Happy Ronaldo welcomes the newborn princess home after the s.hock of losing her b.aby

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After the pain of losing a c.hild on April 18, fans can now see Ronaldo's smile again in the image of gathering the whole family when welcoming a new member.

"Home is first. Gio and our daughter are finally reunited as a family. We want to thank everyone for their kind words and acts. Your encouragement is very important. All of you. We all feel the love and respect everyone has for our family. Now is the time to be grateful for the life we've just welcomed into this world," Ronaldo wrote with a heart symbol and praying hands.

Happy Ronaldo welcomes the newborn princess home after the s.hock of losing her b.aby - Photo 1

In the new photo, the Portuguese superstar sits on a single chair, holding his newborn daughter in one hand, and holding b.aby Alana Martina in the other - his and Georgina Rodriguez's first c.hild.

Meanwhile, his new girlfriend gave birth to his three children Cristiano Jr, Mateo and Eva - CR7's three children. After only 3 hours, the photo attracted nearly 8 million "likes".

Because of his son's d.eath, C. Ronaldo did not attend the match against Liverpool. He and his family appreciated when the players on both sides wore black bandages, while in the stands, the fans of the two teams beat the enemy and clapped in the 7th minute to remind him to soon overcome the loss.

The Portuguese superstar returned to training on Wednesday and Thursday, and is likely to play when MU is Arsenal's guest this weekend despite having just experienced a family tragedy.

Happy Ronaldo welcomes the newborn princess home after the s.hock of losing her b.aby - Photo 2

On the evening of April 18, C. Ronaldo received the sympathy and sharing of the world football village when he announced that one of the twins had died. He said this is the biggest pain for any parent and asked to respect privacy during this time.

Including the newly born b.aby girl, C. Ronaldo has 5 children, including 3 stepchildren and 2 children with beautiful Georgina Rodriguez.

In addition to the career of a top player in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo has always actively welcomed fatherhood with an enthusiastic attitude. Watching his newborn son pass away recently was the "biggest pain" he had ever experienced as a father.

Happy Ronaldo welcomes the newborn princess home after the s.hock of losing her b.aby - Photo 3

Ronaldo wrote: "We must announce the passing of our young son with the deepest sadness. This is the greatest pain that parents can feel. Only the birth of The new b.aby girl can give us the strength to go through this moment with hope and happiness.

We thank the doctors and nurses for giving us the most professional care and support. We are still devastated by this loss and ask for the respect for our privacy during this difficult time. Our b.aby boy will be the angel in our family's life. The family will always love him."

Happy Ronaldo welcomes the newborn princess home after the s.hock of losing her b.aby - Photo 4

Previously, in October 2021, Ronaldo shared the good news that his girlfriend was pregnant with twins. Ronaldo's good news photo has become the most liked photo on Instagram in 2021, attracting 32 million interactions by the end of 2021.

Losing a c.hild after months of waiting and hope is a pain that is hard to put into words for any parent; For a man who is inclined to prioritize family life and especially cares about children like Ronaldo, this is definitely a very difficult psychological challenge for him.

In a recent interview, Ronaldo once said: "I have a lot of things in my career and life, but the most important thing for me is still family. Keeping my family members healthy. Being strong and caring for my loved ones is my number one priority, because for me family is the most important thing in the world."

Happy Ronaldo welcomes the newborn princess home after the s.hock of losing her b.aby - Photo 5

In fact, from an early age, Ronaldo witnessed sad events in his family, enough that later on, he knew the meaning of a happy, warm family of his own.

Ronaldo's mother - Mrs. Dolores is the most important person in the family and a significant driving force in Ronaldo's growth. His father, Jose Dinis Aveiro, was a heavy drinker and passed away from the consequences of alcoholism at the age of 53 in 2005, at the time, Ronaldo was 20 years old and still had not achieved great success in his competitive career. f.ight.

Happy Ronaldo welcomes the newborn princess home after the s.hock of losing her b.aby - Photo 6

Witnessing the problems of his family, Ronaldo soon had a desire to build a small cozy family of his own. Ronaldo's first c.hild - b.oy Cristiano Junior was born in June 2010, however, the mother's identity was never revealed.

Then, twins Eva and Mateo were born in June 2017 thanks to a surrogate. His girlfriend Georgina gave birth to his daughter Alana in November 2017.

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