Rosé has a post-YG comeback, fans who heard it suddenly "turned" to criticize?

Quỳnh QuỳnhApr 05, 2024 at 09:02

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After a period of "silence" in music, recently, Rosé (BLACKPINK) has officially reappeared, delighting fans. However, then netizens suddenly expressed their frustration with this comeback of the "Australian rose".

At exactly 4pm on April 4 (Vietnam time), the theme song of the "survival" show I-LAND season 2 called Final Love Song was officially aired, causing social media to immediately explode. This is also Rosé's solo comeback after 3 years since her solo album R released in March 2021.

Rosé has a post-YG comeback, fans who heard it suddenly turned to criticize? - Photo 1

Not beyond the expectations of previous fans, Final Love Song featured Rosé but she did not appear on stage. On the contrary, this is the performance of 24 contestants of I-LAND season 2.

Although not appearing on stage, main vocalist Rosé makes listeners "goosebumps" every beat because of her high-pitched voice. Many fans also admitted to being thrilled to hear the idol's voice in a brand new song after a long time.

Rosé has a post-YG comeback, fans who heard it suddenly turned to criticize? - Photo 2

However, as soon as the video was released, the online community could not hide its anger when criticizing Teddy and I-LAND season 2 for using Rosé's name to promote the show.

Specifically, I-LAND has announced that, to listen to Final Love Song with Rosé's voice, the audience can only listen to the performance video. This means that Final Love Song featuring Rosé's vocals was only posted on YouTube and did not release digital tracks. Thus, the owners of the song are also the contestants who will debut after w.inning I-LAND 2.

Previously, BLACKPINK's fan community also discovered that Rosé once sang a Just Dance demo for the theme song of YG's "survival" show MIXNINE. Therefore, this incident makes Rosé's fans even more "hot-eyed" because they think that Teddy is using her to create attention for the show.

Rosé has a post-YG comeback, fans who heard it suddenly turned to criticize? - Photo 3

Recently, since officially leaving YG, Jennie, Lisa, and Jisoo have all announced their own agency, which will develop themselves as multidisciplinary artists, soon to be Rosé. Since leaving YG, the 4 girls have been extremely active and have also prepared their own solo products and filmed new films.

During an appearance at the airport, Rosé was asked by fans about starting the company. Speaking about this, she said: "Let's wait for the announcement of our company."

Besides, accompanying Rosé at the airport and going to France this time is her manager at YG. Previously, this person caused netizens to speculate that he had left YG with a move on his personal page. This raises the suspicion that, most likely, after not re-signing a personal contract with YG, Rosé continued to work with her former manager at the new agency as was the case with Jennie and Lisa.

Rosé has a post-YG comeback, fans who heard it suddenly turned to criticize? - Photo 4

Earlier in a chat with 3.6 million fans, Rosé unveiled a surprise 20-second solo track called Vampirehollie. Although it is only a short melody passage, it contains the unmistakable voice of the "Australian rose". She added: "I will work even harder to get back to better form this year."

Rosé has a post-YG comeback, fans who heard it suddenly turned to criticize? - Photo 5

Along with that, the series of hints posted by herself or even leaked photos on social networks are also signs that Rosé is busy preparing for a solo album and will definitely have a special comeback in 2024.

Rosé has a post-YG comeback, fans who heard it suddenly turned to criticize? - Photo 6

Rosé has a post-YG comeback, fans who heard it suddenly turned to criticize? - Photo 7

Rosé has a post-YG comeback, fans who heard it suddenly turned to criticize? - Photo 8

After 7 years of being constrained by the management company. This is also the time when BLACKPINK fans can see idols being productive with a series of personal projects without having to worry about any strings attached.

Rosé has a post-YG comeback, fans who heard it suddenly turned to criticize? - Photo 9

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