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3 Cbiz female artists die in 2023: Thai Thien Phuong is shocked, Chau Hai My is filled with sadness

Châu Anh10:23:12 23/12/2023
The Chinese entertainment industry did not experience 2023 very peacefully when witnessing the sudden passing of two veteran stars Coco Lee and Chau Hai My. Meanwhile, Hong Kong was also shaken by the case of model Thai Thien Phuong being m.urdered by her ex-husband's family.

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Chau Hai My was confirmed to have passed away, the real reason that shook the entertainment industry

Mưa08:11:36 13/12/2023
St Headline page reported that Chau Hai My was discovered fainting at her home in Beijing on December 11. After that, the actress was taken to the hospital in a coma, lost consciousness and passed away after 1 day of hospitalization.

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Duong Tu "fell out of favor", Dan Kien Thu released wedding photos with his younger girlfriend, causing an explosion of 3 million fans

An Nhi18:24:50 28/11/2023
After the success of Truong Tuong Tu in collaboration with Duong Tu, Dan Kien Thu is highly anticipated by fans to return in a new film project with Chau Da. The beautiful images of the two received a storm of love thanks to their beautiful couple.

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Cbiz tension changes: Fans of Liu Yifei and Trieu Le Dinh have a fierce battle, who is more likely to 'win'?

An Nhi16:59:37 26/10/2023
Cbiz social network recently attracted people's attention when the two fandoms, Liu Yifei and Trieu Le Dinh, had an intense war of words. For a long time, the controversy between the two sides has shown no signs of stopping, and the situation continues to rotate.

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Duong Tu's appearance is inferior to that of an internet hotgirl, "showing his true form" through the original photo, shocking netizens

Gia Linh16:25:02 16/10/2023
Having been praised for constantly innovating his style, the number of times Duong Tu received nods from netizens can only be counted on the fingers of one hand. The actress's recent appearance made netizens stir.

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Trieu Lo Tu has just publicly dated Ngo Loi, r.evealing photos of him cuddling affectionately, and immediately has a new status that attracts attention

Quỳnh Quỳnh14:25:56 11/10/2023
Trieu Lo Tu is currently one of the top flower girls of the 95th generation. Not only is the audience interested in her personal life, but her acting career and fashion career also attracts people's attention. follow.

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Zhao Lu Zi was blatantly imitated by Yang Zi to "wash the alum", even if he tried, he could not do 1 thing

Uyển Đình14:30:30 08/10/2023
Zhao Lu Tu is the fastest young artist in Chinese showbiz today, quickly entering the top of the frontline actors of the Chinese film industry. Besides, in terms of fashion, she also receives a lot of attention.

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The news that Bai Loc supported Lisa, her career was definitely "shattered", the owner said exactly 1 word to save the whole fortune

Bảo Tiên07:27:17 05/10/2023
As a small beauty in the famous Chinese lineup, Bai Loc has always been a straightforward and decisive person. The actress's resolute move narrowly helped her escape.

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Dam Tung Van makes his male co-star "terrified" every time he performs a kissing scene, r.evealing his bad habits that make everyone complain.

Quỳnh Quỳnh10:02:24 25/09/2023
Dam Tung Van is one of the goddesses of youth loved by many audiences. However, for male colleagues, everyone feels shy every time they have to act out a kiss scene with her. All because of this difficult bad habit.

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Liu Yifei's "drinking daughter" is revealed, her pretty appearance causes a fever, the visuals of mother and daughter light up the frame

An Nhi07:14:28 19/09/2023
A quick photo of Liu Yifei and her daughter in a crowded place quickly attracted the attention of fans. Although the image quality is low, the beauty of the mother and daughter is considered high quality.

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Tuong YY: Famous c.hild star Cbiz, debuted when he was just 1 year old, grew up to be called "little Dilraba"

An Nhi11:54:06 18/09/2023
Tuong YY is a talented c.hild actor on the Chinese screen. She started acting in commercials at the age of 1, and at the age of 6, she participated in acting. To date, Tuong YY has participated in more than 60 movies and television series, appearing in countless commercials.

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Liu Yifei "overwhelmed" Duong Mich and Trieu Le Dinh, the top class 85-year-old flower g.irl is difficult to overthrow for one reason.

Uyển Đình08:27:58 17/09/2023
Liu Yifei is known as China's billionaire goddess, with guaranteed beauty and acting. Along with Trieu Le Dinh and Duong Mich, Liu Yifei is considered one of the top 8x actresses in Cbiz today.

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Zhao Luotu was shocked by the staff who posted the "long as a sock" forum because of his treatment like no other

An Nhi07:20:25 14/09/2023
As a famous female star of Cbiz, but Zhao Luotu is also constantly surrounded by the market. The recent post exposing the truth about the little flower g.irl of the male employee working with is being talked about by netizens.

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Bai Loc and Zhang Ling Hao publicly celebrated their 1-year anniversary together, determined not to break up despite being prevented by the accused?

Quỳnh Quỳnh11:09:38 12/09/2023
The love story of Bai Loc and Truong Ling Hach since being exposed on social networks has always received special attention from netizens and consumed a lot of media ink.

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Zhao Luxiu, Yu Shuhan "dropped the radio", his status was "threatened" by Xiao Hua, usurping the top flower 95

Nguyễn Kim09:52:05 07/09/2023
Zhao Luxiu and Yu Shuhan both possessed sweet beauty and admirable careers. Considered to be the top beauties of the 95 flower class, the two were recently usurped by Li Lanjie because of their remarkable achievements.

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Tong To Nhi was accused of tax evasion not long ago, another Cbiz female star is about to "fall off the horse" because of a large phosphorus of 8 billion?

Quỳnh Quỳnh11:25:22 05/09/2023
Over the past few days, Tong To Nhi's suspected tax evasion of VND 150 billion has shocked Cbiz. When the situation was not yet settled, the Chinese-language entertainment industry was once again abuzz with the news that female star Chiang Yi Y evaded taxes. This information quickly spread all over social networks.

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Yang Kai strongly "taught life" about the profession of an actor, it turned out to be backed by this "force"

An Nhi09:57:51 31/08/2023
Yang Mo is known as a high-EQ figure of the Chinese-language entertainment industry. She repeatedly wowed fans with her sharp arguments. However, recently, controversy erupted over her statement about her career as an actress.

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Wang Yuwen: Horizontal actress, complicated situation, once rumored to have an affair with Xiao Chien

An Nhi16:27:58 30/08/2023
Wang Yuwen is a promising post-95 young actress of the Chinese entertainment world. Possessing a remarkable film career, along with beautiful beauty and round-the-shoulder acting, Vuong Ngoc Van is loved and appreciated by netizens.

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Yangtze admits to "deceiving" the audience, despite doing this in exchange for fame, exists in Cbiz

An Nhi17:03:50 29/08/2023
Yangtze is one of the famous miniatures of the Chinese-language entertainment world. She was noted not only for her impressive roles, but also for her friendly character. However, few people know that Yang Zi suffers from social anxiety, living very closed.

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Yang Zi plotted to "heat rub" Zhao Liying to hold on to his reputation, doing 1 thing that made people laugh

An Nhi15:28:31 28/08/2023
Xiangtu School is the hottest historical drama of the summer this year. Although praised for the original, Yangtze's acting ability was still plagued by many controversies, causing the actress's reputation to decline.

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Yang Kai attituded towards Zhao Liying on stage, "arch-nemesis" for 10 years for a variety of reasons

Nguyễn Kim16:06:46 22/08/2023
Both famous miniatures of the age of 85, Zhao Liying and Yang Mo are often put on the scale by the public to compare with each other in terms of stature and acting careers. The two have been considered rivals in Cbiz for many years.

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Ren Min: Cbiz's "sad girl", isolated and bullied on set, kissed Xiao Chien 37 times

Uyển Đình15:11:23 22/08/2023
Ren Min is a familiar name for Chinese movies, is considered one of the shining gems on the Chinese screen and will be the successor of his predecessors. Ren Man is also styled by the audience as the queen of the new generation of dramas.

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Zhao Luxiu "more than lost" with her elder sister, turned into a nationalist lady to compete and then received a harsh ending

Nguyễn Kim16:11:17 20/08/2023
The image of Zhao Luotu in the shape of the nation exudes a haughty and beautiful beauty that makes many people happy. However, when compared to the 4,000-year-old beauty, Zhao Luxiu was still far behind.

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Bai Lu lost his "pet chicken" position Yu Zheng had to work as a delivery man, and had an accident in the middle of the road?

An Nhi09:31:56 18/08/2023
Bai Loc is known as one of the emerging flowers of Chinese-language entertainment, once supported by the golden screenwriter Yu Zheng. But recently, Bai Loc is said to be gradually fading, even having to work as a shipper?

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