Hai Nhat - Ba Can in Saigon Rangers: Hong Van is afraid to come close, U80 enjoys the countryside

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Actor Hai Nhat played the villain Ba Can in Saigon Commandos extremely well and made others think he was always fierce. However, when meeting him, everyone commented that Hai Nhat was an approachable and gentle person.

The artist is associated with classic villain roles on screen

More than 30 years have passed since it aired, but to this day, Saigon Rangers is still a classic film about the topic of Revolution on Vietnamese screens. Not only does it leave an indelible mark in the hearts of the audience, the work also brings fame to the participating actors, including the "villain" Ba Can, played by artist Hai Nhat.

Hai Nhat - Ba Can in Saigon Rangers: Hong Van is afraid to come close, U80 enjoys the countryside - Photo 1

Artist Hai Nhat's real name is Nguyen Mai A, born and raised in Ninh Binh. When he was young, he served in the army and had a passion for arts, so he was assigned to the unit's arts team. In 1978, the artist left the army, returned to his hometown and then went to the South to start a career.

In Saigon, to make ends meet, Hai Nhat's wife rented a house and opened a small shop to make a living, while he wandered around looking for work. During a visit to Giai Phong Film Studio, he accidentally met director Hong Sen. Seeing that Hai Nhat was suitable for the role he was looking for, Hong Sen asked: "Are you looking for a job? Do you want to be an actor?" . Thus, Hai Nhat fell in love with that 7th art.

Hai Nhat - Ba Can in Saigon Rangers: Hong Van is afraid to come close, U80 enjoys the countryside - Photo 2

During his 40 years with the screen, artist Hai Nhat has participated in hundreds of films. His image is associated with villain roles, if not a traitor, then also a scoundrel, bandit, puppet soldier... The male artist said, perhaps his face is suitable for the role of a villain, that's why. Directors often "target" this type of role.

At the time of filming Saigon Rangers, Hai Nhat was 35 years old. After the success of the film, the male artist became so famous that wherever he went, people called him Ba Can. He once humorously shared that he had "played the role" of Ba Can for a long time.

Hai Nhat - Ba Can in Saigon Rangers: Hong Van is afraid to come close, U80 enjoys the countryside - Photo 3

Later, Hai Nhat also participated in many other famous films such as The Night Owl, The Hidden One, The Boss's Daughter, The Night Bandit Who Crossed the Border in Cold B.lood, Goodbye in the Rain, Sons of the Saigon Commando. .. In particular, in 2011, the role of Bay Xoai in the movie Sons of the Saigon Rangers brought artist Hai Nhat the Best Actor a.ward at the 31st National Television Festival.

Even though he was "nailed" as a villain, Hai Nhat was proud to also have a positive role of a lifetime, the role of Captain Ba Dua, a heroic martyr of Khanh Hoa province in the movie Rose Mission by the late director. Hong Sen. This is also the first role of a heroic soldier that he played.

Talking about profession, a few years ago in the People's Public Security newspaper, artist Hai Nhat confided that in his life he had gone through many jobs, in the army, as a driver, as a porter... but there was never a job that was difficult and difficult. It's as hard as acting. Acting is a difficult, very difficult profession. However, he never had a moment of rest. Whenever this script ended, the director would give him another film outline. Many times he thought, I'm old and I should rest. But then, good scripts attracted him and just like that, he has been filming until now.

Hai Nhat - Ba Can in Saigon Rangers: Hong Van is afraid to come close, U80 enjoys the countryside - Photo 4

A prosperous life, with children and grandchildren at the age of U80

Because artist Hai Nhat played the villain so well, many viewers mistakenly thought he was a formidable and fierce person. But actually in real life, the star of the movie Saigon Rangers is approachable, gentle and does not like noisy, ostentatious places.

At the age of U80, Hai Nhat has a quiet and fulfilling life in Can Gio, City. HCM. Currently, the male artist no longer appears on screen, but mainly operates in bird's nest farming business.

Hai Nhat - Ba Can in Saigon Rangers: Hong Van is afraid to come close, U80 enjoys the countryside - Photo 5

According to many sources, it seems that most of artist Hai Nhat's brothers are famous businessmen. What they have in common is their love for literature. In Thanh Nien newspaper, it was also written that even the youngest brother of artist Hai Nhat has an artistic soul and is the General Director of a large resort in Suoi Cat area (Phan Thiet).

In the program Happy Memories, People's Artist Hong Van once revealed that artist Hai Nhat's business is very prosperous. "Mr. Hai Nhat is very rich outside, a big boss, but because he plays the villain role so well, we are "afraid" to not dare to get close," Hong Van said.

Hai Nhat - Ba Can in Saigon Rangers: Hong Van is afraid to come close, U80 enjoys the countryside - Photo 6

Because of his good economic conditions, artist Hai Nhat currently does not need to worry about food and m.oney, but spends more time enjoying a peaceful old age with his children and grandchildren. In particular, he has a son who followed his father's career, actor Thanh Dat.

In the entertainment industry, Thanh Dat is considered an "underground tycoon". Not only is he loved on screen through movies like Love Ice Cream Shop, Waves of Love, Alluvial Fragrance, he is also good at business. Thanks to that, Hai Nhat's son now has a happy and luxurious life with singer Hai Bang and his children.

Hai Nhat - Ba Can in Saigon Rangers: Hong Van is afraid to come close, U80 enjoys the countryside - Photo 7

Hai Nhat - Ba Can in Saigon Rangers: Hong Van is afraid to come close, U80 enjoys the countryside - Photo 8

Recently, artist Hai Nhat had the opportunity to reunite with the cast of Goodbye in the Rain. It is known that he, his son Thanh Dat and his family organized a party to welcome everyone thoughtfully and emotionally on the 28th anniversary of the film's release. Photos of this meeting were later shared by actor Trinh Kim Chi on his personal page.

Hai Nhat - Ba Can in Saigon Rangers: Hong Van is afraid to come close, U80 enjoys the countryside - Photo 9

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