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Nam Em revealed herself to be emaciated and working hard as a farmer after admitting that she ran away from her boyfriend

Bút Mực15:01:06 20/06/2024
Recently, Nam Em surprised everyone by posting on his personal page a clip of him sitting in a field harvesting green onions. She said farming also has its own joy. Every profession is a profession. No distinction between rich and poor classes.

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Rumored girlfriend Bach Cong Khanh reveals engagement ring after suspicion of living together?

JLO11:41:29 10/04/2024
In recent days, netizens have been abuzz with rumors that Bach Cong Khanh and co-star Truc May are dating. Most recently, the male singer was also suspected of registering a kiss due to one detail.

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Bai Gongqing "kicked" Nam Em immediately had a new love, the enemy immediately marked the sovereignty

Hoàng Phúc15:33:54 06/04/2024
Recently, the question of Bai Gongqing and rumors of Truc May dating has caused a stir. And yet, recently, the g.irl also took action to mark sovereignty, causing people to fall on their backs.

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The movie Bright Lights died in theaters, Bach Cong Khanh, Hong Van, Huu Chau could not be saved

Pinky14:36:57 04/04/2024
Although highly appreciated since its announcement, when Sang Lamp took the theme of Cai Luong Vietnam, the material was quite rare and few movies exploited. Despite rescheduling and bringing together a huge cast, Light Up has so far failed badly.

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Bright lights: The effort to recreate the old troupe is remarkable, but why is the revenue so low?

Bảo Nam15:47:42 25/03/2024
Having postponed its screening after only 2 days in theaters during the past Tet holiday, the Vietnamese film project called Bright Lights officially returned and is attracting the audience's attention thanks to its artistic content, expressing the genre. operatic theater art.

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Bach Cong Khanh's reaction when being questioned about "real fake love movie" with his co-star?

Vân Anh18:20:24 23/03/2024
Bach Cong Khanh said that if the audience after watching the movie thinks that between him and Truc May, the movie is a real fake love affair, then it is a success for both of them because it brings honesty to the viewers.

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Hoai Lam caused concern when he absent-mindedly attended the event, but was still loved by the audience

Vân Anh15:02:51 22/03/2024
On the afternoon of March 20, Hoai Lam attracted attention when appearing at the movie premiere event Bright lights. At the event, Hoai Lam dressed simply with a black shirt, trousers and a baseball cap.

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Nam Em was corrected by Hong Wan's spokesperson for touching seniors

Phúc Sen14:39:11 05/03/2024
After a series of noises and touching statements, recently once again made many people dissatisfied, the representative of Vu Linh's daughter - Ms. Hong Loan, Hong Ni directly corrected.

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Bach Cong Khanh announces good news when Nam Em is punished, rejoicing in "new love"

JLO12:49:46 02/03/2024
Through many livestreams r.evealing hidden corners of showbiz that have created public opinion over the past time, Nam Em has to work directly with the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Information and Communications, the Department of Cyber Security and High-tech Crime Prevention of Ho Chi Minh City Police.

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Bach Cong Khanh is always the most kind to Nam Em, never once criticizing her

Mẫn Nhi11:12:32 26/02/2024
The person Nam Em used to love thought she had mental problems, and her current boyfriend even wanted to break up with her right on the livestream. Only Bach Cong Khanh, never once spoke up despite all the controversies surrounding him, never made a statement that hurt Nam Em.

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Nam Em was once "ambiguous" with a male Vbiz star, and the drama was no less controversial than Truong Giang

Nguyễn Kim13:57:32 23/02/2024
Nam Em's love story always attracts a lot of attention from netizens. Because she always has many stormy statements and is not afraid to tell stories about being treated harshly and receiving bitter consequences when in love.

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Thuy Pham: secretive actress dies at 34, Bach Cong Khanh mercifully

Minh Ngọc11:10:21 01/02/2024
Thuy Pham, an actress who has worked hard for art, lives a private life, but is extremely loved and respected by her friends and colleagues. She died suddenly at the age of 34 from a traffic accident.

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Bai Gongqing could bear all the Southern Em, and responded bitterly when he was repeatedly called out

Nguyễn Kim10:25:21 01/02/2024
After being repeatedly mentioned by Nam Em's name and bad sharing, Bach Cong Khanh spoke out in response, attracting the attention of the online community. The current relationship of the two artists is also of interest to many viewers.

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Nam Em did not let go of Bach Cong Khanh and continued to accuse the other party of "playing badly"

Nguyễn Tuyết11:34:34 31/01/2024
During a recent livestream interacting with fans, Nam Em continued to share about Bach Cong Khanh, causing people to constantly stir. In addition, she also attracted attention when r.evealing her love story for a rich man.

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Nam Em admitted that she had been married to many rich men in the past, and now works hard to run a show to pay her adoptive mother 4 billion

Tuyết Ngọc16:14:29 27/01/2024
The harsh words towards the audience have not yet cooled down, Nam Em continues to stir public opinion when admitting that he has been in a relationship with many rich men in the past. Depending on her emotions, she is treated differently.

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Bach Cong Khanh reveals a new muse, as beautiful and touching as Nam Em

Keng15:49:56 26/01/2024
After a year of absence, Bach Cong Khanh attracted attention when he reappeared in the movie Bright Lights, shown on Lunar New Year 2024. In this project, the actor had the opportunity to collaborate with many veteran actors.

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Bach Cong Khanh talked about the noisy Queen Nam Em, the other person immediately reacted violently

Phượng Vũ11:31:53 25/01/2024
After the controversy over the bridge, Bach Cong Khanh spoke slowly about Nam Em when answering questions from the press. Being mentioned by her colleague's name, the beauty queen continued to make moves to attract attention.

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Bach Cong Khanh was called names by Nam Em and his wife on the livestream, calling them sensitive words

Đình Như09:32:49 25/01/2024
Nam Em and her fiancé Huu Cuong continue to become the center of discussion because of their continuous controversial statements on livestream. No longer touching Truong Giang, the couple now calls Bach Cong Khanh's name.

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Nam Em's fiancé was said to be doing bad feng shui, the female singer spoke up sharply

Minh Lợi14:40:28 30/12/2023
On her personal page, beauty Nam Em recently shared a photo of her boyfriend's house. This move of the beauty is in response to those who believe that her boyfriend does pagan work.

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Nam Em Queen is noisy about her personal life, but is still especially loved by the "beauty boss" through one detail

Phương Thảo18:58:56 24/12/2023
Having the opportunity to reunite at a recent event, CEO Pham Kim Dung made the audience excited with a special move for the Tien Giang beauty. After being caught up in many controversies in his personal life, Nam Em is still especially loved by the beauty queen.

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Bach Cong Khanh revealed his relationship with the noisy queen Nam Em, harshly responding to accusations of deceit and lies.

T.P13:34:18 18/12/2023
Male singer and actor Bach Cong Khanh recently shared some information surrounding the noisy conflicts at work with Nam Em. R.evealing their relationship for the first time and whether they can still sing together or not. Responding to being lied to by the audience.

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Nam Em and 1001 "distresses" were publicly collected for debt

Phi Đức08:15:37 18/12/2023
Nam Em's recent scandal about repaying her adoptive mother's debt reminded the online community that she had also encountered countless incidents of borrowing m.oney and then being asked for it publicly on social networks.

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Nam Em repays her adoptive mother's debt, but still requests a late transfer of 100 million for what reason?

Phương Thảo18:14:39 15/12/2023
Recently, Nam Em shared an article to speak up about paying the adoptive mother. The beauty asked to delay the payment of 100 million because the bank was not open so she could not transfer this m.oney back.

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Bach Cong Khanh strongly accused Nam Em, speaking out about being slandered and taking down the FC page

Pinky14:30:34 12/12/2023
Male singer and actor Bach Cong Khanh has just officially shared information surrounding the noise with Miss Nam Em, a character who has been making waves all over the internet these past few days. He spoke up for the first time, saying that Nam Em accused him and the company of playing a bad role.

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