away in countless regrets.

Midus fiancé is a businessman, wedding photos are still not revealed publicly? - Photo 5

Midus fiancé is a businessman, wedding photos are still not revealed publicly? - Photo 6

Midu's shares 4 years ago partly demonstrate Midu's point of view in keeping the identity of her lover and future husband private. At the present time, when news spreads that Midu is getting married, the only information people know is simply "the man is a successful businessman, but his specific identity is still unknown".

Midus fiancé is a businessman, wedding photos are still not revealed publicly? - Photo 7

Midu continuously dropped hints that she was eager to get married

Hiding the identity of the person next to her to protect her love and the person she loves, Midu does not hide her happiness. Recently, the beauty has continuously released a "basket of hints" about getting married but... no one believes it. Because Midu is so secretive, even if a date photo isn't even on social media, how can netizens believe that the beauty is about to get married?

Midus fiancé is a businessman, wedding photos are still not revealed publicly? - Photo 8

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