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The top Kpop star once held nearly 17 billion VND in debt after a series of shocking scandals

Phi Đức08:19:05 25/12/2023
According to Korean media, on December 24, the Seoul Central District Court announced the latest news about a lawsuit involving a once famous male idol and actor of Korean showbiz - Park Yoochun. .

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Taeyeon (SNSD) panicked when a man threw her album in front of her and screamed loudly.

Phương Thảo15:39:03 10/12/2023
During the fansign event on December 8, Taeyeon once again encountered an incident with a c.razy fan that made her extremely panicked. This is not the first time she has encountered this situation during her 16 years in the profession.

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Rosé had a "petty" expression when she was "scolded", fans lamented before the final concert in Korea

Quỳnh Quỳnh08:01:31 01/09/2023
At the end of her North American world tour, Rosé returned to South Korea. However, as soon as she arrived at the airport, she heard from fans that it was too difficult to buy tickets for the last concert in Korea. After that, her helpless expression amused many fans.

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Leung Chaoyu decided to prosecute to the end of the rumor of having a wife and b.aby, affirming 1 thing that caused a stir in the media

Nhật Hân10:38:08 26/08/2023
Recently, actor Luong Trieu Yu has spoken out about rumors of having a wife, b.aby and c.hild falling with flowers 36 years younger after a period of silence. At the same time, he also asserted something that caused a stir.

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SNSD's Sunny "threw away her shirt" after 16 years with SM, the reaction of the "sisterhood" caught attention

Nguyễn Tuyết07:14:14 11/08/2023
Sunny officially left SM Entertainment, saying that she was grateful to her agency and extremely happy to receive the love of SNSD members and fans over the years.

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MC scammed more than 1 billion for concert tickets BLACKPINK continues to be accused of 400 million, CS Nhu Quynh is infected

Juni Nguyễn15:55:12 05/08/2023
After being accused of defrauding billions of VND from buying and selling tickets for the BLACKPINK Concert in Hanoi at the end of July, recently the male MC Tr.Kh was once again accused of blocking m.oney from the crew.

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Lizzo comments d.ung ung on BTS, sued for sick behavior, hypocrisy and cruelty

Ngọc Sa13:43:32 04/08/2023
Singer Lizzo – a 3-time Grammy A.ward winner, has just been embroiled in a sexual harassment lawsuit and exposed hypocrisy by a series of former employees. K-pop fans suddenly reshared the story of Lizzo's statement about BTS.

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Jisoo (Blackpink) livestream revealed the special thing she will do when she comes to Vietnam, escape from being "trapped"

Keng10:13:07 25/07/2023
On the Weverse platform, Jisoo (BLACKPINK) recently livestreamed interacting with fans. Especially when asked about the BORN PINK concert in Vietnam, BLACKPINK's eldest sister revealed that she is currently still thinking about the hairstyle she will do to meet BLINK Vietnam.

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Lisa (Blackpink) caused "eye pain" with a short skirt on stage, r.evealing offensive protective pants

An Nhi07:50:44 20/07/2023
The recent image of Lisa (BLACKPINK) when performing on stage is facing many controversies. Accordingly, netizens complained about Lisa's rebellion when she wore a short skirt so small that she saw her protective pants showing off.

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Jennie was told that there was "no cure", burst into tears while singing a thoughtful line, V (BTS) appeared to comfort her

JLO11:36:41 06/07/2023
Although The Idol ended early after 5 episodes, Jennie has not escaped criticism. Recently, she continued to become a topic of discussion when a series of behind-the-scenes photos of the film were released.

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Pharita BABYMONSTER: "Blackpink's sister" has a great profile, voice color like Park Bom, is very close to Lisa

Uyển Đình17:25:38 01/07/2023
Pharita is one of seven pieces of rookie BABYMONSTER recently released. The 17-year-old female idol was especially praised by netizens not only for her talent but also for her beautiful and clear visual.

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Director of Hanoi Department of Culture and Sports speaks out about Blackpink's performance license

Keng15:01:37 27/06/2023
Recently, Korean g.irl group Blackpink has officially announced that they will bring the Born Pink tour to Vietnam. The event will take place at My Dinh Stadium - Hanoi on 2 nights of July 29 and 30.

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Lisa (BLACKPINK) was "accused" of discriminating against fans, acting rude that Cnet did not forget?

Min16:24:11 18/06/2023
Netizens have released evidence that the youngest member of Blackpink has openly discriminated against fans. The same gift, but Lisa's attitude is completely different. However, what is the reality?

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Jennie pretended to be sick to avoid singing, wrote an apology letter but revealed evidence of lies, Cnet attacked?

Min08:13:39 15/06/2023
The online community released evidence that Jennie went out with her sisters, showed no signs of being sick and confirmed that the singer was lying. Cnet criticized Jennie for being lazy and attacking her on social networks.

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Jennie suddenly stopped performing in the middle of the night, put it in the chicken wings, met a big change after the sensitive clip?

Gia07:22:23 12/06/2023
During the concert in Australia, Jennie showed signs of instability. The female singer then left 3 members on the stage and I put it in the wings. The audience present was extremely confused, not knowing what was going on with Jennie.

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Sojin (G.irl's Day): Do enough jobs to earn m.oney to support the dream of becoming an idol, clean private life, admirable education

Thảo Mai17:55:39 08/06/2023
Park Sojin is a South Korean singer and a member of the 4-member g.irl group G.irl s Day. She debuted in 2010 as the leader and main vocalist. Currently, she is making an impression when she participates in the movie "Destiny".

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Shuhua (G)I-DLE: Incompetent female idol does not take fans seriously, "convex attitude" towards seniors

M.A15:02:48 06/06/2023
Shuhua was once loved for her pure beauty worthy of the visual title of group (G)I-DLE. But now, she is seriously losing points because of a series of problems in terms of talent, effort and personality. (G)-IDLE is one of the popular Gen 4 g.irl groups of the Korean...

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Lisa was "stoned" for her bad behavior with fans, ruined her friendly image, was advised to study Jisoo

Min13:39:48 03/06/2023
In the same situation on stage, if the eldest sister Jisoo has a smart handling phase that wins the hearts of the fans, Lisa is the complete opposite. The youngest member of BLACKPINK expressed his displeasure with the audience, even expressing his anger. Recently, the clip...

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TOP (Big Bang): "Falling Angel" is hated, removed from the legendary group

T.T14:44:53 01/06/2023
Because of the marijuana scandal 6 years ago, TOP became the most hated artist in Korean showbiz, his career bottomed out after many years of building. The audience constantly criticized, sarcastically and asked him to leave the Big Bang group, out of the entertainment industry...

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Tieu Vy and Thanh Thuy "dress up" to the BLACKPINK concert, the new Miss "surpasses" when competing with her seniors?

Sa14:02:49 29/05/2023
The two cult queens of Vietnamese showbiz dress "extremely h.ot" when going to the BLACKPINK concert in Thailand. Tieu Vy and Thanh Thuy's one 9 one 10 color match was discussed a lot on forums and social networking sites. Recently, on their personal Facebook pages, Tieu Vy and...

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Little Cambodian princess joins Kpop entertainment industry, looks like a goddess, wants to be the 2nd Lisa

Gia10:59:25 26/05/2023
Already beautiful and with a royal background, Jenna Norodom is of particular interest to the media and is considered the jewel of the Cambodian entertainment industry. The little princess is also considered a c.hild version of Lisa (Black Pink) because her face is almost the...

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Jennie (Blackpink) is favored despite the noise of wearing offensive clothes because she owns these 2 "secret weapons".

Minh Lợi07:50:01 18/01/2023
At this time, Jennie is considered one of the top fashion icons of the 9X generation and also one of the stars with the most followers in Korea with 73 million people. In the past few days, Jennie is a name that has been criticized a lot after the tour in Europe. A series of her...

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BLACKPINK and BTS: Fans are strict, but idols still interact very cutely, even dating?

Hoàng Phúc15:31:50 07/09/2022
I thought it would be a "rival" because the fandoms of the two families always "played" each other's achievements of idols, but the relationship between BTS and BLACKPINK is extremely good. The two top groups that used to interact with each other enthusiastically. In particular...

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Blackpink's Pink Venom was banned on Korean national radio, Jisoo cried for the second time for a special reason

Hoàng Phúc09:34:28 06/09/2022
The fact that Blackpink's hit was banned by KBS caused fans to argue. There are opinions that regret the strict laws, but there are also people who think that this song of Blackpink clearly violates the law on advertising, so it is not difficult to be banned from broadcasting...

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