Seohyun suddenly revealed that she wasn't happy when she debuted with SNSD, what happened?

Duyên TrầnFeb 20, 2022 at 20:42

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Everyone knows that Seohyun is the cult maknae of SNSD. She is both beautiful and s.exy, and has an excellent voice.

Being a member of the national g.irl group is the dream of many people, but after 15 years, Seohyun suddenly revealed that when she first debuted, she was not happy at all.

Seohyun suddenly revealed that she wasn't happy when she debuted with SNSD, what happened? - Photo 1

It turns out that the reason lies in Seohyun's close friend - Lee Hwanhee who was dropped from SNSD's debut lineup. On the show "Point of Omniscient Interference", Seohyun met Lee Hwanhee and opened up about the past, "I couldn't talk to you for many days. I wasn't really happy after hearing the news was released. In fact, I'm not happy at all. I'm so sorry and want to cry. I don't dare contact you."

But fortunately, after that, Seohyun's close friend contacted first and congratulated the female idol on her debut. That makes Seohyun feel a lot happier because she has a good friend.

"Honestly, I feel really bad. I can't talk to or see you often because I'm so busy. But you're always there and thinking about me. I'm about to cry. I'm so grateful. when I have you in my life" - Seohyun emotionally talked to her longtime best friend.

Seohyun suddenly revealed that she wasn't happy when she debuted with SNSD, what happened? - Photo 2

Seohyun and Lee Hwanhee have been friends since the age of 12, when they were both trainees at SM Entertainment. In the end, only Seohyun got to debut with SNSD and Lee Hwanhee was eliminated. Later, Lee Hwanhee pursued a solo career but unfortunately did not achieve much success. Despite the career gap, Seohyun and Lee Hwanhee are still best friends in life.

Regarding seohyun, currently the movie "Love And Leashes" that Seohyun (SNSD) participates in is facing too much criticism because of the sensitive scenes that appear in the movie. This is said to destroy the previous innocent image that Seohyun took more than 10 years to build.

Audience comments:

- I turned off the movie while I was watching it. I can't really watch the scene where the male lead transforms into a dog.

-Where is Seohyun's image of the docile maknae.

- Seohyun is working hard to transform her "innocent maknae" image since You Think. How old is she now? She is an adult and does adult things!

- I think people need to understand that she's an actress and that the types of roles actors do have nothing to do with their real-life personalities. It's good that she's working hard and experimenting with her roles.

- I can't get over her acting.

Seohyun suddenly revealed that she wasn't happy when she debuted with SNSD, what happened? - Photo 3

In fact, Love And Leashes does not have any daring scenes, but the story of BDSM is quite difficult to absorb for the general audience. Revolving around a sensitive s.ex story, specifically the "domination-slave" relationship between a man and woman who are office colleagues, Love And Leashes confuses the audience, especially those who do not understand. on the concept of BDSM.

Throughout the film's journey of more than an hour, there are countless bed scenes, although not h.ot to the eyes, but extremely strange, when Jung Ji Hoo (Lee Jung Young) feels excited about being a slave, even is the "pet" of Ji Woo (Seohyun). One of the most noticeable segments today is when Ji Hoo listens to Ji Woo, turning himself into a ... dog.

This is the segment when Ji Woo first discovers the secret of her colleague, she learns online how to "dominate" a person and boldly asks Ji Hoo to put on a leash and "turn into a dog". Ji Woo couldn't have imagined that this coworker would be so c.razy... barking at the neighbor's house, making such a fuss over the whole apartment that she was knocked on the door by the apartment manager to ask about dog breeding.

Seohyun suddenly revealed that she wasn't happy when she debuted with SNSD, what happened? - Photo 4

Many viewers thought that this scene was too weird, giving viewers goosebumps and did not understand what was going on.

Audience comments:

-What's wrong with Korean dramas these days

- This movie is about BDSM, so anyone who has known it or understood it well will surely understand this part. It looks like that, but it's not like that, people. For the whole movie, it's real BDSM but there's no offensive relationship scenes.

-Still can't believe Seohyun can act in a movie that's both brutal and c.razy

-If I were Seohyun, I'd burst out laughing, the male lead is so good at acting

-The content of Korean dramas is so strange these days

Seohyun suddenly revealed that she wasn't happy when she debuted with SNSD, what happened? - Photo 5

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