How does Liu Yifei wear the label "Queen of imitation goods"?

Hoàng PhúcJun 29, 2022 at 10:56

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Liu Yifei has always been the "billionaire fairy" of Chinese cinema and this nickname is only for the beauties of Virgo, not anyone else. But strangely, instead of being painted with lipstick and enhancing beauty by carefully invested costumes from materials, designs to designs, Liu Yifei has repeatedly been questioned about plagiarism. skin.

Recently, Weibo social network users have revived the times when Liu Yifei wore "error versions" of famous designs. I don't know if the star is aware of the seriousness of this type of incident, only knowing that her image has deteriorated like a bull's wheel going downhill without brakes...

How does Liu Yifei wear the label "Queen of imitation goods"? - Photo 1

In 2007, she wore a dress with the same color and cup part as Louis Vuitton's prom design. The original dress was worn by Pham Bang Bang - the brand face of Louis Vuitton, at an event in the same year. Ironically, more than 10 years later, it was Liu Yifei who became the ambassador of Louis Vuitton and replaced Pham Bang Bang - who was "sealed" a few years earlier.

How does Liu Yifei wear the label "Queen of imitation goods"? - Photo 2

In 2009, the actress continued to be accused of wearing a dress imitation of the Fendi brand. While Liu Yifei's side "silence is golden", the owner of the fake dress brazenly responded to netizens: "I didn't borrow the idea, I copied it. Only an idiot. self-designed".

How does Liu Yifei wear the label "Queen of imitation goods"? - Photo 3

As time passed, Liu Yifei's brand value and image-building strategy gradually changed. The position of brand ambassador that she was hand-delivered by Louis Vuitton has awakened and corrected the actress's fashion mindset. Although there are times when people wonder about the temperament of "dumping" the brand, but the right investment of Liu Yifei when choosing the right stylist is something that the public must admit.

Previously, appearing in Fashion Cosmo magazine, Liu Yifei frankly responded to criticisms of wearing bad clothes.

"Billion-billionth fairy" said: "I have never thought of this problem, what is ugly or beautiful or ruining the image. You should not care about outer jackets, inner clothes when filming. It's the only thing that needs attention."

How does Liu Yifei wear the label "Queen of imitation goods"? - Photo 4

It can be said that in the current Cbiz entertainment industry, in addition to beauty and acting, fashion is also an extremely important factor. Thanks to showing their classy dressing taste, female stars can also increase the popularity and interest of the audience. However, there are some female stars, when away from the stylist's hands, their fashion sense is far from "a heaven and one" compared to the red carpet. Right now, let's review the beauties who were drowned with the "inferior" fashion style when dressing up for yourself!

1. Truong Ba Chi

Truong Ba Chi is the pearl of Truong Ba Chi Port with a beautiful, flawless face that makes many people admire. The once Hong Kong pearl has become a mother of three sons, but she is still actively learning new things and overcoming her weaknesses. Her efforts made many viewers admire.

How does Liu Yifei wear the label "Queen of imitation goods"? - Photo 5

But Truong Ba Chi's everyday clothes make the online community "pain in the eyes" with "dazzling" colors such as banana green, lotus pink, orange, ... Not only that, the connection The combination of clothes and accessories does not "fit" with each other, but it has a bit of a rural fashion style, going behind the times that makes "Wolf Queen" criticized by the public as both cheesy and alum.

How does Liu Yifei wear the label "Queen of imitation goods"? - Photo 6

2. Gillian Chung

Another cult beauty of Hong Kong showbiz is called on this list, none other than the female pearl Gillian Dong. Although not too colorful and cheesy like the two beauties above, but in return is the sloppy plus style of the auntie like drowning to the fullest.

How does Liu Yifei wear the label "Queen of imitation goods"? - Photo 7

3. Guan Xiaotong

It is said that "beauty for silk" has never been unreasonable. The key on the red carpet is the b.ody, but many outfits seem to lose this important element. Guan Xiaodong is one of them.

How does Liu Yifei wear the label "Queen of imitation goods"? - Photo 8

However, when leaving the stylist's arms, Luhan's girlfriend's dress sense is not good. In the series of everyday photos, the dress style of the beauty I am a lady like that is more and more ridiculed.

How does Liu Yifei wear the label "Queen of imitation goods"? - Photo 9

During the previous Weibo Night event, Guan Xiaotong wore a bright yellow mini dress with sequins on the chest. The cut of the skirt is also very confusing, it is almost straight design, it looks like there is no waist. When he arrived at the event, Guan Xiaotong changed his appearance again, wearing a pale pink sequin dress, like an Olympic figure skating team member who went to the wrong place.

How does Liu Yifei wear the label "Queen of imitation goods"? - Photo 10

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