Duong Tu plagiarized Pham Bang Bang style?

Hoàng PhúcJun 11, 2022 at 10:14

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The costume that Yangtze wore in Truong Tuong Tu was considered inappropriate for the context of the film. Many viewers even think that the actress is imitating her senior Pham Bang Bang.

Tuong Tu School is currently a Chinese-language drama that has received the attention of a large audience. With the participation of the leading big star in the world today, Yangtze, the audience expects the film to make a splash when it is broadcast.

Recently, netizens had an explosive controversy when they said that Yangtze's image in the movie was very similar to the ancient style of the Tang Dynasty.

Duong Tu plagiarized Pham Bang Bang style? - Photo 1

Specifically, in the recently leaked photos, an outfit that Yangtze wears has a chest cut very similar to the women of the Tang Dynasty.

It is worth mentioning that the movie Truong Tu Tu that she is participating in belongs to the historical genre, which is set in ancient times. The appearance of such a "out-of-the-ordinary" outfit has caused a lot of controversy on social networking forums.

Duong Tu plagiarized Pham Bang Bang style? - Photo 2

To prove this "plagiarism", many people also posted pictures comparing with Pham Bang Bang's outfit when she participated in the 2014 movie Vo Tac Thien. Indeed, the two sets of Han costumes have similarities. bronze is very clear, especially the detail of chest extraction characteristic of the Tang Dynasty.

Duong Tu plagiarized Pham Bang Bang style? - Photo 3

The fact that a movie is set in the ancient times but uses the image of the Tang Dynasty has immediately attracted the attention of the online community, especially those who love historical films. Many people expressed outrage at this carelessness of the film crew:

- Can you see the chest of the Tang Dynasty in a movie with an ancient setting?

- Did Yangtze play a small demon or a young lady in the Tang Dynasty?

- Why are you comparing it to my Pham family, it's lame. I feel like Yangzi has fixed a lot, but it's still not as good as Pham Bang Bang.

- Why does it look so familiar, is it a fake?

- It hasn't aired yet but you want to create a drama?

Currently, the above topic is still receiving attention and comments from the audience.

It is known that Yangtze participated in the movie The School of Love with a record high salary. Page 163 revealed that the actress's salary in this film was up to 25 million yuan (about 89 billion dong), still many times higher than the time when Huong Honey was like smoke in 2018 was 19 million yuan (about 68 billion dong). dong) due to the regulation of the ceiling for actors.

The School of Love is one of the works with an investment of about 500 million yuan (VND 1,796 billion). According to the new regulations of the Chinese management agency, the actor's remuneration cannot exceed 40% of the film investment, and the salary for an episode cannot exceed 40,000 yuan (143 million dong). Therefore, in addition to Yangtze receiving the highest salary, the actors behind are 8 million yuan (28 billion dong) and 2-3 million yuan (7-10 billion dong) respectively because of her co-star in this movie. She is less famous.

Duong Tu plagiarized Pham Bang Bang style? - Photo 4

After adjusting wages, taxes and trashing poor quality films, Yangtze is now considered the top A-list star of Chinese television. In the past few years, she has been in a row of "bad luck" because there are three co-stars banned from appearing like Ngo Diep Pham, Dang Luan because of mistakes, or limited for a time like Tieu Chien. However, it cannot be denied that the actress born in 1992 is at the peak of her career with 59.3 million followers on the Weibo social network, a series of cult movies, Honey like smoke, Joyful chant, Fish. Squid stewed honey... Co-stars Dang Luan, Ly Hien, Tieu Chien, Tinh Bach Nhien... also became famous after co-starring with her.

As famous as that, Yangtze is also not free from the market. Famous for his laid-back personality and a bit too innocent, Duong Tu is constantly in trouble for his behavior. When Yangtze emerged as a phenomenon after Huong Honey was like smoke, there were many rumors about her attitude and personality being shared and criticized.

Duong Tu plagiarized Pham Bang Bang style? - Photo 5

One of the scandals about her poor behavior is constantly being called such as: interrupting the private phone conversation of actress Qin Hai Lo and her husband on the show Chinese Restaurant 3, put your hand on Dang Luan's thigh for more than 10 minutes, put his hand on his partner's nose, acted like a star with the staff in his crew,...

Duong Tu plagiarized Pham Bang Bang style? - Photo 6

These things alone made Yangtze have a large amount of antifan, she was also exposed for her beauty, but so far, Duong Tu has never admitted that she participated in the cutlery, but only said that she lost weight.

Due to her open, extroverted, carefree personality or because she is really impolite,... it's still a controversial issue, but Yangtze has always proved to be fine and focused. into the career no matter who has detractors.

Duong Tu plagiarized Pham Bang Bang style? - Photo 7

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