The movie Bright Lights died in theaters, Bach Cong Khanh, Hong Van, Huu Chau could not be saved

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Although highly appreciated since its announcement, when Sang Lamp took the theme of Cai Luong Vietnam, the material was quite rare and few movies exploited. Despite rescheduling and bringing together a huge cast, Light Up has so far failed badly.

As a fate, director Hoang Tuan Cuong's film "Light the Light", the screenplay of female writer Cai Liang Su Thien Kieu also has the same fate as Cai Liang Yuanfang herself in the film. The film, which premieres on the 1st Lunar New Year (February 10, 2024), has been withdrawn from theaters for 2 days due to pressure from Zhencheng's film "Mai" covering all screenings. At that time, the revenue of the new film was nearly 700 million VND.

The movie Bright Lights died in theaters, Bach Cong Khanh, Hong Van, Huu Chau could not be saved - Photo 1

On March 22, the film was re-released but the revenue was not good because it was stuck in the middle of all foreign blockbusters such as "Dune" part 2, "Grave Digging of Ghosts", "Kung Fu Panda 4", the screening was small. In the Southwest, the cradle of salary wealth with potential audiences, film distributors such as CGV Cinemas, Galaxy, Cinestar ... There are only one screening in theaters a day, and some theaters don't even show any. So far, nationwide, "Light Light" has only reached VND 3.2 billion in revenue (according to data from The Box Office Vietnam, an independent box office observer).

The movie Bright Lights died in theaters, Bach Cong Khanh, Hong Van, Huu Chau could not be saved - Photo 2

On Momo, the film was rated 9.5 with many compliments. In film groups, many viewers also expressed interest. That shows that the line of films about traditional culture, specifically here is the art of reform luong in the South is still popular with a part of the audience.

Obviously, low grosses do not reflect the quality of the film's content. Movies released in theaters are not timely when they have to divide a large market share for blockbuster movies to screen with. But it must also be mentioned that the media promotion strategy of "Light Light" is not very effective compared to many other Vietnamese films.

The movie Bright Lights died in theaters, Bach Cong Khanh, Hong Van, Huu Chau could not be saved - Photo 3

On the other hand, while young audiences are still the largest viewership of movie theaters, middle-aged audiences who love the art of reform are receiving little attention. There are also few side activities to resonate with the film. This makes "Light up" not enjoy the effect of social networks with young people as in the case of the movie "Peach, pho and piano".

Director Hoang Tuan Cuong said that in recent days, he and his crew were saddened by the quiet effect. The filmmaker likened the lights as well as the fate of the Far Fang reform in the work - difficult to sell tickets, few audiences watched.

The movie Bright Lights died in theaters, Bach Cong Khanh, Hong Van, Huu Chau could not be saved - Photo 4

When contacted by some theaters, he received answers that the film was not popular with the general public. In addition, the work is also competed by other blockbuster series. "Actually, we borrow reform to talk about human affection. In times of hardship and tribulation, they still live for each other, not dominated by m.oney," he said.

The movie Bright Lights died in theaters, Bach Cong Khanh, Hong Van, Huu Chau could not be saved - Photo 5

The representative of the crew said that the work has a high investment, double the movies he has made, such as House Not for Sale, Neighborhood 3D. The film invests in the setting, fine art, costumes when recreating the atmosphere of the reform troupes in the early 1990s with some action scenes. Worried that the film is at risk of losing tens of billions of dong, Hoang Tuan Cuong said that hopefully, in the near future, the word-of-mouth effect from viewers will help the film spread and receive more positive signals. Bich Lien, the film's producer, said it planned to release it online and premiere it to the overseas Vietnamese community.

The movie Bright Lights died in theaters, Bach Cong Khanh, Hong Van, Huu Chau could not be saved - Photo 6

Although gathering a huge cast, all veteran and experienced names such as Huu Chau People's Artist, Le Thien People's Artist, Hong Van People's People's People, Bach Cong Khanh, Le Phuong, Cao Minh Dat,... but so far the Lights are still in danger of heavy losses, and the cast cannot be salvaged.

The movie Bright Lights died in theaters, Bach Cong Khanh, Hong Van, Huu Chau could not be saved - Photo 7

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