Thai Tra My: Martial arts athlete encroaching on acting, MGVN's thousand-blooded warrior

Hướng DươngApr 22, 2024 at 17:20

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From a l.ittle g.irl competing in martial arts to earn income to help her family, Thai Tra My has now become a famous actress and model of Vbiz. Many sources also said that this g.irl will compete in a beauty pageant in the near future.

Thai Tra My was born in 1998, from Binh Dinh, and is a beautiful and talented g.irl. Currently, she is a freelance actress and model and has a successful business career.

Thai Tra My: Martial arts athlete encroaching on acting, MGVNs thousand-blooded warrior - Photo 1

Thai Tra My is considered as beautiful as any h.ot g.irl with a high nose bridge, big round eyes and an extremely charming smile. Not only that, this g.irl also possesses a well-proportioned b.ody with an impressive height of 1m73 and extremely h.ot measurements. That's why she always leaves a strong impression in everyone's eyes right from the first time they meet.

With the advantage of a beautiful face and attractive appearance, Thai Tra My received many invitations to be a photo model and advertising model for many famous fashion brands in Ho Chi Minh City. Besides being a model, she is also known as an actress loved by many audiences.

Thai Tra My: Martial arts athlete encroaching on acting, MGVNs thousand-blooded warrior - Photo 2

The fate that brought Thai Tra My to the seventh art form was also thanks to her good-looking appearance. She started her acting career from online film projects. Praised for her qualities, the Binh Dinh beauty decided to sign up for Kathy Uyen's acting training classes and was fortunate to become the face chosen by many directors.

After the famous "Sugar Baby" series, in 2021 Thai Tra My continued to be assigned the second main role by the Noodle group in the sequel to "Lan Que Phuong". The actress received many compliments for her role as a scheming villain.

Taking on the role of Moc Que with a s.exy appearance, experiencing life since childhood because she grew up in "Lan Que Phuong", Thai Tra My exuded the character's carelessness and calculation.

Thai Tra My: Martial arts athlete encroaching on acting, MGVNs thousand-blooded warrior - Photo 3

Just like many beautiful women in movies, Moc Que is a prostitute who always has to f.ight to gain her position and place. However, deep in her heart she always wished to have a family with Lam Ca - one of Lan Que Phuong's managers.

Moc Que used many tricks to harm the female lead Hong to get what he wanted. Mastering emotions, being harsh when needed and flirtatious or sweet at the right time, Thai Tra My's role received a rain of compliments from netizens.

In order to have a strong transformation in the movie "Lan Kwai Fong 2", the actress went through a period of training and hard work in "Sugar Baby" as well as drawing on previous filming experience.

Thai Tra My: Martial arts athlete encroaching on acting, MGVNs thousand-blooded warrior - Photo 4

Few people know that Thai Tra My studied and competed in martial arts for the province from the age of 14 to 18 to earn income to supplement her family's income because her family's circumstances were very difficult. It is the independence and having to get used to fear from a young age that trains the actress to be strong and willful to build a career for herself. She had to stop competing due to injury and also to pursue her passion for art.

At the age of 25, Thai Tra My has had quite a few film projects. She has just completed roles in the web-drama "Gia Nhan" directed by Hoang Duy and "Rebel Godfather" directed by Duy Nguyen near the end of 2023.

Thai Tra My: Martial arts athlete encroaching on acting, MGVNs thousand-blooded warrior - Photo 5

In addition, Thai Tra My also participated in the movie "The Lady Heirs 2" directed by Hoang Duy and the movie "Hunting" in the second main role by director Hoang Tho. The TV series "Behind the Death" (directed by Thai Trinh) also just finished filming and was about to premiere not long ago.

Not only devoted to art, Thai Tra My is also a dynamic young actress of the GenZ generation who owns a fashion brand designed by herself.

Tra My initially tried her hand at online business. With a capital of only 2.2 million and the first product she sold was the Miunh lab mask of the Lány Beau brand. Passion and belief in the product, this g.irl decided to learn more to develop her business.

Thai Tra My: Martial arts athlete encroaching on acting, MGVNs thousand-blooded warrior - Photo 6

To make business more convenient, Thai Tra My did not hesitate and always took the trouble to participate in marketing training courses to help improve communication and consulting for customers.

Along with that, the beauty from Binh Dinh also registered to participate in cosmetic chemistry courses. Researching and listening to customers' opinions has become a solid foundation for her to build trust and experience in business.

Taking advantage of the victory, Thai Tra My established its own brand. With her constant efforts and efforts over the past time, she has achieved success beyond her expectations - something everyone dreams of.

Thai Tra My: Martial arts athlete encroaching on acting, MGVNs thousand-blooded warrior - Photo 7

Even though she is busy, the 25-year-old beauty always pays attention to taking care of herself so that her appearance is always full of energy. "I work hard to exercise and eat healthy to be healthy for my job because acting is very hard, working early in the morning and returning late at night, filming at night, in the sun and in the rain.

If your health is not good, you cannot keep up with the team's progress. But in return, when you complete your role, the movie airs, and looking back at the fruits of your labor is always a great feeling of happiness," Thai Tra My said.

Beautiful and talented, many times the beauty from Binh Dinh was advised to compete in the beauty pageant. Until recently, social networks were buzzing with information that she was "preparing" to apply to participate in the Miss Grand beauty contest. Vietnam 2024.

Thai Tra My: Martial arts athlete encroaching on acting, MGVNs thousand-blooded warrior - Photo 8

The reason Thai Tra My was recommended by the beauty fan community to compete in the Miss Grand Vietnam contest is because she brings together all the elements, from appearance to charisma to English ability. This can help 9X beauties easily achieve high results at the competition.

Furthermore, Thai Tra My also possesses a lovely face, unique beauty and a slim figure that thousands of people love. In addition, this beauty's charisma and expression are also quite sharp, approaching the criteria of Miss Grand Vietnam.

Thai Tra My: Martial arts athlete encroaching on acting, MGVNs thousand-blooded warrior - Photo 9

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