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Trieu Le Dinh's strange attitude when her ex-husband was close to her children, suspected of cheating after the divorce

Bút Chì07:09:50 17/06/2024
Even though Trieu Le Dinh and Phung Thieu Phong are divorced, they still have an inseparable bond, their 5-year-old son. Witnessing this moment, netizens want the two to get back together because the relationship between the two actors is still quite harmonious.

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Trieu Le Dinh refused to act with Lam Canh Tan, about to meet Dich Le Nhat Ba

Bút Bi14:50:43 09/06/2024
Trieu Le Dinh had no intention of playing part 2 of So Kieu Story, Lam Canh Tan also refused to participate because of that. According to many sources, the actress is about to participate in a new project with the participation of Dich Le Nhat Ba.

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Nam Em revealed that she wants to leave showbiz to get a new job and live a "happy ending" with her husband.

Trường Nguyễn13:39:19 25/03/2024
Experiencing the unpleasant noise on the livestream, Nam Em decided to quit showbiz to get a new job. The beauty also wants to have a happy life with her soon-to-be husband.

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Thuy Pham dies at age 34, last social media post to make headlines

Hoa Tuyết13:56:51 01/02/2024
The news that actor Thuy Pham died at a young age shocked many people. Reviewing her pre-death post on social media, everyone regrets it.

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The wife gave up her jealous thoughts when she saw the beauty of the third c.hild

Minh Ngọc07:50:33 20/01/2024
Discovering that her husband was having an affair, the wife was extremely indignant and immediately thought of being jealous. But the situation turned upside down, as soon as she saw the third person's face, she suddenly became so confused that she couldn't understand.

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People's Republic of Quoc Tri: the most austere father on the screen, the suffering of "transporting from movies into life"

Minh Ngọc17:38:30 05/01/2024
Quoc Tri People's People is known to young audiences through small screen roles such as Under the shade of a happy tree, Street in the village... He specialized in the characters of austere men, roosters raising children.

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Quynh Luong revealed that her boyfriend's wedding date is still "far away", fans dug up a completely different old statement!

Minh Ngọc17:16:01 26/12/2023
On the afternoon of December 25, on her personal page, actress Quynh Luong shared an extremely affectionate moment taken with her young master's boyfriend. A talented and beautiful couple attended a friend's wedding.

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Le Hoang Long: New male god in Northern TV series, plays the supporting role of a supporting character but still doesn't feel discouraged

Phúc Sen16:21:15 23/11/2023
Actor Le Hoang Long is a name receiving a lot of attention from television audiences, especially northern audiences. Possessing god-like beauty and charming acting style, Le Hoang Long is gradually asserting his own strength.

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Meritorious Artist Phu Thang: Son's father in "Under the Shade of the Tree of Happiness", his career and love life are both difficult

Hướng Dương20:10:55 20/11/2023
Known for playing many villain roles in television dramas, Phu Thang became a familiar actor to Vietnamese audiences; especially those who have watched the movie Under the Shade of the Tree of Happiness.

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Ho Giang Bao Son: The king of supporting roles once wanted to quit acting and become a restaurant manager

Tuyết Ngọc20:37:29 28/10/2023
Ho Giang Bao Son is known as a multi-talented actor, because in addition to acting, he also participates in music videos, commercials, works as a photo model and hosts television shows.

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Yu Shuhan was suddenly "turned away" by fans, criticizing: "Low demeanor" just for r.evealing this

Huỳnh Phúc14:36:17 12/09/2023
Yu Shuhan, who was already a famous face with a golden spoon, was suddenly commented on lacking the demeanor of a great lady, notably these rude comments came from the actress's fans.

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Ngu Shuhan and fans "juggled" with sarcastic statement about singer losing parents, apology caused outrage

Huỳnh Phúc11:21:46 10/09/2023
Recently, Ngu Shuhan and her fans had a juggling act that made netizens angry when they made a joke and sarcastic statement about a male singer experiencing the greatest pain in his life.

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Gui Binh's 7-year-old CEO wife "went to life class" to others was sarcastically mocked: "Why do you like to be ridiculous"

Gia Hoàng15:45:27 06/09/2023
On her personal page, the wife of the CEO of actor Quy Binh had an extremely tense response along with the online community, many opinions that the response of the female giant is somewhat excessive.

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Brad Pitt is happy with his young love after divorce Angelina Jolie but netizens shine a suspicious point

Gia Hoàng14:44:28 26/08/2023
After the marriage was no less noisy from the media side of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Up to now, actor Brad Pitt has a new happiness, netizens can also see the special thing about the couple.

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Phuc Bo: The past of a talented producer is an engineer with a passion for music

Bảo Tiên10:23:08 22/08/2023
Although the starting point is not from any musical cradle. However, Phuc Bo's talent and name are something that has been confirmed for a long time through his personal products and the products that Phuc was chosen to send gold.

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Hien Ho took advantage of the supercar - "playing tricks" to return as a singer, fans were angry because of 1 detail

Hàn Di15:58:21 15/08/2023
In recent days, the information that singer Hien Ho is selling a supercar - Mercedes G63 is causing public opinion to stir and talk. Recently, Hien Ho continues to be criticized for being suspected of playing tricks to PR new music products.

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Xiao Chien "should be charmed" with Zhao Liying, what is his current position that he is confident in?

Hoa Tuyết07:33:52 07/08/2023
Recently, it was revealed that Xiao Chien's side is discussing cooperating with ratings queen Zhao Liying in a new film project, which makes people can't help but look forward to it.

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Mai Phuong "shot" bilingual when the final walk, Bao Ngoc revealed a 'puzzle' face that was difficult to understand despite apologizing

Huỳnh Phúc15:35:40 23/07/2023
The final night of Miss World Vietnam 2023 officially revealed the new Miss World Vietnam and also closed the term of Miss Mai Phuong and two runner-ups Bao Ngoc and Phuong Nhi.

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Lindsay Lohan - "Teenage Queen" gave birth to her first c.hild, officially becoming a mother at the age of 35

Hàn Di15:28:46 18/07/2023
Former US c.hild star Lindsay Lohan married fiance Bader Shammas in an intimate ceremony - just hours before celebrating her 36th birthday. Recently, the teenage queen also announced that she had given birth to her first c.hild

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Couple Ly Hai - Minh Ha, Khanh Thi - Phan Hien released a series of "stormy" moments

An Tư17:03:34 11/07/2023
The couple Ly Hai - Minh Ha and Khanh Thi - Phan Hien always receive attention and admiration from the audience. Both families are known for their successful careers and happy and fulfilling lives.

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Trieu Le Dinh retired, focusing on litigation to win custody of children from Phung Thieu Phong?

Thư Kỳ17:15:00 07/06/2023
The news that actress Hoa Thien core Trieu Le Dinh will suspend all artistic activities to focus on w.inning custody of children from ex-husband Phung Thieu Phong has made many people more interested than anyone.

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Legless b.oy To Dinh Khanh revealed his s.hock about his children before his wife officially gave birth to the b.aby

Anh Anh13:32:49 29/03/2023
Just after the wedding ceremony that shocked the online community just over half a year ago of a legless b.oy and a beautiful bride, To Dinh Khanh is now about to become a father in joy and happiness and receives many wishes from him. netizen. Referring to the "b.oy without" To...

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Actor Manh Hung "Under the shade of the tree of happiness", the coffee was extremely harsh crying about Tran Thanh's suffering

Pinky15:22:15 28/03/2023
Northern actor - Manh Hung had an extremely harsh "coffee" with a muddy demeanor, making everyone laugh when he directly mentioned the drama about Tran Thanh's artist life. Noisy about the story of crying, telling suffering, recalling two words of the aura of the artist's life...

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Minh Hang bought a shocking gift for two unborn twins, what is it that makes the sisters dizzy?

Lạc Hoa09:27:44 21/03/2023
The news that Minh Hang is pregnant with her first c.hild is receiving a lot of attention from the online community. In particular, after the female singer shared about the difficult journey of artificial insemination, many viewers expressed their admiration for her. In the...

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