Liu Yifei transforms into a very beautiful dancer but reminds me of Pham Bang Bang

Hoàng PhúcJun 09, 2022 at 10:51

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Airing from June 2, Mong Hoa Luc is receiving a lot of attention from the audience because it is a project that marks the return of Liu Yifei to the Chinese small screen after 16 years.

In particular, the image of Liu Yifei's dancer recently made people admire because it is so beautiful.

Returning to the small screen after 16 years since 2006's Divine Condor Heroes, Liu Yifei has achieved great success thanks to Mong Hoa Luc. Not only the beauty is highly appreciated, but even the acting of the "billionaire fairy" is also commented to be much better than when filming the movie.

Recently, Liu Yifei's series of dancers in Dream of the Luc was revealed to make people admire because it was so beautiful.

Liu Yifei transforms into a very beautiful dancer but reminds me of Pham Bang Bang - Photo 1

Accordingly, netizens are currently handing over a series of beautiful ancient photos of Liu Yifei in Dream of the Luc. The 8x beauty wears an eye-catching outfit, her hair is in a high bun and has a bright pink peony in her hair. Appearing in this image, the "billionaire fairy" is commented on as charming and attractive, different from the usual cool look.

Liu Yifei transforms into a very beautiful dancer but reminds me of Pham Bang Bang - Photo 2

In particular, the shape of this dancer by Liu Yifei makes many people think of the character Duong Quy Phi that Pham Bang Bang has taken on before. With the same style of wearing peonies in her hair, the costumes are also somewhat similar, especially these two 8x beauties are extremely beautiful and charming. Compared to each other, many netizens can't choose who is better.

Liu Yifei transforms into a very beautiful dancer but reminds me of Pham Bang Bang - Photo 3

Liu Yifei transforms into a very beautiful dancer but reminds me of Pham Bang Bang - Photo 4

Not stopping there, the scene of Liu Yifei dancing in Dream of the Luc was also praised by netizens. Many people even joked that Liu Yifei can dance so beautifully because her mother is a national dancer.

Liu Yifei transforms into a very beautiful dancer but reminds me of Pham Bang Bang - Photo 5

- Seeing Liu Yifei dance gently and elegantly. The divine aura radiated around.

- Liu Yifei is beautiful in the style of a thousand species, dreams are real, women like this really make men fall in love.

- This image of Liu Yifei is so beautiful, it reminds me of Pham Bang Bang's Duong Quy Phi, which is equally beautiful.

- It must be said that Liu Yifei and Pham Bang banded a 9 one 10, so beautiful and in love.

- Hope this time Liu Yifei will dance a little longer.

After Liu Yifei's series of dancers in Dream of the Luc was posted, the audience is extremely looking forward to this episode to air soon.

It can be seen that the return of Liu Yifei is expected by many people. The decision to return this time is considered a risky, "all-or-nothing" decision of the "billionaire fairy". It is known that actor Tu Hai Kieu accepted for the first time to become a male actor just to be able to act in a movie with Liu Yifei.

Tu Hai Kieu has participated in films such as Tuy Linh Lung, Da Thien Tu, Hoa Thien Cot... In his acting career, he also transformed into many different characters.

However, the actor has never tried his hand at the villain role so far. Only when playing Mong Hoa Luc did Tu Hai Kieu try this role for the first time.

Liu Yifei transforms into a very beautiful dancer but reminds me of Pham Bang Bang - Photo 6

In the movie, he transforms into Au Duong Huc, Trieu Phan Nhi's treacherous ex-lover (Liu Yifei). This character is called "tra male" because of many c.ruel actions and words towards the female lead.

After achieving achievements, Au Duong Huc is ready to abandon the g.irl who has been with him since he was empty-handed. He also completely denied Trieu Phan Nhi's support for him. Therefore, this is a character that has received a lot of criticism from viewers.

Liu Yifei transforms into a very beautiful dancer but reminds me of Pham Bang Bang - Photo 7

The biggest reason why Tu Hai Kieu took the role of Au Duong Huc was because of Liu Yifei. Because, the actor is a loyal fan of the "billionaire fairy". When he has the opportunity to act with an idol, he is ready to act as a male actor even though he has never tried it before.

In the movie, Au Duong Huc constantly rejected Trieu Phan Nhi, but behind the scenes, Tu Hai Kieu was extremely excited and happy because he was co-starring with the idol.

Liu Yifei transforms into a very beautiful dancer but reminds me of Pham Bang Bang - Photo 8

In addition, the actor also expressed his love for the articles attributed to Au Duong Huc and Trieu Phan Nhi. Therefore, the audience joked that the actor became the most successful person of the film:

- Anyone who is an idol fan understands how he feels. Now if you let me play the role of father and son, I will accept it.

- From Hai Kieu is really lovely, from Hoa Thien Cot until now still mesmerized by his beauty.

- Even though I'm a villain, I want to play with Liu Yifei and hug a billion billion fairy.

-Tu Hai Kieu made me watch movies but couldn't help laughing. The mouth utters many hateful words but the eyes looking at the idol are still extremely admiring.

Liu Yifei transforms into a very beautiful dancer but reminds me of Pham Bang Bang - Photo 9

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