Phung Thieu Phong dated a young g.irl late at night, Trieu Le Dinh was seriously violated in her private life

Hoàng PhúcJun 18, 2022 at 10:59

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In the past few days, Phung Thieu Phong and his ex-wife Trieu Le Dinh became the focus of attention. While the actor was "captured" to go out with a young g.irl at midnight, Trieu Le Dinh was made miserable by a paparazzi.

On June 17, 163 reported that Phung Thieu Phong was caught eating with a young g.irl in Hengdian (Zhejiang). The actor was cautious, wearing a mask, not revealing his face. The g.irl with the actor born in 1998 is described as good-looking, feminine and youthful.

Phung Thieu Phong dated a young g.irl late at night, Trieu Le Dinh was seriously violated in her private life - Photo 1

According to 163, the meeting took place late at night, with only Phung Thieu Phong and the woman. The person going first, the person following to the meeting place to avoid attracting attention. The media and the audience suspected that Phung Thieu Phong had a new girlfriend after his marriage broke up.

Phung Thieu Phong dated a young g.irl late at night, Trieu Le Dinh was seriously violated in her private life - Photo 2

Currently, the male actor has not responded to the love news.

Phung Thieu Phong and Trieu Le Dinh divorced in April 2021. Their son Chiang Chiang was taken care of by his grandparents because both actors were busy filming. Trieu Le Dinh was facilitated by her ex-husband to visit her children. Both wanted Chiang Chiang to receive the full love of his parents.

After the divorce, Trieu Le Dinh and Phung Thieu Phong focused on their careers. They have not been caught with a new partner or entangled in love rumors. According to Sina, the two actors kept a good relationship when they broke up. However, Trieu Le Dinh refused to remarry her ex-husband.

Phung Thieu Phong dated a young g.irl late at night, Trieu Le Dinh was seriously violated in her private life - Photo 3

Phung Thieu Phong is famous for his role as Bat A Ca in the series Cung Radiating Pearls. He is also known through Lan Lang Vuong, Journey to the West: Three times fighting Bach Cot Tinh, Kingdom Fantasy, Dich Nhan Kiet, and Minh Lan stories.

Recently, the actor had the movie Thanh Da Tu La released online. He currently has films such as Ordinary Hero, starring Li Bingbing and the movie Puppy Love, collaborating with Co Luc Na Trat, Lam Mu Duong Tu, Luu Di Hao, waiting to be released.

In another development, while Phung Thieu Phong caused a stir because he went out with a young g.irl late at night, Trieu Le Dinh was in trouble. She was seriously invaded by a paparazzi.

Specifically, on June 17, Sina reported that paparazzi Truong Tieu Han shared a video of Trieu Le Dinh practicing martial arts for the historical film Du Phuong Hanh. Notably, this person posted a video with the title: "Being a paparazzi is so difficult now, you have to hide in a drawer to take a picture."

Phung Thieu Phong dated a young g.irl late at night, Trieu Le Dinh was seriously violated in her private life - Photo 4

Zhang Xiaohan's post received public criticism. They think this is an act of harassment, theft, and serious invasion of privacy.

"Can Trieu Le Dinh sue Truong Tieu Pham, today she takes practice photos, tomorrow she will take pictures to change clothes", "This is illegal, infringing on private life", " It's terrible, it's like a c.razy fan," many comments criticizing Truong Tieu Han received thousands of approvals.

In response to public criticism, Truong Tieu Han deleted the video, explaining that she took pictures of Zhao Liying as she walked in from the door, but the explanation was not accepted.

According to Sina, Truong Tieu Han is a famous paparazzi specializing in stealing famous artists. This blogger was sued by stars such as Loc Ham, Quan Hieu Dong, Luu Thi Thi, and Ngo Ky Long for reporting inaccurate information.

In February, the couple Ngo Ky Long and Luu Thi Thi filed a lawsuit against Truong Tieu Han for spreading false information, defaming their honor.

According to representatives of Ngo Ky Long and Luu Thi Thi, Truong Tieu Han has released many samples of comic books with fictional and fabricated content about their private lives, affecting the reputation of the two actors.

Phung Thieu Phong dated a young g.irl late at night, Trieu Le Dinh was seriously violated in her private life - Photo 5

In it, Truong Tieu Han announced that Ngo Ky Long fell in love with a female assistant and had a c.hild, causing Luu Thi Thi to make a decision to divorce.

Truong Tieu Han also drew pictures to imply that Dich Le Nhiet Ba was dating Hoang Canh Du, Duong Duong and Ly Tham had feelings... Based on this blogger's hint, many stars were scandalized.

According to Sina, in China there are many paparazzi who practice stealing celebrity photos to sell news, selling photos from a few yuan a picture.

These guys intentionally take pictures of female artists' indiscreet moments, or choose offensive angles like from under the skirt to earn more m.oney.

Trieu Le Dinh has just started filming the historical drama Du Phuong Hanh. She collaborated with Lam Canh Tan for the second time. Ex-wife Phung Thieu Phong spent many months practicing martial arts and spear dancing.

Phung Thieu Phong dated a young g.irl late at night, Trieu Le Dinh was seriously violated in her private life - Photo 6

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