The top Kpop star once held nearly 17 billion VND in debt after a series of shocking scandals

Phi ĐứcDec 25, 2023 at 08:19

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According to Korean media, on December 24, unit No. 45 specializing in handling civil conciliation issues of the Seoul Central District Court announced the latest news about a lawsuit involving a man. One-time famous idol and actor of Korean showbiz - Park Yoochun.

After a month of noisy litigation, Yoochun and his former management company, C-Jes Entertainment, officially lost the lawsuit. Accordingly, the losing party will have to compensate Have Fun Together company (formerly known as YesPera) with compensation up to 500 million won (9.3 billion VND) and interest.

The top Kpop star once held nearly 17 billion VND in debt after a series of shocking scandals - Photo 1

Just a week ago, the once A-list actor was placed on the list of tax underpayers by the Korean National Tax Agency. Specifically, the "attic prince" evaded 5 taxes with a total amount of up to 409 million won (equivalent to 7.6 billion VND). In total, this male singer is currently having debt of up to 16.9 billion VND because of a series of scandals.

Previously, because of his series of shocking scandals, Yoochun was banned from entertainment activities. However, the court ruled that the actor will be able to return to his artistic activities and must also compensate Have Fun Together with C-Jes.

The top Kpop star once held nearly 17 billion VND in debt after a series of shocking scandals - Photo 2

Previously, a representative of Have Fun Together (formerly known as YesPera) said in an official statement: "Have Fun Together, the company with the authority to manage Park Yoochun's entertainment activities, has received a decision to The court decided that Park unilaterally violated the exclusive contract and banned him from participating in broadcasting and entertainment activities. However, Park Yoochun continued to entertain in other countries, including Japan. Ban and Thailand, ignore the court's decision."

This company explained: "We have filed a lawsuit asking for compensation of 500 million won (more than 9.3 billion VND), this is part of the total damages," and added: "In As the lawsuit continues, Park Yoochun continues to engage in entertainment activities and those who help him have created overseas subsidiaries. Now, we will proceed with the legal proceedings. mandatory resolution in Korea and abroad against Park Yoochun and those who helped him."

The top Kpop star once held nearly 17 billion VND in debt after a series of shocking scandals - Photo 3

Park Yoo Chun was born in 1986 and has been active since 2004 as a member of the most famous b.oy band in K-pop, DBSK. After a legal dispute with his former management company SM Entertainment, Park Yoo Chun left the company with two other members to form the group JYJ. However, he later left JYJ's company because he was investigated for using banned substances.

The top Kpop star once held nearly 17 billion VND in debt after a series of shocking scandals - Photo 4

In 2019, Park Yoochun was arrested for allegedly using 1.5 grams of methamphetamine seven times with Hwang Ha Na, the niece of the founder of Namyang Dairy Products and his ex-girlfriend. After that, the male singer was released after a period of probation. Before being arrested, Park Yoo Chun even held a tearful press conference saying, "If I use banned substances, I will leave the entertainment industry."

But later, his words were exposed as lies, the male singer canceled his announcement of leaving the entertainment industry and announced his return to the company. He signed an exclusive contract with Re:Cielo and began overseas activities, causing public outrage.

The top Kpop star once held nearly 17 billion VND in debt after a series of shocking scandals - Photo 5

Park Yoochun has long made the public disillusioned with his chaotic personal life, from scandals of r.ape, using banned substances, to the scandal of luring female fans into group s.ex. Notably, the Missing You actor was also exposed by his longtime manager, r.evealing unexpected details. This manager said that Park Yoochun has more than 50 girlfriends, not only that, but also lives with a married woman. After a series of scandals in his personal life, the scandalous male artist was banned from broadcasting in Korea.

The top Kpop star once held nearly 17 billion VND in debt after a series of shocking scandals - Photo 6

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