Rosé "oppressed" her juniors after someone close to her took advantage of her voice, fans defended her

Kim LâmApr 15, 2024 at 14:40

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Since the members of the BLACKPINK group did not renew their individual contracts with YG, Rosé has not returned with any music projects, "Final Love Song" is the first song. However, this comeback caused her to get into a lot of controversy.

In early April, the theme song of the "survival" show I-LAND season 2 called Final Love Song was officially aired. Despite being caught up in the noise of school v.iolence, as soon as Rosé's (BLACKPINK) voice contribution was announced, social networks immediately exploded. Everyone is looking forward to the song with the performance of the "Australian rose" because this also marks her solo return after 3 years since the album -R-.

Rosé oppressed her juniors after someone close to her took advantage of her voice, fans defended her - Photo 1

As the vocalist of the theme song of I-LAND season 2 called Final Love Song, Rosé (BLACKPINK) also sent a message to the contestants: "Dear I-LAND 2. I'm very happy to be with you." Please sing the theme song of I-LAND 2. I-LAND Rosé, please try your best."

According to Allkpop, recently, on a famous forum, Korean audiences heatedly debated about Final Love Song. This is a song produced by producer Teddy's company The Black Label. In it, Rosé (BLACKPINK) collaborated with contestants of the Kpop female idol selection program "I-LAND 2" to perform the song.

Rosé oppressed her juniors after someone close to her took advantage of her voice, fans defended her - Photo 2

Even though she doesn't appear on stage, main vocal Rosé gives listeners "goosebumps" with every beat because of her high-pitched voice. Many fans even admitted to being emotional because they heard their idol's voice in a brand new song after a long time.

This forum post is titled: "The difference in quality between Rosé's part and the trainee's part is too big." Rosé is praised as a unique voice in the Kpop industry. So much so that after just a few seconds, her voice completely overshadowed the "I-LAND 2" contestants.

Rosé oppressed her juniors after someone close to her took advantage of her voice, fans defended her - Photo 3

Some viewers commented: "Rosé is really outstanding", "It's a pity that Rosé's part is so short, I just want to listen to her", "Other than Rosé's part, the song has nothing outstanding", " The serious skill gap is alarming", "The quality of contestants is not too good when competing with Rosé"...

There are also opinions that comparing the contestants with Rosé is unreasonable, because the BLACKPINK member has more than 7 years in the profession, and she is a vocalist considered to be among the top female idols. Gen 3. However, the fact that the contestants were too indifferent to Rosé's voice also made the show somewhat unsympathetic before it aired.

Rosé oppressed her juniors after someone close to her took advantage of her voice, fans defended her - Photo 4

In addition, as soon as the video was released, the online community could not hide their frustration when criticizing Teddy and I-LAND season 2 for taking advantage of Rosé's name to promote the show.

Specifically, I-LAND announced that to listen to Final Love Song with Rosé's voice, the audience can only listen to it in the performance video. This means that Final Love Song with Rosé's voice can only post performance clips on YouTube and not release digital music. So the owners of the song are also the contestants who will debut after w.inning I-LAND 2.

Rosé oppressed her juniors after someone close to her took advantage of her voice, fans defended her - Photo 5

Many fans also believe that producer Teddy is only taking advantage of Rosé to increase discussion on the show, while this project is not invested in a worthy and explosive way.

Recently, since officially leaving YG, Jennie, Lisa and Jisoo have all announced their own companies - where they will develop themselves as multi-disciplinary artists, soon to be Rosé. Since leaving YG, the 4 girls have "exploded work", are extremely active and even prepare solo products and film new movies.

Rosé oppressed her juniors after someone close to her took advantage of her voice, fans defended her - Photo 6

During an appearance at the airport, Rosé was asked by fans about establishing a company. Talking about this, she said: "Let's wait for our company's announcement." Along with that, a series of hints posted by herself or even leaked photos on social networks are also signs that Rosé is busy preparing for a solo album and will definitely have a special comeback in 2024.

Rosé oppressed her juniors after someone close to her took advantage of her voice, fans defended her - Photo 7

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