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BABYMONSTER plots to "eliminate" NewJeans, ILLIT, causing "wobbly" with superb visuals

Kim Lâm11:25:02 10/06/2024
In the new product, 7 BABYMONSTER members appeared without a dead angle, making fans swoon. With a remarkable increase in performance, many people believe that BLACKPINK's sister will far surpass the rest of the competitors.

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BABYMONSTER scored strong points thanks to "little Jennie" Ahyeon, a bright red appearance that shocked fans

T.P06:46:37 08/06/2024
Member Ahyeon - who is known as Little Jennie of the rookie g.irl group BABYMONSTER has just made fans excited and howling non-stop at her recent move at the airport. Accordingly, Ahyeon's actions scored bold points.

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BABYMONSTER received a great privilege for the first time, after half a year of debut to seize the opportunity

Phúc Sen07:01:35 10/05/2024
YG's 7 rookie girls – g.irl group BABYMONSTER have just made fans burst into tears when they first appeared on the cover of Korea's leading major magazine. This is a great privilege of the group after 6 months of public debut.

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BABYMONSTER smashes itself, the high number reaches 7 girls who are just bewildered

Đức Trí06:46:39 07/05/2024
BlackPink's junior g.irl group BABYMONSTER has just received terrible news, when it has just set a new record for itself, breaking itself with 200 million views from Sheesh MV. This is a good sign for the debut of 7 girls.

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BABYMONSTER deserves the title of the group possessing the top live singing ability of Gen 4

Minh Ngọc19:25:35 26/04/2024
YG is worthy of being the leading idol training company in Korea when it recently launched the group BABYMONSTER. Even though they are just rookies, the girls are gradually showing off their reputation as BLACKPINK's little sisters with outstanding talent.

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Pharita is confident in BABYMONSTER's live singing skills and vocal techniques

Phi Đức11:42:22 23/04/2024
Pharita BABYMONSTER confidently affirmed the group's live singing skills. This statement made netizens nod because the rookie dinosaur's abilities have been proven through just a few stages.

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Charlie Puth composed a song for BABYMONSTER for 'trump card' Ahyeon

Khánh Huyền14:54:28 21/04/2024
Although BABYMONSTER only debuted late last year, Charlie Puth showed his love for the group and dedicated a song to the group. This makes fans interested in the artists' relationship.

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Ahyeon (BABYMONSTER) is expected to become the 2nd Jennie?

Phi Đức21:33:44 20/04/2024
Since before BABYMONSTER officially debuted, Ahyeon has been a name that attracts fans. With comprehensive talent in singing, rapping and dancing, the 17-year-old female idol is expected to become the second Jennie of the Kpop industry.

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BABYMONSTER became YG's "exception", not compensating for BLACKPINK's 7 years

Minh Ngọc15:40:14 19/04/2024
Although it has been less than a year since their debut, YG has continuously promoted activities for BLACKPINK girls in recent times, even stronger than BLACKPINK's 7 years.

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BABYMONSTER shows the class of 'BLACKPINK's little sister', live like swallowing a plate

Phong Trần07:06:59 13/04/2024
YG's new recruits have just participated in the program It s Live. BABYMONSTER stirs up the atmosphere with the newly released song Sheesh. 7 girls are gradually proving the class of BLACKPINK's sisters.

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Rami (BABYMONSTER) has pleural effusion and still sings live, causing an international sensation

Minh Ngọc13:38:56 12/04/2024
Rami - the main vocalist of BABYMONSTER, suffered a pleural effusion while rehearsing for the song Sheesh. However, in recent days, she has still received many compliments thanks to her live singing on stage.

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Ahyeon is the most favored by YG in BABYMONSTER, the reason is extremely convincing

Khánh Huyền09:53:47 12/04/2024
Ahyeon's return to activity was supported by many audiences, because before that, the female idol born in 2007 was the member that attracted the largest number of fans. YG even declared Ahyeon as the center of BABYMONSTER, affirming her position in...

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Rora has the standard beauty of Korean style, is the main visual of BABYMONSTER?

Phi Đức15:06:58 11/04/2024
Recently on the Pann portal, a post appeared with the topic BABYMONSTER Rora's visual is the best. Below the article, many compliments were given to Rora's visual, making fans extremely happy.

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Ahyeon BABYMONTER was praised for her good behavior, but "BTS sister" was criticized for her low EQ

Minh Ngọc15:03:53 10/04/2024
Receiving the same question about studying, YG rookie Ahyeon was sobbingly praised for her ingenuity and sophistication. On the contrary, LE SSERAFIM's youngest brother was criticized for a long time for his low EQ.

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BABYMONSTER knocked down senior BLACKPINK, was criticized for being crushed, now sets a 'cool' YG record

Pinky06:50:18 10/04/2024
YG's rookie g.irl group, considered BlackPink's younger sister - group BABYMONSTER, has just released a new product with all 7 members. Despite receiving many criticisms from Kpop fans, BABYMONSTER still rose to the top, achieving remarkable achievements.

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How BABYMONSTER dresses to cause a storm, fashion compared to BLACKPINK seniors

T.P11:00:48 07/04/2024
YG rookie g.irl group BABYMONSTER made Kpop fans buzz with their 7-member comeback song titled Sheesh. The fashion sense of the 7 girls in the MV was also quickly scrutinized by the people.

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BABYMONSTER "patted" reporters when asking about ILLIT, not ashamed of YG's "chicken"

Vân Anh10:27:53 05/04/2024
The reporter suddenly asked the YG rookies about their opponent ILLIT, but their answers made fans extremely cool because they were too skillful and smart, thereby receiving countless compliments from netizen.

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'Little Jennie' succumbs to BABYMONSTER, plunges without brakes, group runs out of saves

Trí Nhi06:47:50 04/04/2024
Sheesh marks the official debut of Babymonster and the return of member Ahyeon, who has been likened to Little Jennie. Unlike public expectations, BlackPink's junior group did not leave much of an impression.

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Rookie Ahyeon (BABYMONSTER) feels honored to be called "Little Jennie"

Minh Ngọc07:24:46 02/04/2024
Ace Ahyeon of the BABYMONSTER rookie squad recently shared his feelings about being called Little Jennie. She considers it her own honor and motivation to try.

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Jisoo lost to her juniors, Jennie lost her unique position at YG by a "copy"?

Hoàng Phúc07:24:02 28/03/2024
Holding the role of global ambassador, Jisoo has become the most anticipated figure at the French fashion house's fashion shows. However, recently, when wearing a dress of the same color, Blackpink's eldest sister was completely inferior to a cbiz junior.

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"BLACKPINK's younger sister" debuted again from the beginning and caused controversy, all because of Jennie's clone

Bình Minh16:05:22 25/03/2024
Netizens have just discovered that BABYMONSTER's official launch date on the homepage has been changed. This caused YG Entertainment and all 7 girls to encounter many mixed opinions.

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YG clearly favors "copy Jennie", training her to become a "trump card" to overthrow the original?

Phi Yến18:57:37 16/03/2024
The online community has just been left speechless by the personal design for Ahyeon's (BABYMONSTER) first mini album. This time, Jennie's clone is clearly favored by YG Entertainment.

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Jennie "teased" the release of a new album, YG "quickly summoned" Ahyeon to BABYMONSTER to compete

Uyển Đình15:28:05 25/01/2024
On social networks, fans stood still when Jennie (BLACPINK) made plans to release a new album soon. In the midst of this, Ahyeon has also officially confirmed her return to the BABYMONSTER lineup.

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YG moves to "reject" BLACKPINK, r.evealing the fate of Ahyeon (BABYMONSTER)

Châu Anh06:10:05 02/01/2024
YG's move towards BLACKPINK and BABYMONSTER just before the new year attracted attention from fans. At the same time, the comeback time of Ahyeon (BABYMONSTER) was also revealed by president Yang Hyun Suk.

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