"BTS sister" NewJeans becomes a formidable opponent of BLACKPINK, a threat that stands in the way of seniors?

Hoàng PhúcAug 25, 2022 at 07:38

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NewJeans is one of the most popular g.irl groups in Korea. Despite the competition with famous seniors like BLACKPINK, aespa, IVE, ITZY, NewJeans still rose to number one on many Korean music charts.

Different way of debuting

From the very beginning, NewJeans boldly broke the debut promotion process of a normal g.irl group, Without releasing teasers and "warm-up" images before the debut, NewJeans took a different path.

"BTS sister" NewJeans becomes a formidable opponent of BLACKPINK, a threat that stands in the way of seniors? - Photo 1

On July 21, HYBE suddenly uploaded the MV "Attention" on the official YouTube channel without any information about the group's members. At that time, the 5 girls who performed "Attention" were known only as NewJeans, or "Min Hee Jin's g.irl group".

Min Hee Jin is the former artistic director of SM Entertainment. NewJeans is the first g.irl group introduced after she took on the role of CEO of ADOR - a subsidiary of HYBE Labels group.

CEO Min Hee Jin shared, "Pop music is a cultural touch that is close to our daily lives. Just like how jeans have stood the test of time to become a popular outfit regardless of whether they're a piece of clothing or something." age or gender.

"BTS sister" NewJeans becomes a formidable opponent of BLACKPINK, a threat that stands in the way of seniors? - Photo 2

NewJeans also contains the desire and determination to become a symbol of the times - something that people never get bored talking about."

Right after "Attention", the group released the MV "Hype Boy" but made 4 different versions, to introduce members Hyein, Minji, Hanni, Danielle and Haerin. In this way, each NewJeans g.irl has the opportunity to express her own personality.

Two MVs for "Hurt", "Cookie" continued to be released after that, and the first mini-album "NewJeans" was officially released on August 1, 2022.

In particular, instead of 1 title track like other K-pop albums, "NewJeans" has 3 title songs, "Attention", "Hype Boy" and "Cookie", the rest "Hurt" is the only b-side. best.

"BTS sister" NewJeans becomes a formidable opponent of BLACKPINK, a threat that stands in the way of seniors? - Photo 3

Min Hee Jin directed the entire process from selecting NewJeans members, to planning, styling, producing music, and choreographing for the group.

The former artistic director of SM Entertainment is a "famous" face in the industry. She used to participate in branding for SM's "legendary" groups such as SNSD (Girls' Generation), SHINee, EXO and f(x).

Talking about NewJeans' different debut, Min Hee Jin shared, "We keep the members absolutely secret. This makes the audience have to watch the MV many times to determine.

They can also look online to find out who the members are. Therefore, even the members' names were not revealed when we released the first MVs."

"BTS sister" NewJeans becomes a formidable opponent of BLACKPINK, a threat that stands in the way of seniors? - Photo 4

After only 1 month of debut, NewJeans was praised as a "monster rookie" with remarkable achievements.

The group "does not imitate BLACKPINK"

When BLACKPINK is globally famous, many new generation Kpop rookies have oriented towards this strong girl-crush style, with the desire to continue the success of the 4 YG girls. Even SM's g.irl group, aespa, when debuted in 2020, was called a "copy" of BLACKPINK.

But NewJeans is completely different. The first feeling when looking at the lineup and watching the opening MV "Attention" is youthful, bright and refreshing.

The 5 members, aged between 14 and 18, the youngest idol group in Kpop, have removed the mechanical sound, removed the old makeup to focus on the natural, naughty teenage boyhood.

According to Dispatch, NewJeans' music is based on pop music, but the style expressed on the debut album is very diverse.

"BTS sister" NewJeans becomes a formidable opponent of BLACKPINK, a threat that stands in the way of seniors? - Photo 5

"Attention" is a mix of '90s school style with trendy electronic sounds. "Hype Boy" is a mix of moombahton and electro-pop genres. "Cookie" is a dance-pop song with a minimalist but catchy hip-hop beat.

While the b-side track "Hurt" has a simple R&B mix, the sound is mostly drums and vocals mixed in, giving it a lovely, ambiguous feel.

"BTS sister" NewJeans becomes a formidable opponent of BLACKPINK, a threat that stands in the way of seniors? - Photo 6

NewJeans' music is a blend of typical K-pop qualities and trendy European - American colors of the generation of GenZ singers.

NewJeans members come from different cultures. Minji, Haerin, Hyein are Korean, while Hanni is an idol of Vietnamese origin, born and raised in Australia, Danielle is an Australian, of Korean origin.

However, all 5 girls have good foreign language skills - an important factor for the group to promote globally.

NewJeans is also considered to have good live performance. Only 1 month of debut, the group won 4 trophies in Korea's top music shows, including MCountdowwn, Inkigayo, Music Core, and Music Bank.

Currently, the song "Attention" is still in the Top 1 MelOn Top 100, above BLACKPINK's "Pink Venom".

"BTS sister" NewJeans becomes a formidable opponent of BLACKPINK, a threat that stands in the way of seniors? - Photo 7

It must be said again and again, although highly appreciated, NewJeans is also facing many controversies over lyrics and costumes. Many of the group's products have been criticized for not being suitable for the age group of the members. If these problems can be overcome, NewJeans can grow and succeed even more.

"BTS sister" NewJeans becomes a formidable opponent of BLACKPINK, a threat that stands in the way of seniors? - Photo 8

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