TOP (Big Bang): "Falling Angel" is hated, removed from the legendary group

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Because of the marijuana scandal 6 years ago, TOP became the most hated artist in Korean showbiz, his career bottomed out after many years of building. The audience constantly criticized, sarcastically and asked him to leave the Big Bang group, out of the entertainment industry.

Lots of talent

TOP is famous as the main rapper of Big Bang. Perhaps there is no need to discuss more about YG's worldwide reputation. With the volume of songs, awards, digital achievements or the total number of spectators who have participated in the group's tours, Big Bang deserves to be honored as one of the legendary groups of Korean music.

TOP (Big Bang): "Falling Angel" is hated, removed from the legendary group - Photo 1

It is worth mentioning that TOP not only has a "role" in the field of music, but also a potential face, highly appreciated by experts in the acting field. This is something rare that any idol singer can do.

However, no road to success is strewn with roses and TOP is no exception. The price to pay for popularity is life guilt and psychological wounds from public opinion.

2017 was probably a difficult time, which according to TOP shared it was "the darkest period that changed my life".

TOP (Big Bang): "Falling Angel" is hated, removed from the legendary group - Photo 2

The male rapper's scandal at that time was one of the biggest news stories in Korea. Specifically, he was charged with illegally using marijuana while performing his mandatory military service.

As a result, the male singer suffered from depression and anxiety disorder, even seeking d.eath by freeing his life.

According to The Korea Times, at that time, TOP was taken to the hospital by the police after detecting an overdose of tranquilizers. The male singer's relatives also revealed that he suffered from gnawing depression every day, "I often see TOP taking medicine but I didn't know it was a sedative."

Being hated by the public, ostracized

By July 2019, TOP was discharged from the army. Although the VIP community (the name of the Big Bang fan community) still supports the male singer despite the noise in the past, another part of the audience also expressed a negative attitude and asked him not to appear on the show. television again.

Under public pressure, TOP deleted all social media posts and announced that he would not return to Korea. The action of male rapper Big Bang is said to be due to the lack of sympathy that the public has for him and the group is too big.

TOP (Big Bang): "Falling Angel" is hated, removed from the legendary group - Photo 3

In 2021, during the livestream announcing that he would not return to showbiz, TOP also called humans "devils", implying criticism of netizens who always attacked him with harsh words. However, instead of supporting, Korean public opinion tends to attack TOP It is not difficult to find heavy criticisms such as "criminal", "don't appear online anymore" or "get out of the entertainment industry". mind" below articles that mentioned him or Big Bang.

Also from that time, TOP no longer appeared on social networks. His personal account mainly posts abstract art photos or pictures of paintings. A couple of times, the male rapper posted an old portrait of himself, and as usual, received sarcasm from the kimchi audience.

Cross out Big Bang's name, confirm leaving the group

In February 2022, TOP announced his departure from YG. Many people think that it was the past events and the heavy reaction from the public that influenced the rapper born in 1987 to leave YG. However, YG said that the male rapper is still a member of Big Bang. At that time, he also released a new song with the group called Still Life.

TOP (Big Bang): "Falling Angel" is hated, removed from the legendary group - Photo 4

However, recently, Xports News reported that TOP indirectly confirmed leaving Big Bang. Specifically, the male rapper shared an article related to himself on Osen but used an X to mark Big Bang's name. At the same time, he shared a post titled, "TOP is back after leaving Big Bang and is preparing a new album".

In addition, when fans asked, "Have you left Big Bang?", the male rapper replied, "I left the group". TOP continued, "I tell you that I'm leaving and facing a new chapter in my life."

TOP (Big Bang): "Falling Angel" is hated, removed from the legendary group - Photo 5

In an interview with the media last year, TOP said , "This is the first time I've said this publicly, but I tried to die about 5 years ago. Only later did I realize that I had let it go. leaving the people around, family and fans so much hurt and painful memories."

The male rapper added, "Actually, I was going to seriously stop doing music as well as give up being a musician. But during a bad and difficult time, the motivation for me to continue was music.

I have written over 100 songs in the last 5 years. This is like I want to fill a bookshelf. It's the passion that makes me feel reborn."

For him, art and music are closely linked to each other and to himself.

It is music and art that nurture and heal the male rapper's soul: "I believe that having the most unique works of art in my collection will inspire me to create great music. great".

TOP (Big Bang): "Falling Angel" is hated, removed from the legendary group - Photo 6

Besides, mental health is also an issue that he has spent a lot of time researching in recent years.

The male star Choi attributed the reason for the increasing number of celebrities suffering from depression due to the harsh training system: "They are required to act like robots. They can become famous. but we don't know they feel lonely all the time."

Understanding this situation, TOP planned to establish a new entertainment company.

In an interview with Prestige , the Big Bang member frankly said, "I don't want to be a robot leader. I want to help real artists. Therefore, I want to create a complete group. completely different from Big Bang in the future".

TOP (Big Bang): "Falling Angel" is hated, removed from the legendary group - Photo 7

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