Midu's husband is a young master of a large corporation, like a CEO tearing up a story?

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Midu's fiancé was revealed by a source that he is a young master of a large corporation in Vietnam, and is considered a real-life CEO because he is not only talented and wealthy, but also extremely handsome and attractive. .

Recently, social networks were abuzz with the news that Midu took wedding photos and will get married this summer. Immediately, information related to Midu's fiancé made the online community extremely curious.

Midus husband is a young master of a large corporation, like a CEO tearing up a story? - Photo 1

A source revealed that Midu's fiancé is currently working as CEO of the US branch of a large corporation. Midu's fiancé has a handsome appearance no less than an actor. Currently, the public is still curious about the identity and appearance of Midu's fiancé.

Midus husband is a young master of a large corporation, like a CEO tearing up a story? - Photo 2

Midu is tight-lipped about love affairs. She had previously experienced a public love affair with young master Phan Thanh. Talking about criteria for choosing a boyfriend, Midu once shared that she likes someone who is sincere and trustworthy. "After the stumbles, I need to be more alert to determine, for the time being, conditions like being handsome and chivalrous are just second to none. What I need is an honest, loyal person," Midu once confided.

On April 7, Midu posted a photo of her new house and shared: "Just finished my master's degree, the house is about to be built. My dream of having a small house by the river, watching the sunset in the afternoon is about to come true. After building a house, you should worry about getting married." She also posted photos wearing a wedding dress on April Fool's Day.

Regarding information about getting married, Midu's media representative said: "The information that is being spread is not from Midu's side but from some source. In about 10 days, Midu will officially announce her private story to audience. However, the photo is truly a behind-the-scenes wedding photo, not an advertising photo."

Midus husband is a young master of a large corporation, like a CEO tearing up a story? - Photo 3

Midu once talked about the shockingly long list of criteria. She said that "pretending to recruit but actually falling in love", the actress set a series of requirements for candidates such as: 1m7 tall or taller, masculine face, high nose is a plus point, loyal, always determined. progressive,... Regarding finances and good cars. Midu concluded with three short words: "It's not important" but must still be single. Surely because of the noise of the past, she wanted to have such an important condition. Immediately, a series of male stars in the club who were in love with Midu's "national crush" such as: Quoc Truong, Tran Anh Huy, Chi Dan,... were called one after another.

Midus husband is a young master of a large corporation, like a CEO tearing up a story? - Photo 4

She once shared about her other half's taste: "People often think my criteria for choosing a boyfriend are complicated. But first, I just need the person to love me. Second, I have to be moved, I have to really love the person. For me, love must come from both sides.

I don't choose people for a specific reason or some desire in life, but because I truly love them. So I just need someone who loves me and I love that person too. In addition, if we consider a few other criteria, I am easily attracted to guys who are charming, active, have positive energy, and are happy. That person has good finances, of course very good. But if I'm not rich, it's not a problem for me."

Midus husband is a young master of a large corporation, like a CEO tearing up a story? - Photo 5

In addition, she likes men who are a bit sloppy and live simply and is afraid of meeting men who are too clean and require everything to be neat.

With these standards, the audience is extremely curious to know what Midu's fiancé will look like, whether it is as rumored or not.

Midus husband is a young master of a large corporation, like a CEO tearing up a story? - Photo 6

Midu is a multi-talented actress loved by many young people. Not only does she work as an actress, but she also participates in many different fields such as real estate, teacher,... The actress even plays an important role as a lecturer at a university. large of Ho Chi Minh City. Midu owns a "huge" fortune that surprises many fans.

Midus husband is a young master of a large corporation, like a CEO tearing up a story? - Photo 7

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