The village in China has a "wives tradition", U60 men do not marry

Châu AnhApr 09, 2024 at 16:36

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Lao Ab village is located in a remote mountainous area, with inconvenient transportation. Therefore, many men in Lao Ab village have even "forgotten" to get married. The inability of men to marry leads to problems such as an aging population, lack of labor in this village.

In China, the ratio of men and women is large, here there are more men than women, so it is very difficult for them to get married. Besides, challenging marriage in China is a problem, because of the small number of women, they often challenge marriage very high and not everyone is qualified to marry their favorite people.

The village in China has a wives tradition, U60 men do not marry - Photo 1

According to Chinese media, Lao Austria village is dubbed the 'Bachelor Village' because as of 2023, the village still has more than 100 unmarried people aged 30-35. This is certainly not a huge number, but compared to the total population of 1600 people, it is a remarkable thing.

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Some of the men in the village who have not yet found a partner revolve around the story of difficult family circumstances or physical disabilities. Along with that, the facilities in the village are not very good because of its remote location, inconvenient transportation and poor infrastructure.

Wang Erhu, a 56-year-old man from Lao Yao village (Yuexi County, Anhui Province, eastern China), said he had lived more than half his life but had never been in love, never once knew what it was like to hold his girlfriend's hand and had never thought about getting married.

"If we want to get married, there are no girls here who will marry, we are all used to living alone," Wang said.

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Besides, life in Lao Ab village is not easy. Located in remote mountainous areas, transportation is inconvenient and infrastructure is outdated. Women in the village therefore mostly go to big cities to study and work, not wanting to return. Some people come back with their husbands and children in the city.

Also because Lao Ab village is relatively poor, there are no people in other villages willing to marry here. Therefore, getting married has become a lifelong goal for local men.

The story of singleness made Lao Yao village famous in China. In addition to the sympathetic opinions, there were also many comments criticizing the men in the village for lacking the will to strive, being too easily satisfied with reality, making the village unable to escape poverty and forming a "wife tradition".

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One online user commented: "Why do they have to stay in the village all their lives? Why can girls go out to work but young men can't? Not only can they m.ake m.oney, they can expand their social circles and they can find girlfriends."

However, according to Wang Second Tiger, men in the village go out to work a lot, but many stay in the village to take care of their elderly parents to fulfill their honors.

"It's just my parents and me at home, and if I leave, who will take care of them?" said Mr. Wang.

Sharing the same view, Hung Cat Can (43) said he decided to stay in the village to take care of his uncle. On the front porch of Hung's house, an old man in torn pants, his hands g.roping in a bowl of dried corn kernels that had turned color.

"If I leave, he won't be able to find food," Hung said. "He also didn't have the means to get into a nursing home."

Anh Hung said that he had asked matchmakers many times to find women to marry but were unsuccessful. "Through matchmakers, some women come here to look at them and then leave because they have a bad impression of the conditions in the village."

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According to Sohu, to reach Lao Ab village, you have to drive slowly for an hour on a dirt road, then walk a short distance on a steep dirt road. "The traffic here is too difficult. If it rains, it is almost isolated. Women don't like living in a place like this," said Hung, a resident of the single village.

Shangshuqing, party secretary of Lao Yao village, said the existence of "single villages" has led to problems such as an aging population, labor shortages and social unrest.

"There are no young people, no vitality and no innovation in our village," he said. We are also worried that these singles will get lost because they are lonely or taken advantage of by some criminals."

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