How did Midu react when asked to marry Guo Chang or Harry Lu?

Mẫn NhiApr 02, 2024 at 14:05

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On April Fool's Day, Midu caused a stir online when he suddenly announced he was getting married. The beauty also released wedding photos and affirmed firmly: "Finished studying, preparing to get married."

Below the comment section, a close sister posed a question to the actress: " Who are you marrying? Quoc Truong or Harry Lu". To this question, Midu expressed confusion and "opened" about the answer: "Guess what, guessing right is rewarding."

How did Midu react when asked to marry Guo Chang or Harry Lu? - Photo 1

Besides, Midu also skillfully urges his friends to prepare outfits for his wedding. She excitedly said she "enlisted to get married while waiting for the school to open her PhD." MC Tran Anh Huy left a comment expressing curiosity: "Don't borrow the day of lying, tell the truth." Midu still firmly affirmed: " Hi Huynh, I'm going to get married."

How did Midu react when asked to marry Guo Chang or Harry Lu? - Photo 2

So, Quoc Truong and Harry Lu were the 2 male gods named when Midu announced her marriage because these were the first two co-stars to unite, which fans "pushed the boat" the most with the actress throughout her acting career.

Quoc Truong is no longer a strange face to the public. He impressed through his roles in films such as Go Home, Yin and Yang Eyes, Sweet Trap... His career flourished and developed, but the Can Tho-born actor was quite cheating in romance.

How did Midu react when asked to marry Guo Chang or Harry Lu? - Photo 3

At one point, Quoc Truong was constantly associated with Midu by the audience. But the two also make many people think that they are really "loving" each other. The proof is that many times fans caught Quoc Truong "listening" to Midu on social media. Specifically, he posted a photo with the caption: "Have you woken up? Let's go to the kitchen with you!" Just 3 minutes later, Midu was there and quickly dropped a love sentence: "Can you give me a little more sleep?" The actor didn't fit in either, but also said something more sloppy: "You have a toothbrush with cream, a new towel you put in the bathtub."

How did Midu react when asked to marry Guo Chang or Harry Lu? - Photo 4

His and her love juggling had fans buzzing with delight, with many wondering, how could any co-worker relationship respond like this?

As for Midu, she also publicly "gave the green light" to the National Truong many times. She also worked hard to interact on Quoc Truong's personal page with a series of smelly words and also posted happy birthday posts to the actor.

The couple Harry Lu and Midu recently made a storm again after 8 years of working together on a movie project.

Actor Harry Lu suddenly became a name that was widely shared again, especially on TikTok. Old footage, especially the project 4 Years 2 Guys 1 Love is watched by the audience many times, even escalating on the online movie charts. Now to satisfy fans, Harry Lu and heroine Midu have had a very special and sweet reunion.

How did Midu react when asked to marry Guo Chang or Harry Lu? - Photo 5

On her Instagram page, Midu made the audience "go crazy" when she posted a photo with Harry Lu, her co-star in 4 Years 2 Guys 1 Love years ago. Together, the two showed off their viral visuals in photos, which quickly became a h.ot topic on social media. Many fanpages quickly reshared the series of photos and received huge interactions, especially when Harry Lu is being "sought-after" again.

How did Midu react when asked to marry Guo Chang or Harry Lu? - Photo 6

After co-starring 4 Years 2 Guys 1 Love in 2016, Midu and Harry Lu have become a couple that is extremely popular with the audience, even "pushing the boat" in real life. Over the years, Midu has often been "shipped" with Harry Lu, constantly being rumored to be "fake love movies". Even when called "Harry Lu's wife" by netizens, Midu humorously replied, " Why did I go from lover to wife" without rebuttal.

How did Midu react when asked to marry Guo Chang or Harry Lu? - Photo 7

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