Rosé is "out of time" in the middle of BLACKPINK's job explosion, is there a "plot" to surprise her?

An NhiJun 17, 2024 at 10:31

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While BLACKPINK is active in its career, Rosé is the member whose future steps are the most unpredictable. Fans are still "guessing" about her own company and her solo album in the near future.

Since December 2023, after announcing that they would not renew their individual contracts with YG Entertainment, BLACKPINK members are all working very productively with a series of solo projects. While eldest sister Jisoo focused on filming for two movies and television, Jennie also released two music products in collaboration with other artists. Meanwhile, youngest sister Lisa has given the first signs to announce a solo album to be released in 2024.

Rosé is out of time in the middle of BLACKPINKs job explosion, is there a plot to surprise her? - Photo 1

In the case of Rosé - a female singer with dual Korean and New Zealand citizenship, so far, the public knows very little about news related to her activities. Because Rosé herself rarely revealed her direction after separating from YG. It can be said that compared to the sisters in the BLACKPINK group, Rosé is the member who is the most curious about her "tactics" of activities after leaving YG.

Rosé is out of time in the middle of BLACKPINKs job explosion, is there a plot to surprise her? - Photo 2

On December 24, 2023, Jennie announced her own company called ODDATELIER. Until February 8, 2024, Lisa continued to be a member and announced the establishment of her own company - LLOUD. Then on February 21, 2024, eldest sister Jisoo was the third person in the BLACKPINK group to announce BLISSOO as the company where she will work individually.

Rosé is out of time in the middle of BLACKPINKs job explosion, is there a plot to surprise her? - Photo 3

At this time, many people predict that Rosé will also quickly announce her company when the sisters have their own "landing". However, after more than 4 months have passed, whether Rosé has her own company or not is still an open question. At the end of February 2024, he appeared at the airport to France when asked by fans about establishing a company. Talking about this, she said: "Let's wait for our company's announcement."

Rosé is out of time in the middle of BLACKPINKs job explosion, is there a plot to surprise her? - Photo 4

Besides, accompanying Rosé at the airport and going to France that time was her manager at YG. Previously, this person had caused netizens to speculate that he had left YG with a move on his personal page. This raises the question, it is possible that after not renewing her personal contract with YG, Rosé will continue to work with her old manager at the new company like the case of Jennie and Lisa. However, there are also suspicions that Rosé actually has her own company but is still "hiding" it until the right time to announce it.

Rosé is out of time in the middle of BLACKPINKs job explosion, is there a plot to surprise her? - Photo 5

From the beginning of 2024 until now, fans have witnessed Rosé "flying back and forth" regularly when participating in shows and fashion events around the world. Rosé is even considered a member who continuously causes fever with a series of shocking looks at BLACKPINK's most fashionable events in recent times.

Previously, Rosé made fans constantly excited when she was the first member of BLACKPINK to create a chat group on Instagram with fans. In a group with more than 4 million members, the "Australian rose" surprised everyone when she released a 20-second recording of her newly composed solo song titled Vampirehollie.

Rosé is out of time in the middle of BLACKPINKs job explosion, is there a plot to surprise her? - Photo 6

At the same time, the image of her in the recording studio in the US once made international netizens restless. This makes fans have a lot of expectations for a solo album in 2024.

Rosé is out of time in the middle of BLACKPINKs job explosion, is there a plot to surprise her? - Photo 7

Without releasing a collaboration song like Jennie, there is no real signal of a comeback like Lisa, but Rosé also touched fans when she contributed her voice to the theme song of the "survival" show I-LAND 2 - Final Love Song. Even though she only performed a few lines, Rosé's powerful, high-pitched voice was enough to make fans excited because it had been a long time since they had heard their idol sing.

Rosé is out of time in the middle of BLACKPINKs job explosion, is there a plot to surprise her? - Photo 8

Remember during a livestream, Rosé once shared that if fans saw her suddenly "missing", she was actually preparing something. So even though Rosé is quieter than the other members when there is no sign of a music comeback, fans have faith that she will likely "hit" fans with a solo album soon.

Rosé is out of time in the middle of BLACKPINKs job explosion, is there a plot to surprise her? - Photo 9

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