Miss Grand International: Opponent Hoang Phuong "played" before the final, regardless?

Tuyết NgọcOct 05, 2023 at 13:38

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Netizens were stirred by the clip, opponent Hoang Phuong "shooting" English like the wind at the airport on the first day of entry. Worth mentioning, she once had questions about her poor foreign language skills at home.

Accordingly, on October 3, Thai representative - Aoom Thaweeporn took a flight to Vietnam to start the journey to conquer the noble position at Miss Grand International - Miss Peace International 2023.

Miss Grand International: Opponent Hoang Phuong played before the final, regardless? - Photo 1

Notably, at the airport, the beauty confidently shared her feelings about the first time she arrived in Hanoi in extremely fluent English. This immediately led netizens to speculate, she "hid her job" before exploding monumentally at the international beauty playground?

Miss Grand International: Opponent Hoang Phuong played before the final, regardless? - Photo 2

However, many people also think that maybe Miss Grand Thai 2023 has prepared the content in advance, so it is quite normal for her to communicate well in a foreign language.

A while ago, Aoom Thaweeporn made headlines when he changed his facial shade lightning fast because he received questions in English from his hometown MC. Because she didn't understand what the host was saying, even if she was smiling widely, she slammed her face for a moment.

Miss Grand International: Opponent Hoang Phuong played before the final, regardless? - Photo 3

Before this incident, netizens firmly stated that foreign languages are the biggest disadvantage of Thai representatives. That will make the queen limited to "land" to show at this year's Miss Grand International season.

Aoom Thaweeporn is 27 years old, possessing sharp beauty and a charming and attractive physique that makes everyone admire. With the intelligence and extreme performance ability shown through the national competitions, the beauty is expected to bring home the noble crown for her homeland.

Miss Grand International: Opponent Hoang Phuong played before the final, regardless? - Photo 4

Also on the day of the competition, pitted against the international contestants, Vietnamese representative - Le Hoang Phuong occupied the spotlight easily. Accordingly, the journey of the Miss Grand International 2023 contest has officially kicked off with the energetic landing of a cast of "thousand b.lood warriors" from 71 countries around the world.

Revealed for the first time to participate in activities within the framework of the Miss Peace International 2023 pageant, the beautiful flowers quickly received special attention from beauty fans when posting a series of photos showing off the same frame.

Miss Grand International: Opponent Hoang Phuong played before the final, regardless? - Photo 5

In particular, through some photos, Le Hoang Phuong has received many compliments from the public because of his arrogant and powerful attitude that attracts all eyes. Not to mention, the outfit chosen by the queen is equally impressive.

It can be seen that the fighting spirit of Khanh Hoa beauty in the early stages of entering the game is quite stable. Fans hope she will keep up her form, f.ight hard for the colors of the S-shaped s.trip.

Miss Grand International: Opponent Hoang Phuong played before the final, regardless? - Photo 6

A good sign for Vietnamese beauty fans, currently, Le Hoang Phuong is one of the bright candidates predicted to be crowned the highest position of this season.

Le Hoang Phuong was born in 1995, graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of Hutech University (Ho Chi Minh City). Currently, she is an engineer and CEO of an architectural firm, specializing in drawing, design and construction, works.

Miss Grand International: Opponent Hoang Phuong played before the final, regardless? - Photo 7

Before coming to Miss Peace Vietnam 2023, the beauty from Khanh Hoa used to own a series of admirable achievements such as: Top 10 Miss Universe Vietnam 2019, Top 5 Miss Universe Vietnam 2022,...

With his extreme appearance and experience, extensive skills honed through many competitions, Le Hoang Phuong is a name that makes competitors wary. Recently, the postpartum g.irl in 1995 continued to affirm her ability to enter the game extremely well against a cast of "heavyweight" opponents.

Miss Grand International: Opponent Hoang Phuong played before the final, regardless? - Photo 8

Specifically, at an intimate party with President Nawat, Vice President Teresa and Miss Isabella Menin in Hanoi last night, Hoang Phuong showed a marked improvement in foreign languages by confidently introducing herself in English in front of the people.

Besides, the long-legged also freely shared the story that he has spent only 6 months to improve foreign languages, since coming to the Miss Grand Vietnam 2023 racetrack. In the face of this great effort and determination, Mr. Nawat and Ms. Teresa highly appreciated and praised the Vietnamese representatives.

Miss Grand International: Opponent Hoang Phuong played before the final, regardless? - Photo 9

In addition to the organizers of Miss Grand International, the reigning Miss World Peace and Le Hoang Phuong, this event also had the appearance of the top 4 contestants from the first votes from countries: Myanmar, Colombia, Brazil, Indonesia.

Miss Grand International: Opponent Hoang Phuong played before the final, regardless? - Photo 10

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