Trieu Lo Tu was accused of being fake, often scolding employees and saying he was "Scorpio"

Hoàng PhúcJun 12, 2022 at 08:29

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Trieu Lo Tu is one of Cbiz's very famous 95-year-old minor flowers. She has an impressive role, has a pretty and lovely appearance, so she is easy to please passersby. However, recently, many people were surprised to hear that Trieu Lo Tu is a mean female star who often scolds employees.

Specifically, this blogger said that, contrary to the lovely and cute appearance, behind the scenes Trieu Lo Tu is a very difficult person. Little Hoa often scolds her employees if something is not satisfactory. After that, she said that she was a Scorpio, so she couldn't control her h.ot temper.

Trieu Lo Tu was accused of being fake, often scolding employees and saying he was "Scorpio" - Photo 1

After this news was released, netizens immediately split into 2 camps. One side thinks that this is just baseless news, Trieu Lo Tu will not scold his employees for petty things. Only when someone made a big mistake, affecting her career, she was angry.

However, there is also a part of the audience that mocks Trieu Lo Tu with two faces. One side shows the public and fans that she is sweet and cute, but when she goes backstage, she becomes mean. In addition, it is not true for her to say that she is a Scorpio to justify her h.ot temper.

Trieu Lo Tu was accused of being fake, often scolding employees and saying he was "Scorpio" - Photo 2

- So if you're hot-tempered, you'll curse at the staff? Done for Scorpio? Humans must know how to think and control!

- It's okay to fabricate others, this must be from the case of Teacher Le Na in Scorpio 6 years ago.

- Scorpio is not losing control of behavior?

- Normally, Trieu Lo Tu also goes everywhere, so everyone knows that she has a bad temper. For being famous, despite everything.

- This is Black Trieu Lo Tu, if she didn't make a big mistake, she wouldn't scold anyone.

- Stop slandering Trieu Lo Tu, she's so cute.

Currently, netizens are still arguing fiercely around the news about Trieu Lo Tu. However, the majority said that without solid evidence, it is difficult to believe this story.

Trieu Lo Tu is known to the audience through a series of films such as: My Emperor, My Majesty, Tran Thien Thien In Rumors, Truong Ca Hanh and recently Release Thien Ha.

However, during this time, Trieu Lo Tu received countless "bricks and stones" from the public, no longer a "thousands of people" beauty as before. She was not exposed to badmouthing her colleagues to using tricks to attract the media.

Trieu Lo Tu was accused of being fake, often scolding employees and saying he was "Scorpio" - Photo 3

Remember at the end of 2020, an account released a series of love photos between Trieu Lo Tu and a man, believed to be her ex-boyfriend. In the photo, the "Holy Maiden Through the Air" poses with a cute, double outfit, and is very affectionate. The person who released this series of photos also revealed that Trieu Lo Tu's boyfriend is a DJ. The two have been living together since the actress was a teenager.

After becoming a famous star, Trieu Lo Tu broke up with her boyfriend. The beauty born in 1998 has revealed in many interviews that she has never loved anyone. This information made Trieu Lo Tu's fans disappointed because they thought that the idol was lying.

And yet, the actress is said to have repeatedly slandered her colleagues. Specifically, early last year, netizens discovered that Trieu Lo Tu's TikTok account had "liked" a video disparaging actress Ngo Tuyen Nghi.

Trieu Lo Tu was accused of being fake, often scolding employees and saying he was "Scorpio" - Photo 4

The video has content comparing Trieu Lo Tu and Ngo Tuyen Nghi, saying that currently Ngo Tuyen Nghi is not able to compete with Trieu Lo Tu. Even the beauty of the surname Trieu also left comments and re-shared the video above.

Immediately, the keyword "Trieu Lo Tu liked" reached the top 3 most searched on Weibo

Not long after, this account of the actress continued to "slide" to click "like" a video comparing her with another 9x star, Cuc Tinh Y.

This video affirms that Trieu Lo Tu's voice is better than Cuc Tinh Y's and deliberately "understood" the beauty of the Cuc family.

Trieu Lo Tu was accused of being fake, often scolding employees and saying he was "Scorpio" - Photo 5

This action of Trieu Lo Tu caused controversy throughout social networks, and at the same time caused fans of Trieu Lo Tu, Cuc Tinh Y and Ngo Tuyen Nghi to f.ight fiercely.

It's also not the first time the movie star Truong Ca Hanh has "slipped hands" as above. Previously, Trieu Lo Tu had "liked" an article disparaging the image of the Goddess Kim Ung of Tong Thien. Right after that, the actress had to apologize to her senior for misunderstanding.

Not long after, Trieu Lo Tu's office published an article to clarify, revealing that she had lost her phone for a long time and this action was not caused by her.

Trieu Lo Tu was accused of being fake, often scolding employees and saying he was "Scorpio" - Photo 6

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