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Hong Yun was said by Xuan Xing, his face was blue, r.evealing the North-South relationship that attracted attention

Gia Nhi11:18:47 08/01/2024
People's People Hong Van and Xuan Hinh have just had an interaction that caused a stir online, when they had the opportunity to reunite with each other in Hanoi. As two artists in different regions, few people know that Hong Van and Xuan Hinh have a very close relationship with each other.

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People's Representative Hong Van 3 decades with her husband Tuan Anh, how has the b.ody changed that fans noticed?

Pinky09:38:04 05/01/2024
People's Representative Hong Van caused a stir online when showing pictures with her husband Le Tuan Anh, celebrating 30 years together in the same house. However, what is most noticeable, is the increasing beauty of the female artist, especially after losing weight.

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Lac Hoang Long: The supporting male god from Laughing Through Vietnam, wholeheartedly supported by People's Artist Hong Van

Phúc Sen17:30:15 22/11/2023
Actor Lac Hoang Long is known to many audiences through his roles in theater and web dramas. He is an artist from the program Laughing Through Vietnam 2016, in addition to being an actor of the Hong Van theater stage, supported by his seniors.

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Le Giang's daughter cried all her tears because of Tuan Dung, fans were worried about their relationship.

Nguyễn Tuyết11:22:45 17/10/2023
After being suspected of being pregnant with her first c.hild, the online community suddenly discovered that Le Loc shed tears many times because of Tuan Dung; People's Artist Hong Van also confirmed that this is true.

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Tieu Minh Phung: Young vocalist "cooking" to develop Cai Luong culture, the "hallmark" of Saigon Tan Thoi

Gia Hoàng11:12:58 06/10/2023
Tieu Minh Phung is a young artist who receives the love of a large audience through his thoughtful and quality products. He wishes to spread his love for the art of reform to young people.

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Hai Nhat - Ba Can in Saigon Rangers: Hong Van is afraid to come close, U80 enjoys the countryside

Minh Lợi15:16:50 15/09/2023
Actor Hai Nhat played the villain Ba Can in Saigon Commandos extremely well and made others think he was always fierce. However, when meeting him, everyone commented that Hai Nhat was an approachable and gentle person.

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The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism proposes that artists must appraise products before advertising, the showbiz world stops doing it?

Nhật Hân15:13:23 25/07/2023
For a long time, artists' introduction to the public with supposedly high-quality products is gradually becoming a mass culture and not authentic.

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People's Artist Hong Van made a "plan to keep her husband" because she discovered that something was "flying without wings".

Uyển Đình20:24:48 24/06/2023
Despite being accompanied by her husband to go out, People's Artist Hong Van worried and quickly planned to keep her husband because he discovered this unusual thing when taking pictures together.

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Cong Danh: Hated for acting as villains, married to a female fan, pursued for 10 years, stayed in law to take care of his mother-in-law

Hoàng Phúc15:36:46 25/02/2023
After 10 years of following Cong Danh's artistic journey through text messages, the chubby female teacher successfully conquered and married an idol. The actor's love story makes many people excited. Who is actor Cong Danh? Diverse in acting, so, Cong Danh can take on any...

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Hoang Son: Don't dare to admit to being a comedian, marrying a model wife, 50 years old still has more children

Minh Lợi16:37:53 13/01/2023
Artist Hoang Son is known as an actor with television and theater roles. With humor and wit, he always brings laughter to the audience. After the shimmering lights, his life is still filled with laughter when he is always accompanied by his wife, former model Diep Thanh. Don't...

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Le Tuan Anh - The husband of People's Artist Hong Van: The actor is expensive with all his fortune, now leaving showbiz

Hoàng Phúc18:00:56 02/11/2022
At the age of 54, although there is no longer showbiz aura, Le Tuan Anh makes many people admire by a happy, full-fledged family. The male actor was once crowned, more colorful than the time when he was also known as the male god of the screen. He lives happily with his wife and...

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Ngo Phuong Anh - Mother of two Duyen Kiep: Mother opposes playing evil, in real life on the movie "1 heaven and 1 abyss"

Hoàng Phúc16:18:17 15/09/2022
Ngo Phuong Anh is one of the most popular actresses of the audience. At the present time, long legs attract attention with the role of "second aunt", although it is a bit off-putting, but it also has many pitiful parts in the movie Duyen Kiep. Ngo Phuong Anh was born in 1991, is...

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People's Artist Hong Van was found to have made a strange move after his statement about the case of Huu Tin using banned substances

Nắng07:55:21 17/06/2022
The case of actor Huu Tin caused a storm of public opinion in recent days. It is worth mentioning that after Huu Tin was arrested for using banned substances, some close colleagues posted to express their grief and encourage the actor to do it again later. Among them, People's...

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"Singer" Duy Manh insulted People's Artist Viet Anh when defending Huu Tin: "Dad hasn't played with toys, so he doesn't understand"

Nam Phương14:46:28 15/06/2022
Before the statement of People's Artist Viet Anh, comedian Huu Tin was arrested because his friends played bad. Singer Duy Manh immediately posted the ka khà, the witty but equally profound voice of the "singer" once again made netizens laugh. In recent days, the news that...

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Huu Tin once promised to never degenerate when entering showbiz, his biological mother affirmed "my c.hild is very good"

Hoàng Phúc11:21:02 15/06/2022
Information that actor Huu Tin was arrested for using banned substances is the h.ot topic of public discussion. In the midst of the controversy, statements related to Huu Tin were constantly "digged" by the people. Previously, on a show, actress Huu Tin's mother revealed: "The...

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Nguyen Vu "slaps" some defiant artists, crying for Huu Tin after being arrested

Minh Hà10:12:35 14/06/2022
Singer Nguyen Vu's share on his personal page caught the public's attention. Accordingly, he was quite upset when a series of artists spoke out to be bold and pitiful for Huu Tin after being arrested. On the afternoon of June 12, the Vietnamese entertainment industry was in a...

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Huu Tin was arrested for using banned substances, a series of artists defended "just an incident, which can be corrected" controversial

Hoàng Phúc09:56:58 14/06/2022
With the artists voicing their hidden defenses for actor Huu Tin in the midst of his legal troubles, it caused a wave of controversy on social networking forums. On June 12, the image of actor Huu Tin being arrested by the police for using banned substances appeared on social...

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Actor Huu Tin spoke up after being detained, confessed to playing d.rugs with friends at the bar

Minh Hà16:54:10 13/06/2022
Before the news that actor Huu Tin used banned substances, many viewers were surprised. The actor also officially spoke up after flying with friends at the bar, bringing the leftover banned substances to the apartment in District 8 to use. On the afternoon of June 12, the social...

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People's Artist Hong Van spoke out before the news that Huu Tin was found to be using banned substances at home

Minh Hà14:45:36 13/06/2022
Actor Huu Tin and a number of people were detained by the police and filed for handling because they were found to be using stimulants in an apartment in District 8, Ho Chi Minh City. Before the information of his beloved student, People's Artist Hong Van was heartbroken and...

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Phuong Hang has just entered the "stone house", People's Artist Hong Van painfully announced the sad news after 22 years of making art

Nam Phương14:40:52 02/05/2022
Many artists and juniors sympathize with Hong Van before this great s.hock. In addition to being known as an actor, judge, TV MC... People's Artist Hong Van also devoted a lot of heart to the Phu Nhuan theater stage. This is not only a familiar entertainment rendezvous, but also...

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Movie Glutinous Rice Rice: A c.hild star died from drowning, the veteran actor left before filming was over

Nam Phương12:31:24 28/02/2022
The departure of two actors in the movie Rice Sticky Rice Leaves a lot of pain in the hearts of the public and colleagues. In 2018, the TV series Glutinous Rice Gao Te surpassed many heavyweights to become the most popular work within 24 years. With a drama script but no less...

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Hoa Hiep - Multi-talented actor rumored to go "back door" to change roles, U40 is still single and gender rumors

Hoàng Phúc07:14:58 27/01/2022
Hoa Hiep (born in 1982) is the third c.hild in a family of four siblings. All the sisters in the family have settled down, only he is still searching for happiness. Sometimes when it's sad, Hoa Hiep wants to marry someone but is afraid that happiness will not be complete, so he...

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Le Cong Tuan Anh and the mysterious d.eath that shocked showbiz at the age of 29, what's on the s.uicide letter?

Tài07:03:28 10/01/2022
It has been 26 years since actor Le Cong Tuan Anh left the world, but fans have never stopped thinking about the most famous artist in the 1990s. From a bright street b.oy to the top star on Vietnamese screens It's hard to imagine a bright actor of the 90s entertainment industry...

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Thuy Nga retired to work as a construction contractor in the US?

Hoàng Phúc10:27:18 17/12/2021
Sharing about the life of a female comedian in the US attracts the attention of the audience. Due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, Thuy Nga had to stay in the US. The comedian said that her schedules in Vietnam were forced to be postponed or canceled. Work has stalled but...

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