Phan Dic Man denied betraying Ngo Kinh to follow the giants, wanting "3 faces and 1 word" with the old man

Hoàng PhúcJun 30, 2022 at 16:54

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Receiving an exclusive interview with a radio program, for the first time, actress Fan Yi Man publicly responded to her scandals with billionaires La Trieu Huy and Ngo Kinh.

In the newly shared photos, Fan Yimin appears in a pink shirt, patterned skirt, she dresses liberally and discreetly. At the age of 51, Fan Yi Man's skin is still firm and shiny.

Phan Dic Man denied betraying Ngo Kinh to follow the giants, wanting "3 faces and 1 word" with the old man - Photo 1

At her peak, Fan Yimin acted in countless classic movies and TV series throughout the years. Among them, she collaborated with Wu Jing in the Mainland TV series Tai Chi Grandmaster in the late 1990s, which made a special impression. During the filming, the two had rumors that the movie was fake.

Phan Dic Man denied betraying Ngo Kinh to follow the giants, wanting "3 faces and 1 word" with the old man - Photo 2

In 2017, Ngo Kinh became famous with Wolf Warrior 2, and the old scandal between him and Fan Yi Man was suddenly rekindled. Many media accounts even spread the news that Fan Dich Man that year asked Ngo Kinh to earn 5 million in 3 years before he was ready to date. As a result, Fan Dic Man changed his mind with billionaire La Trieu Huy. Until now, many people still derided Phan Dich Man for abandoning Ngo Kinh to run after a richer man.

For many years, Fan Yimin did not respond to these rumors. In an interview with Yang Shaohong and Wen Songxian, when asked about Ngo Kinh and La Trieu Huy, the one-time TVB actress said she once authorized a lawyer to handle those who spread rumors. At first, the false news stopped. However, after that, information flooded the internet, so her team did not process it anymore.

Phan Dic Man also did not directly say that she loves Ngo Kinh or billionaire La Trieu Huy, but only said that she is very secretive about her private life and those who know her know what kind of person she is.

Phan Diec Man said that La Trieu Huy was her friend, but the billionaire surnamed La passed away, so she did not want to say too much. Fan Yimin said that talking about the deceased would be unfair and disrespectful to him.

Phan Dic Man denied betraying Ngo Kinh to follow the giants, wanting "3 faces and 1 word" with the old man - Photo 3

As for Ngo Kinh, Phan Dich Man said that Ngo Kinh is currently very famous and very honored to cooperate with him. She has absolutely no idea how those revelations spread, but that's definitely not what Fan Yimin has said in the past, and maybe that's not what Wu Jing said. Phan Dic Man said that perhaps Ngo Kinh would show up one day, then everyone would sit down and clarify.

Fan Yimin also emphasized that whoever she made friends with, it doesn't matter if the other person is rich or not. After all, she has no family pressure. Talking about the reason for being single, she said that she has not found a suitable person yet, but she may get married in the near future.

Phan Dic Man denied betraying Ngo Kinh to follow the giants, wanting "3 faces and 1 word" with the old man - Photo 4

Fan Yimin was born in 1971 in Hong Kong. After her parents divorced, she moved in with her mother. In 1991, Fan Yimin's mother encouraged her daughter to participate in the Miss Hong Kong pageant.

Thanks to her beautiful beauty, she not only won the title of Miss Photo at that year's contest but also caught the eye of TVB.

After signing a contract with TVB, she participated in a series of famous films such as Tam Hy Lam Mon, Teenage Five Tigers, Thien Tu Do Long... In just 5 years, Fan Yi Man became a famous star when she signed a contract with TVB. acted in 13 dramas and MC for many other TVB programs.

Phan Dic Man denied betraying Ngo Kinh to follow the giants, wanting "3 faces and 1 word" with the old man - Photo 5

At the present time, Ngo Kinh - the man who was abandoned by Phan Dic Man in which year has become the brightest star in the Chinese entertainment industry after the success of the blockbusters Chien Lang, Sat Pha Lang.. Not only that, he also has a happy and fulfilling life with his wife Ta Nam and two beautiful sons. MC Ta Nam is the wife of Cao Khang who was with and supported Ngo Kinh during the days when he struggled to build a name, constantly suffered injuries and then picked up the sweet fruit today.

Phan Dic Man denied betraying Ngo Kinh to follow the giants, wanting "3 faces and 1 word" with the old man - Photo 6

Looking back at Fan Yi Man, after experiencing humiliating love affairs with the giants, she is now almost "empty", her reputation is lost, her career is destroyed, even a man in her life is absent.

Currently, the famous queen once lived a secret life, rarely appearing in front of the media. There are rumors that Fan Yimin has to sell fish to make a living because she used to appear on the street with the appearance and belongings of a fishmonger. However, after learning, the Hong Kong media said that this is actually just a role of the queen in the movie.

Phan Dic Man denied betraying Ngo Kinh to follow the giants, wanting "3 faces and 1 word" with the old man - Photo 7

Although life did not go downhill so much that she had to sell fish at the market, she also faced many difficulties at work due to past scandals and health problems. Due to a disease of the immune system, she suffered from severe hair loss and had to rest for a long time to recuperate.

At the age of 51, the once-popular beauty only occasionally received a few small roles and little-known TV shows. She lives alone, finding joy by taking care of small dogs.

Phan Dic Man denied betraying Ngo Kinh to follow the giants, wanting "3 faces and 1 word" with the old man - Photo 8

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