Harry Lu only considered Midu a 'front', the reaction of the g.irl's family caused a fever

Mẫn NhiApr 11, 2024 at 14:19

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Having pushed the boat for 8 years, Harry Lu stunned Midu with his statement that she was just a front for him. The online community was shocked by Midu's reaction.

In recent days, the name Harry Lu has "made waves" on social networking sites thanks to the line "Honey, I'll take you out for ice cream..." taken from the movie 4 years, 2 guys 1 love . Thereby, the relationship between the actor and Midu once again caused a stir in the online community. Many netizens have had the opportunity to "push the boat", hoping that the two will soon have a beautiful ending like the movie.

Recently, many news sites suddenly shared photos with the content "Harry Lu admitted that his acquaintance with Midu was just a front" causing people to stir. Accordingly, a fan "dropped" Harry Lu and Midu's wedding photo from a joint collaboration project into his post. In response, Harry Lu emphasized four words: " Front photo".

Harry Lu only considered Midu a front, the reaction of the girls family caused a fever - Photo 1

Harry Lu's move immediately reached Midu's ears. On the latest story, the beauty born in 1989 did not hesitate to tag her "patriarchal best friend" and asked: "Hello Harry Lu. 'The screen' is calling."

Harry Lu only considered Midu a front, the reaction of the girls family caused a fever - Photo 2

The couple's fun interaction made netizens extremely excited. Midu's actions surprised many audiences because instead of hiding, she publicly responded to the above rumors.

After working together in the movie 4 Years, 2 Guys, 1 Love in 2016, Midu and Harry Lu have become the audience's favorite couple, actively "pushing the boat". In response to the rumor of a "real fake movie", both of them denied it.

Midu once confided: "A lot of people ask if Du is single, if he doesn't know anyone, why doesn't he know Lu? I see the two of them are close together. I don't know how to answer, but there are people whose personalities I really admire. I love them so much and want to keep them as friends forever."

Harry Lu only considered Midu a front, the reaction of the girls family caused a fever - Photo 3

As for Harry Lu, the actor also frankly stated his opinion: "Filming together, in romantic and emotional scenes, of course there must be emotions. But at that time I transformed into the character. then. At that moment, I was very immersed in the role, meaning I loved Midu's character very much, and that was it."

Thanks to the return of the Harry Lu - Midu couple, many viewers decided to rewatch "4 Years, 2 Guys, 1 Love" after 8 years. The film's director was also surprised because after 8 years, the c.hild I was born and suddenly became popular again on social networks.

Harry Lu only considered Midu a front, the reaction of the girls family caused a fever - Photo 4

Perhaps this is a success that few films have, this must be a huge joy for those who created the film. Luk Van could not hide his boundless happiness when receiving the good news about his first movie c.hild.

Not only that, the film director was also happy to share his achievement of being Top 1 on the VieON platform. She was so happy that she seriously thought about making part 2 of the movie:

"Thank you very much for giving such love, everyone please slowly let me consider part 2 of "4 years, 2 guys, 1 love" I feel like you would really like it if I made part 2 from the beginning. Go to Instagram and Facebook, everyone asks about it a lot, but give me a little time, because I still have one more movie to finish, and then I'll open a school to teach classes and deal with other things... me. I'll rearrange things a bit.

Harry Lu only considered Midu a front, the reaction of the girls family caused a fever - Photo 5

Calm down, what this Luk Van said is that Luk Van will do it gradually, as long as everyone still cares, loves and believes, there will be a part 2, I will have information for everyone soon."

So perhaps fans of the Harry Lu - Midu couple in particular and movie fans in general can look forward to the reunion of the two in part 2 of 4 years, 2 guys, 1 love in the near future.

Harry Lu only considered Midu a front, the reaction of the girls family caused a fever - Photo 6

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