Midu gets married, Harry Lu rushes back to Vietnam, is he the groom or a guest?

Phi ĐứcApr 17, 2024 at 16:22

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In recent days, Midu has continuously caused chaos among netizens with information about preparing to get married. Up to now, people are excited again with Harry Lu's surprise appearance in Ho Chi Minh City, specifically at RMIT.

Harry Lu's images of Vietnam are being widely shared by netizens on platforms. He visited his alma mater RMIT in Ho Chi Minh City. A series of "hidden cameras" filming the h.ot b.oy's expressions and visuals during this return to Vietnam are trending on TikTok.

I don't know whether it was intentional or not. A few days ago, people were abuzz with the news that Midu got married to her husband in hiding. Now, Harry Lu is present in Ho Chi Minh City.

During this appearance, Harry Lu received many compliments for his bright appearance and still as handsome as ever. The h.ot b.oy is wearing a simple black outfit and has an outstanding tall figure. When Harry Lu discovered someone was "secretly filming" he smiled friendly.

Midu gets married, Harry Lu rushes back to Vietnam, is he the groom or a guest? - Photo 1

Midu gets married, Harry Lu rushes back to Vietnam, is he the groom or a guest? - Photo 2

Midu gets married, Harry Lu rushes back to Vietnam, is he the groom or a guest? - Photo 3

Midu and Harry Lu are the most powerful couple right now after the movie "4 Years, 2 Guys, 1 Love" released in 2016 became h.ot again on social media platforms. Many people love this couple so much that they have set up Fanpages to "push the boat".

When the content "exposed" the story of Midu's wedding photography, these groups came in to "weep" because the "boat broke" in an instant. Some people still stubbornly refuse to believe the truth because what they really want is for Midu and Harry Lu to become a couple, even though both of them have steadfastly denied the above information.

A while ago, Harry Lu suddenly posted a status update on his situation from Taiwan (China), mentioning the feeling of receiving attention from Vietnamese netizens again after a long absence from showbiz. Speaking of playing basketball again... Many people predict that Harry Lu will "come back" soon.

Midu gets married, Harry Lu rushes back to Vietnam, is he the groom or a guest? - Photo 4

In addition, on this visit to Vietnam, Harry Lu visited his old school, making many female students unable to hide their excitement, along with a series of old memories rushing back.

The reason is that, since his school days, Harry Lu has been the "school boy" and the dream "crush" of many people at his old school - RMIT University.

Needless to say, just dig up a round of confessions from the "rich kids" school RMIT, it's not difficult for you to come across countless love messages, asking for contact information from m.ale s.tudent Harry Lu. Not to mention, many people did not hesitate to express their determination to pass the RMIT Ho Chi Minh City branch to become his junior.

Midu gets married, Harry Lu rushes back to Vietnam, is he the groom or a guest? - Photo 5

As for Midu, on April 15, social networks spread information that actress Midu had just taken a wedding photo shoot with her boyfriend. Close sources said that the beauty is planning to hold a wedding. Her fiancé is a businessman, but Midu still keeps his other half's identity and family a secret.

Midu gets married, Harry Lu rushes back to Vietnam, is he the groom or a guest? - Photo 6

Midu is a multi-talented, wealthy beauty in Vietnamese showbiz. After a noisy love affair with the young master, Midu became the "national crush" of many male Vbiz stars. Although she "flirted" publicly on social networks many times, Midu said she only watched male colleagues who were close friends. Before r.evealing behind-the-scenes wedding photos, Midu repeatedly talked about getting married.

After filming 4 Years, 2 Guys, 1 Love together in 2016, Midu and Harry Lu have become a couple that is extremely loved by the audience, even "pushing the boat" in real life. For many years, Midu has often been "shipped" with Harry Lu, constantly being rumored to be "fake love movies". Even when netizens called her "Harry Lu's wife", Midu humorously replied, " Why are rumors that I've gone from lover to wife? " and did not object.

Midu gets married, Harry Lu rushes back to Vietnam, is he the groom or a guest? - Photo 7

Especially recently, the battleship Midu - Harry Lu is h.ot again. So if it is true that Midu really married the mysterious businessman, perhaps many people will cry because their boat "sinks". Many people hope that it is just content, many people imagine that the guy next to him could also be Harry Lu, or that Harry Lu only returned to Vietnam to attend his best friend's wedding?

Midu gets married, Harry Lu rushes back to Vietnam, is he the groom or a guest? - Photo 8

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