Dr. Vu Linh refused the People's Committee, Hong Loan voiced the reason for not making the application for title review

Hoàng PhúcDec 06, 2023 at 14:33

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Vu Linh (1958 - 2023) is one of Vietnam's talented Cai Luong artists, but until the end of his life he did not apply for the title of People's Artist (People's People's Artist).

Many people believe that, in terms of seniority and dedication, Vu Linh Artist fully deserves to be on the special list of consideration for the title of People's People with artists of the golden generation such as artists Hung Minh, Thanh Nguyet, Thanh Dien,...

Dr. Vu Linh refused the Peoples Committee, Hong Loan voiced the reason for not making the application for title review - Photo 1

But to be considered for the title, artists need to make a dossier, which clearly states their background, role, achievements, dedication to art ... It is mandatory according to State regulations that all artists considered for the title must perform.

Notably, most recently, in the 10th review of the People's Artist title, when artist Vu Linh continued not to be on the shortlist.

Dr. Vu Linh refused the Peoples Committee, Hong Loan voiced the reason for not making the application for title review - Photo 2

Sharing with the media, Hong Loan - the biological daughter of Vu Linh said: "I don't know why, but when I heard my father say that during his years of artistic activities, he has received the love of the audience is the most precious. And the title of people's artist is also the audience who gave three or three quarters of that heart. I have no regrets."

When asked about the fact that many artists after d.eath are posthumously awarded the title of People's Republic by the state, Hong Loan expressed: "If the state posthumously awards the title to Dad, our family asks for it, not asking or asking for anything. Since Dad already wanted that, we didn't want more."

Dr. Vu Linh refused the Peoples Committee, Hong Loan voiced the reason for not making the application for title review - Photo 3

According to Hong Wan, the review of the People's Budget application in previous years and even this year she did not receive any information because she was not with her father. "From 2 years until recently, Ms. Sau's mother and daughter (Hong Phuong's mother) are still with you, at your house, so all the information there knows, I don't know. Only now, all information related to my father is known, not through Hong Feng's mother and son. However, the reality is that I received no notification regarding the title of three. Honestly, it didn't matter to my father and family.

As mentioned above, I want to be like you, if you love me, just love and it doesn't matter the title. If you give, you will receive it, not ask for anything," Hong Loan expressed.

Dr. Vu Linh refused the Peoples Committee, Hong Loan voiced the reason for not making the application for title review - Photo 4

Earlier, in 2021, when the audience wondered if an artist with long-term dedication wanted a certain title, deserved. However, at that time, Vu Linh personally did not apply to the rank of People's Citizen.

At that time, according to Hong Phuong, the artist's niece, said: "He said that he did not do it because after being an elite artist, he only wanted the audience to love him as before. As for the title, you don't matter much."

The artist's niece Vu Linh said that she also found this opinion to be true, so she respected her uncle's opinion. The singer further revealed: "My family thinks the same way." Particularly, Hong Phuong also felt proud when the dedication of vocalist Luong Son Ba - Wishing Anh Dai was well received and loved by everyone. The evidence is that the audience still calls the male artist with the name "Cai Luong King Ho Quang".

Dr. Vu Linh refused the Peoples Committee, Hong Loan voiced the reason for not making the application for title review - Photo 5

The late artist Vu Linh belonged to the golden generation of Cai Luong theater in Vietnam. In the 1990s, Vu Linh combined with Tai Linh, becoming a pair of artists "Thanh mai - truc ma", admired by many audiences for their harmonious lyrics and acting. Together, they made their mark in the plays The Trial of Bang Guifei (Tong Nhon Sun and Bang Gui Fei), Tram Zheng An (Zhao Kuanggui and Han Sumai), The Goddess of the Five Lingqi (Xue Yuluong and the Goddess), and the Crown Prince Dan (Crown Prince Dan and Wu Tuyet Nuong).

Dr. Vu Linh refused the Peoples Committee, Hong Loan voiced the reason for not making the application for title review - Photo 6

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