Lisa (BLACKPINK) was "accused" of discriminating against fans, acting rude that Cnet did not forget?

MinJun 18, 2023 at 16:24

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Netizens have released evidence "accusing" the youngest member of Blackpink of discriminating against fans. The same gift, but Lisa's attitude is completely different. However, what is the truth?

Most recently, two videos about Lisa suddenly attracted attention and became a h.ot topic of discussion by the online community. In the first video, the female singer, born in 1997, happily received the game console from the fans during the concert in Melbourne (Australia). She took advantage of the relaxing moments and even expressed her joy when she won the game.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) was accused of discriminating against fans, acting rude that Cnet did not forget? - Photo 1

But in the other clip, when the fan threw the teddy bear on stage during the concert in Macau (China), the female singer refused to accept the gift. Lisa then left with a rather annoyed look on her face. In another angle, the female singer also clearly showed her anger when walking with a pitiful look and a grumpy face. Lisa's actions immediately received much criticism from the online community.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) was accused of discriminating against fans, acting rude that Cnet did not forget? - Photo 2

Comparing the two videos, a part of the netizen suddenly discussed and sparked a heated controversy when accusing Lisa of discriminating against fans, and at the same time criticizing the female singer for blatantly refusing the gift. gift from the audience.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) was accused of discriminating against fans, acting rude that Cnet did not forget? - Photo 3

However, in fact, many fans defended Lisa. Previously, the management company YG made an announcement about BLACKPINK stopping receiving gifts in kind from fans in October 2021. It's not hard to see in the first video, Lisa returned the console to the fan after playing for a while.

And yet, many fans also said that the teddy bear Lisa refused, which was fitted with a surveillance camera, contained a potential danger. In addition, the fan threw the bear strongly on the stage, showing an impolite attitude, so Lisa refused to accept this gift and showed an unhappy expression.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) was accused of discriminating against fans, acting rude that Cnet did not forget? - Photo 4

Before that, even at the group's concert, there was a situation where the audience threw a teddy bear with a surveillance camera on the stage, causing Lisa to take action to prevent other members from being recorded at the camera angle. delicate and many netizens are also extremely dissatisfied.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) was accused of discriminating against fans, acting rude that Cnet did not forget? - Photo 5

Blackpink currently has tens of millions of fans spreading from Korea to around the world. The group also increased their influence with the international fan community through the collaboration products Lady Gaga, Dua Lipa, and Selena Gomez.

In addition to group activities, the members are all noticed with solo projects. Most recently, Jisoo's song "Flower" was released at the end of March, reaching 108.7 million streams and more than 21,000 downloads globally. The female idol also created a fever cover "blooming dance", with millions of videos responding.

Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa and Rosé debuted in 2016, after nearly 5 years as a trainee. There, they hone their singing, rapping and dancing skills, and compete with thousands of young girls who also aspire to become idol stars. When they first debuted, the group was invested in quality costumes and MVs like top artists. They are highly appreciated for their strong, vibrant hip-hop mixed pop music, and their charming image.

The four girls are also influential people on social networks. Jisoo, Rose and Jennie have more than 70 million followers. In particular, the youngest member of the group, Lisa, was named "the queen of social networks with 92.1 million followers.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) was accused of discriminating against fans, acting rude that Cnet did not forget? - Photo 6

Lisa was born in 1997 in Buriram province, Thailand. She is an only c.hild, with a Thai mother and a Swiss stepfather. From a young age, Lisa showed a strong passion for stage, music and dancing. At the age of 10, Lisa participated in a series of competitions, big and small, as a "piece" of the dance group We Zaa Cool, where she met her close friend - the popular male idol BamBam (GOT7). By 2010, Lisa's life had a turning point when she passed 4,000 contestants to become a trainee of "big man" YG Entertainment.

Along with the success of BLACKPINK, Lisa also became a global star, the cult "international sister". The female idol fascinates the audience with her beautiful beauty, top performance ability, and transformative fashion style.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) was accused of discriminating against fans, acting rude that Cnet did not forget? - Photo 7

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