Shocking drama of a young man tricking dozens of girls with one trick, the victim panicked

Thanh PhúcJun 21, 2024 at 14:47

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The online community is extremely confused by the incident of a young man using one trick to seduce dozens of unsuspecting girls. When victims remember, they are confused, run away, and become haunted.

Meeting and dating strangers through dating apps is nothing new. Besides couples meeting suitable people to make friends and love from chat apps, there are also huge "controversies" surrounding dating meetings with strangers. The most recent story is the story of a g.irl running away from a young doctor's car after he played a dirty trick on their first appointment, after they both chatted via the app.

Shocking drama of a young man tricking dozens of girls with one trick, the victim panicked - Photo 1

Before the incident could calm down, a series of more than 20 posts "scandalizing" a young man named T. born in 2002 were widely shared on Threads. The series sharing about the memorable dating experience of M. and that young man received 60-70k views and dozens to hundreds of comments in one post, not only a thrilling drama but also a wake-up call. to all.

On the evening of June 15, M. accepted an invitation to go out with a male friend named T. (22 years old, Hanoi). The date took a turn for the worse when T. texted the g.irl, asking her to stop by the motel room, wait for him to take a shower, and then take her out. His reason was that it was convenient, not a long way around (because T.'s house was very far from M.'s house), so he only bothered the g.irl to wait a bit. Although M. had many doubts, with T.'s pleading, her friend agreed.

Shocking drama of a young man tricking dozens of girls with one trick, the victim panicked - Photo 2

As soon as he entered T.'s room, T. refused to turn on the light, using the excuse that "the room was messy" and let M. sit at the end of the bed. Here, he clearly showed that the purpose of bringing her here was not to wait for him to take a bath as he initially said, but to start intimate contact without M's consent.

Taking advantage of the time when T. wasn't paying attention, M. texted friends and relatives for help. Even though M. asked a male friend to make a video call to remind T., the touching behavior continued. The g.irl then got scared and went downstairs to open the door to leave. At that time, M. did not know that his friend was texting T., simply asking to see if he was with M. or not, but he saw this as provocative behavior.

Shocking drama of a young man tricking dozens of girls with one trick, the victim panicked - Photo 3

From here, T. started to f.ight with M., then accidentally met another couple who was upset by T.'s behavior. The man spoke up to defend M. and was challenged by T., leading to the f.ight. scuffle between T. and the man. The g.irl was then taken home in a panic.

When posting the story on social networks, M. discovered that T. was indeed a person who specialized in seducing the other person through the accusations of other victims. His "love situations" are relationships that only last 1 week and quickly want to exchange intimately, or even right from the first date. T. often looks for victims on online dating applications - a place that contains many dangers from quickly getting to know and meet the other person.

Shocking drama of a young man tricking dozens of girls with one trick, the victim panicked - Photo 4

Specifically, he often uses motifs: Take him to his room, wait for a shower and then take him out, or invite him to his house to watch a movie, but watch it in the living room, which is a shared space. The results were not what they said and T. would start touching him once he had successfully brought the girls into the bedroom. Going into the house with him always makes the girls suspicious, however, T. always knows how to control his emotions to express a state of pleading, making the girls soft and tolerant. That's the trap.

Not everyone can drastically escape that situation. Many girls could run away with the help of friends or self-defense martial arts, but there were also those who fell into T.'s trap, were photographed/recorded by him and showed off to their friends as a trophy.

Shocking drama of a young man tricking dozens of girls with one trick, the victim panicked - Photo 5

When seducing girls in this way, T. naturally has a solid defense "armor": Because the girls volunteered! From that reason, he has reason to blame the opposite, similarly in M. Song's case, he must acknowledge the fact that T. was very skillful in saying sweet words to make the girls trust and understand. have a cold. Obviously, when you have a date to go out, no one wants to cancel and can't wait for you to clean up your personal hygiene before the date. He relied on this to easily trap the victim.

Shocking drama of a young man tricking dozens of girls with one trick, the victim panicked - Photo 6

When posting the story, there were many opinions that M. ignored many bad signs during the date, leading to the current incident. There is advice, there is also harsh criticism, but it cannot be denied that T. is quite sophisticated in the way he carries out his tricks and that is probably the reason why he successfully brought M. into his private living space. . Not only M., the previous girls are proof that: It's not easy to stay awake in the face of the sweet seductions of strangers, no matter how you remind yourself.

Shocking drama of a young man tricking dozens of girls with one trick, the victim panicked - Photo 7

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