Seohyun got Covid-19, SNSD canceled the schedule, Jessica happily "sitting on a pile of m.oney" in China

Hoàng PhúcAug 10, 2022 at 09:26

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Recently, Allkpop site reported that the national group Girls' Generation (also known as SNSD) canceled performances after member Seohyun's COVID-19 diagnosis. Currently, this information is confusing fans.

Specifically, on August 9, SM Entertainment revealed that Seohyun had tested positive for COVID-19 and that SNSD's "maknae" schedule was on hiatus as she was focusing on treatment and recovery. return. SM Entertainment added, "Girls' Generation's music program schedule for this week at M! Countdown and Inkigayo will be cancelled."

Seohyun got Covid-19, SNSD canceled the schedule, Jessica happily "sitting on a pile of m.oney" in China - Photo 1

It is known that SNSD has just returned with the group's 15th anniversary album called " FOREVER 1".

Right after its release, this album has already surpassed the sales milestone of 100,000 copies on the Hanteo chart. It was the group's best-selling album on its first day and first week.

This achievement also helps SNSD become the only 2nd generation g.irl group to sell more than 100,000 album copies after just one day of release on the Hanteo chart.

Seohyun got Covid-19, SNSD canceled the schedule, Jessica happily "sitting on a pile of m.oney" in China - Photo 2

Previously, on August 7, SM Entertainment revealed that this music product has topped the charts in many countries such as Sweden, Finland, Singapore, Japan, Egypt, Indonesia, Russia, Thailand and Japan. Vietnam.

In addition, FOREVER 1 won 1st place on the digital album sales chart of QQ Music, China's largest music platform. The album also climbed to first place in Recochoku's daily album chart in Japan.

The title song FOREVER 1 also received a pretty positive response in Korea. After its release, the song topped the local Bugs and Vibe music charts for two days, August 5-6.

This series of achievements shows the deep concern of fans, who are always waiting for SNSD's comeback. The audience judged that after 15 years of operation, the name SNSD has not lost its charm.

Seohyun got Covid-19, SNSD canceled the schedule, Jessica happily "sitting on a pile of m.oney" in China - Photo 3

In another development, former member of the group, Jessica, is also achieving success in the Chinese market.

Specifically, on August 9, Sports Chosun reported that Jessica earned a large amount of m.oney while operating in China. In the video titled: "The reason former SNSD member Jessica sits on piles of m.oney i.n China. The truth behind the 1.2 trillion won (about 919 million USD) jackpot," entertainment reporter Lee Jin Ho said the female singer had a good start in China.

Seohyun got Covid-19, SNSD canceled the schedule, Jessica happily "sitting on a pile of m.oney" in China - Photo 4

She won 2nd place in the final of the show "Billionaire" and "turns the wave" season 3 and together with 9 other stars debuted in the project group. Notably, in the most popular contestant vote from the audience, Jessica ranked 3rd. During the show, Jessica attracted attention when showing outstanding singing, dancing and performance skills compared to other contestants. remaining candidates.

Seohyun got Covid-19, SNSD canceled the schedule, Jessica happily "sitting on a pile of m.oney" in China - Photo 5

Lee Jin Ho commented, "The g.irl group hasn't started its activities yet, so the local media cannot accurately estimate the group's profit. However, "Billionaire" is one of the content that is received. Thanks to the popularity from season 1, the show continued to produce until season 3. When season 1 received great popularity, Mango TV's market capitalization increased to 13 billion yuan in 5 days. This is a whopping 2.5 trillion won ($1.9 billion). Mango TV also saw a stock price increase after the 3rd season aired."

Two popular members from season 1 did a live broadcast to help disadvantaged farmers. At that time, they received 19.2 billion won ($13.7 million) in revenue in 3 hours.

Lee Jin Ho further explained, "It is estimated that the members get 450,000 yuan (US$66,658) per episode for participating in the drama. Jessica - who topped the chart in season 3 - receives the same amount of m.oney. if she appeared in a TV series". Lee Jin Ho confirmed that Jessica agreed to continue working with Mango TV and signed a contract with the management company MCN.

Seohyun got Covid-19, SNSD canceled the schedule, Jessica happily "sitting on a pile of m.oney" in China - Photo 6

Lee Jin Ho also pointed out that Jessica is promoting her own fashion brand on Chinese TV shows. The reporter explained that Jessica was seen many times wearing clothes designed by her company on the show. This brand is expected to be famous in China.

Jessica (born 1989) debuted as a member of SNSD in 2007. In 2014, the female singer confirmed that she was kicked out of SNSD. Since then, she has not performed in music shows. Billionaires kicking the wind and turning waves is the first show Jessica performed in many years.

Seohyun got Covid-19, SNSD canceled the schedule, Jessica happily "sitting on a pile of m.oney" in China - Photo 7

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