"The Face 2016 Champion" Phi Phuong Anh opens up about the Miss Grand contest, fans are skeptical

Tuyết NgọcNov 21, 2023 at 19:39

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The online community is abuzz with the news that Phi Phuong Anh is preparing to register for Miss Grand Vietnam next year. However, many people are still quite skeptical about the authenticity of this news.

In recent days, The Face 2016 Champion is receiving the attention of a large audience when r.evealing information about the release of his first album since entering the singing field. After a series of images and teasers, the MV for the title song "Dancing Queen" was officially released by her.

The Face 2016 Champion Phi Phuong Anh opens up about the Miss Grand contest, fans are skeptical - Photo 1

Talking about "Dancing Queen", Phi Phuong Anh emphasized that this is a self-love song about respecting and loving yourself. "No matter how many differences or shortcomings we have, we must know how to cherish ourselves. In this song, Phi Phuong Anh hopes everyone can wear the crown for themselves and become an immortal 'queen'. regardless of gender, skin color, or ethnicity," the female singer shared.

Composed by musician RIN9, "Dancing Queen" is an affirmation of Phi Phuong Anh's journey of effort with her passion for singing. Previously, some of the female singer's songs were considered "musical disasters" when they had cliché lyrics or were suspected of "plagiarism".

The Face 2016 Champion Phi Phuong Anh opens up about the Miss Grand contest, fans are skeptical - Photo 2

Especially during live performances, the audience believes that Phi Phuong Anh's voice is still thin, weak, and unstable in vocal technique. After that, she still demonstrated her efforts by updating vocal practice clips with her teacher on her personal page.

The MV "Dancing Queen" attracted attention when invested in using many professional special effects such as in the opening castle scene, the scene on the water where Phi Phuong Anh "turned into a swan". Especially in the last scene, the female singer and the dancers dance on the clouds, surrounded by planets in the universe, creating an extremely impressive image.

The Face 2016 Champion Phi Phuong Anh opens up about the Miss Grand contest, fans are skeptical - Photo 3

Regarding the details of wearing the "green wind oil crown", according to Phi Phuong Anh, this idea is not only cute and funny, but also has a profound meaning. "There's no need to buy yourself an expensive crown or wait to be crowned by someone else. As long as you are confident and love yourself like a "queen", then whatever you wear on your head will be fine. will become the crown," the female singer expressed.

And to prepare for this debut, Phi Phuong Anh also practiced diligently with her vocal teacher. With the choreography set to fast music, the female singer also had to practice endurance to keep up. She added that she is quite skinny and has a small s.keleton, so when dancing, she will have to pay more attention to keep her movements strong, "otherwise it will be like a dry branch of firewood."

The Face 2016 Champion Phi Phuong Anh opens up about the Miss Grand contest, fans are skeptical - Photo 4

What caught people's attention the most was that the registration form for the Miss Grand Vietnam contest appeared briefly in the last seconds of the MV. However, viewers still had time to realize that Phi Phuong Anh's full name and date of birth had been filled in on the application.

The female singer, born in 1997, is completely old enough to participate in beauty pageants. In terms of beauty, b.ody shape and height, she meets the standards. This detail has caused netizens to ask a series of questions about: Will Phi Phuong Anh register to participate in the beauty contest in the near future?

The Face 2016 Champion Phi Phuong Anh opens up about the Miss Grand contest, fans are skeptical - Photo 5

In early October, she "released" the song "Catch Me Blindfolded", marking her continued collaboration with Rin9 after the success of "Wisdom Teeth", "Sad Can't Let Go",... The MV is The love story of a g.irl who loves someone heartlessly; then decides to transform into a "catwoman" to proactively "attack" the person she loves.

The Face 2016 Champion Phi Phuong Anh opens up about the Miss Grand contest, fans are skeptical - Photo 6

In the MV, Phi Phuong Anh shows off extremely impressive choreography that makes viewers unable to take their eyes off. The female singer said that because she had not practiced for a while, it was a bit inconsistent. However, with the help of the choreographer and dance crew, the 9X beauty became more confident. In addition, the female singer also revealed that she and her crew also took care of their costumes for this project to bring a beautiful image, meeting the audience's expectations.

The Face 2016 Champion Phi Phuong Anh opens up about the Miss Grand contest, fans are skeptical - Photo 7

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