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Le Nam "crushed" Nam Em with her beauty achievements, choked up crying because she missed you?

Bảo Yến16:07:25 09/07/2024
Recently, the information that the beauty Nguyen Thi Le Nam was officially present at the additional preliminary round of Miss Grand Vietnam 2024 surprised many people. At the age of 28, this was also the last beauty playground she participated in.

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Nam Anh participated in the Miss Grand Vietnam 2024 contest, fans worried about Nam Em's private life in the way of his sister

Pinky10:49:05 09/07/2024
The beauty of Tien Giang - Nguyen Thi Le Nam, stage name Nam Anh, is making beauty fans tremble, when she suddenly appeared on the homepage of the Miss Grand Vietnam 2024 contest, officially reaching the top of the final round, registering at the last minute.

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A runner-up whose term has not yet expired has dragged 5 suitcases to find a lover, sit on a dating show

Đức Trí10:51:27 07/07/2024
Runner-up Bui Khanh Linh caused a stir on the internet when she suddenly appeared in the female contestants of the dating show Paradise Island, a reality TV show that was present for the first time in Vietnam, bought the copyright from South Korea.

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Miss Grand VN: The beauty of "Vietnamese version of Rose" is shocking, her profile is terrible

An Nhi15:10:33 15/06/2024
Recently, a beauty originally from Binh Dinh attracted attention when she registered to participate in Miss Grand Vietnam 2024. The reason this beauty has received a lot of attention from beauty fans and the media is because she has a beauty that is compared to Rosé. Vietnamese version.

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Lam Bich Tuyen: Being f.orced to marry and leaving home is now causing a fever at Miss Grand Vietnam

T.P16:23:03 13/06/2024
Lam Bich Tuyen, full name is Lam Thi Bich Tuyen, a beauty who is no longer a strange face to beauty fans. Conquered a series of domestic beauty contests such as Miss Vietnam 2018, Miss World Vietnam 2019

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Le Hoang Phuong and Doan Thien An were "crushed" for judging Miss Grand Vietnam

T.P11:48:21 24/04/2024
The reigning Miss Grand Vietnam 2023 - Le Hoang Phuong and former beauty queen Doan Thien An are causing intense controversy when they were just announced by the organizers as two members of the jury of Miss Grand Vietnam 2024.

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Thai Tra My: Martial arts athlete encroaching on acting, MGVN's thousand-blooded warrior

Hướng Dương17:20:45 22/04/2024
From a l.ittle g.irl competing in martial arts to earn income to help her family, Thai Tra My has now become a famous actress and model of Vbiz. Many sources also said that this g.irl will compete in a beauty pageant in the near future.

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Miss Grand VN: Revealing the brightest candidate for the Miss title, weighing beautifully in the livestream round

Hướng Dương12:34:58 20/04/2024
Miss Grand Vietnam 2024 has officially returned with a newer format than ever. At this time, many beauty fans are extremely looking forward to a g.irl joining the race to succeed Miss Le Hoang Phuong.

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A series of Miss Universe beauties were named to compete in Miss Grand Vietnam 2024

Vân Anh17:11:32 12/04/2024
Miss Grand Vietnam 2024 will become more attractive than ever with the presence of these faces. However, with the new criteria of this year's season, I'm afraid that stage and performance skills are not enough to conquer the top position.

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Miss Grand Vietnam caused controversy when looking for a beauty queen who knows how to livestream?

Phi Đức11:06:09 11/04/2024
Miss Grand Vietnam (Miss Peace Vietnam) 2024 officially launched, opening applications to prepare for the journey to find a successor. The audience was immediately surprised with the birth of the livestream sales competition.

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Le Hoang Phuong was summoned by the court, attached to three ears during the tenure of Miss Grand Vietnam

Trí Nhi10:40:46 09/04/2024
Miss Le Hoang Phuong caused a stir when she was suddenly summoned by the court, in a case related to Nam An cosmetic hospital. This is considered the biggest noise of the queen, right in the term of Miss Grand Vietnam 2023.

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Dang Hoang Tam As: The runner suspects cutlery too much, more and more like a hotgirl

Bình Minh17:35:06 08/04/2024
Dang Hoang Tam Nhu is known as the beauty who won the 4th runner-up in the Miss Peace Vietnam 2023 contest. Recently, she suddenly got into the question of cutlery interference when attending the event with a strange face.

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Not once publicly, Tian An had a question of "going the other way" with Phat Luo

Phi Yến12:01:50 18/02/2024
Truong Giang and Nha Phuong have just had a livestream chat with fans not long ago. Participating in the livestream with the famous artist pair was also Phat La.

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Miss Grand's president is determined to have no relationship with Miss Universe

Phương Thảo16:13:51 13/01/2024
Many people still wonder why the president of the Miss Grand contest - Mr. Nawat regularly posts articles and takes mocking actions towards the Miss Universe contest even though he is a junior.

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Le Hoang Phuong surpassed many famous names, reaching the top 20 of the prestigious rankings that few people can do

Pinky09:07:58 12/01/2024
Miss Le Hoang Phuong made fans stir when she suddenly appeared in the prestigious top 20 list, standing with other famous queens with titles in 2023.

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Runner-up Miss Cosmo once criticized Miss Grand as a "horse horse", only preferring intellectual competitions

Phương Thảo15:08:52 05/01/2024
After the coronation, some unsubtle statements of runner-up Hoang Thi Nhung were dug up. She was booed by Miss Grand fans for expressing her feelings about the somewhat ungraceful and controversial pageant.

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Phuong My Chi received good news after registering for Miss Grand Vietnam 2024

Xuka12:17:16 02/01/2024
Recently, Phuong My Chi unexpectedly shared the image of the application form for Miss Grand Vietnam 2024. She also attached a caption full of subtext: Many happy new year things! Unfamiliar....

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Le Hoang Phuong's life is not over yet, the sponsor has taken extreme measures after filing a lawsuit demanding 10 billion

Vân Anh15:39:43 14/12/2023
There has been a new move regarding the case of NA Cosmetic Hospital (abbreviated) filing a lawsuit against Sen Vang, demanding 10 billion VND back because the crowned beauty queen Miss Grand Vietnam had plastic surgery at a rival hospital.

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Phat La is "hard to talk about" about his dating status, netizens shout the name of beauty queen Doan Thien An

Phương Thảo07:11:15 12/12/2023
Having been involved in many dating rumors with Miss Doan Thien, Phat La has now made people excited again because of his difficulty in telling the truth about his dating status at Stars Enlistment 2024.

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Phi Phuong Anh, after 2 years of 'holding the mic', proves her ability by singing live and the ending

Phong Trần16:02:53 23/11/2023
After a period of diligent vocal practice, Phi Phuong Anh is expected by the audience to o.ff her live singing skills at the press conference to launch her new song. However, the female singer was quite confused and encountered many difficulties in this vocal challenge.

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"The Face 2016 Champion" Phi Phuong Anh opens up about the Miss Grand contest, fans are skeptical

Tuyết Ngọc19:39:03 21/11/2023
The online community is abuzz with the news that Phi Phuong Anh is preparing to register for Miss Grand Vietnam next year. However, many people are still quite skeptical about the authenticity of this news.

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Kha Nhu did something special for Huynh Phuong on her birthday, accidentally revealing their relationship

Tuyết Ngọc14:35:42 13/11/2023
Recently, Kha Nhu and Huynh Phuong have continuously made many intimate gestures and actions towards each other, raising rumors that the two have a relationship above the level of friends and colleagues.

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Le Hoang Phuong recently "announced" the new Miss Luciana Fuster, the controversy is not over yet

Bình Yên11:30:33 10/11/2023
In a photo moment, Le Hoang Phuong wore a tiny outfit next to Miss Luciana Fuster and the 5th runner-up from the Netherlands. All three queens possess b.ody lines

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Le Hoang Phuong was accused by the sponsor of violating his commitment, had his cooperation stopped and lost his right to be an image ambassador

Phúc Sen06:32:14 09/11/2023
Miss Le Hoang Phuong made the internet stir when she was recently accused by the sponsor of Miss Grand Vietnam 2023 of violating her commitment and not performing well in her role as an image ambassador for the unit. The queen's contract was also officially canceled.

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