Dang Hoang Tam As: The runner suspects cutlery too much, more and more like a hotgirl

Bình MinhApr 08, 2024 at 17:35

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Dang Hoang Tam Nhu is known as the beauty who won the 4th runner-up in the Miss Peace Vietnam 2023 contest. Recently, she suddenly encountered the question of "cutlery" interference when attending the event with a strange face.

Dang Hoang Tam Nhu was born in 1999 in Thua Thien Hue, won the Ao Dai Beauty A.ward at the Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 contest. Also at this playground, she also achieved the Top 10 Best B.ody. In 2023, Tam Nhu returns to the beauty track and is crowned the 4th runner-up of Miss Grand Vietnam - Miss Peace Vietnam.

Dang Hoang Tam As: The runner suspects cutlery too much, more and more like a hotgirl - Photo 1

The beauty of Hue possesses a height of 1m75 and an extremely h.ot physique with a b.ody measurement of 81 - 63 - 90 (cm). On social media, she has tens of thousands of followers. With the advantage of color and physique, she is active in the modeling field in Ho Chi Minh City.

Before participating in Miss Universe Vietnam 2022, Dang Hoang Tam Nhu participated in Vietnam's Next Top Model in 2019. At that time, she was only 20 years old, but the desire to show bravery, youth and confidence was always full.

Dang Hoang Tam As: The runner suspects cutlery too much, more and more like a hotgirl - Photo 2

At the competition, Tam Nhu was commented by judges Nam Trung that "this is unique". Her catwalk performance was also highly praised by judge Xue Shui.

For a model, having a fit figure is already an advantage, but how to stay in shape is also difficult. Dang Hoang Tam Nhu possesses such a beautiful physique because she has set herself a very serious personal training regime.

Dang Hoang Tam As: The runner suspects cutlery too much, more and more like a hotgirl - Photo 3

Every day, the beauty of Hue practices online with a personal trainer. Every week, she does 4 workouts: 2 days for upper b.ody exercises and 2 days for lower b.ody exercises. She often does dumbbell row, seated cable row, push up, shoulder press exercises to tone her b.ody.

The lower b.ody, Tam As focuses on hip thrusts, lunges, squats, sumo deadlifts, kick backs. In order to get a beautiful and toned physique, plump skin, this g.irl also pays attention to beauty from the inside. She always drinks plenty of water and limits her intake of soft drinks, carbonated water, or fruit juices and smoothies.

Dang Hoang Tam As: The runner suspects cutlery too much, more and more like a hotgirl - Photo 4

In addition, the beauty of Hue also follows a healthy diet and regularly divides meals. In the morning, Tam Nhu usually eats a jar of unsweetened yogurt, a loaf of bread and a banana. For lunch, she usually eats half a cup of rice, 150g of pork and an apple.

At dinner, she usually eats some cheese with a sandwich before training. In the evening, eat vegetables and meat, say no to starch. Thanks to perseverance and strictness with himself, Dang Hoang Tam Nhu has maintained a fit and toned physique.

Dang Hoang Tam As: The runner suspects cutlery too much, more and more like a hotgirl - Photo 5

Because of both her color and stature, she is a familiar face to fans, so when registering for Miss Grand Vietnam 2023, Tam Nhu has received more attention. Sharing the reason for participating in the contest with VietNamNet, the beauty said:

"After the process of cultivating and developing myself, I think I fit the criteria. Above all, Miss Grand Vietnam is a place for contestants to confidently express their unique personality and colors." In addition, 9X long legs also want to spread the traditional values of Vietnamese people to international friends.

Dang Hoang Tam As: The runner suspects cutlery too much, more and more like a hotgirl - Photo 6

Tam Nhu's journey to Miss Peace Vietnam encountered many difficulties, especially in the early days of her arrival in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM. "At that time, I was not supported by my parents, so all difficulties could not be shared or supported. Some days, I only have 10,000 VND to eat and have to live in a damp inn", the beauty of Hue said.

Explaining the lack of support from her family, Tam Nhu said: "In the past, I also participated in a pageant. Because of the lack of experience, health is weakened. She was afraid that when I entered another competition, I would not be healthy enough to "fight".

Dang Hoang Tam As: The runner suspects cutlery too much, more and more like a hotgirl - Photo 7

Besides, my mother is afraid that this environment will have many temptations or unfavorable things coming to me. I have to explain it to my mother and prove it with actions to make her feel more secure when I "fight" at Miss Grand Vietnam 2023."

However, thanks to optimism and effort, Tam Nhu has overcome a challenging period. In the finale of Miss Peace Vietnam 2023, she excelled as 4th runner-up. This achievement made some viewers unhappy because from the moment she registered for the pageant, Tam Nhu was the g.irl who was expected to be crowned Miss.

Dang Hoang Tam As: The runner suspects cutlery too much, more and more like a hotgirl - Photo 8

However, the beauty born in 1999 thinks that everything happens for a reason. She is satisfied with this result and sees this as a motivation for herself to contribute more, proving to everyone that she is worthy.

Recently, Dang Hoang Tam Nhu suddenly became a name mentioned a lot throughout beauty forums. The reason is derived from the strange look of the runner-up when appearing at the event.

Dang Hoang Tam As: The runner suspects cutlery too much, more and more like a hotgirl - Photo 9

Accordingly, the runner-up of Peace Vietnam 2023 surprised with her swollen face and high nose. This detail raises the suspicion that she intervened "cutlery" to restore her beauty. Seeing Tam's current appearance, the public was even more sorry for her.

Because when he was first crowned, Tam Nhu possessed a face with elegant, slim features and attractive thick lips. At this time, although her beauty clearly shows a significant change, somewhat promoted, but the audience commented that it lost its character. Many people even think that the current queen is similar to the "hot girls" on social networks.

Dang Hoang Tam As: The runner suspects cutlery too much, more and more like a hotgirl - Photo 10

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