Divorce: Mother-in-law pressing for gold, daughter-in-law f.orced to pay for 'daughter's life'

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Recently, a clip recorded the back and forth conversation between a woman who is said to be the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law along with the presence of both sides of the family, making people extremely bored.

The story of breaking up and asking for gifts is no stranger to everyone, and at the same time, there have been many funny situations related to this issue. Not only with couples who love each other but even couples who, even though they once held hands and made an oath, each head held their hands and knees, but when they fell out of love, they were ready to put it on the scale to calculate the loss, claim back the gold coins, Dowry.

Recently, a clip recorded the back and forth conversation between a woman who is said to be the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law along with the presence of both sides of the family, making people extremely bored.

According to what the insider shared, the couple has just been married for a while. But for some reason, they decided to go their separate ways. After the husband and wife conflicts, the woman who is said to be the mother-in-law went to the g.irl's family to talk about right and wrong.

During the conversation, the daughter-in-law frankly said to her mother-in-law: "If you want to get the gold back, I can still pay it, but then I'll give you my virginity first!".

Divorce: Mother-in-law pressing for gold, daughter-in-law f.orced to pay for 'daughter's life' - Photo 1

Before the daughter-in-law's rebuttal, the mother-in-law continued to answer: "If you say virginity, ask your husband if you are a virgin on the wedding day? At that time, your husband said that you are no longer a virgin, but I still love you. love and pamper me like a daughter. Mom said that's not important, it's love that's important. I'm no longer a virgin with T. but I still love you."

The daughter-in-law continued to ask her mother-in-law: "How do you know that I am no longer a virgin with Mr. T?" then her mother-in-law confirmed that her son was the one who told her this.

Divorce: Mother-in-law pressing for gold, daughter-in-law f.orced to pay for 'daughter's life' - Photo 2

Divorce: Mother-in-law pressing for gold, daughter-in-law f.orced to pay for 'daughter's life' - Photo 3

Soon after, a man sitting at the table also proposed to redistribute the dowry upon marriage. "Now don't say that anymore, in the past, how much did the paternal side give, the maternal side gave how much, write down a petition to the court ...".

In the following conversation, the mother-in-law also talked about life after marriage and revealed the reason why her husband and son broke up and broke up.

The mother still spoke slowly, "...I took the gold and went with my mother up here. I didn't see you back until the evening that I called my grandmother to ask if you were down there, she said yes, let's go. The market came back... Then I heard T. say, my mother asked me when I said: 'I like to stay up here, I don't like to stay at my parents' house'.

I just said I can't, I just got married... I said I won't come back now. My mother asked me, just analyzed for me what I was dissatisfied with in the husband's family, I said that I was dissatisfied with the wedding m.oney that the paternal side gave me.

I just analyzed for you that m.oney, people are rich, they give it to you, but if your parents are not rich, you let them handle it. On the 4th day of the New Year, my mother called me out to say, the family also did not have much m.oney, so the husband and wife were secretive, many parents gave 20 million, at least 10 million. Ask the two children to sit and talk, not the parents to pressure you about anything."

However, the g.irl then asked her mother when she said it, and the mother-in-law confirmed that she said it on the 4th of the last New Year.

Divorce: Mother-in-law pressing for gold, daughter-in-law f.orced to pay for 'daughter's life' - Photo 4

After that, the mother-in-law also turned to explain to the sui Gia: "After talking about it, the sui brother said that the m.oney for the c.hild was for the c.hild, I just said that when people are well off, they give them a family. My family is very tight, my brother still said that the m.oney is to give to the children, and then the wedding gold must be collected and sold to put in the bank. Then the mother said that it is not possible, the wedding gold is for her daughter as a souvenir. ".

However, soon after, the sui family denied it and said that they did not say so. However, the mother-in-law still insists: "I have no reservations".

After that, he also talked about the m.oney to recharge when getting married for his children: "I also recharged 40 million on the day of the wedding, when I turned 2 they said they gave my daughter-in-law 5 million to buy clothes, but when I came back, I found clothes. On the day of the wedding, my son had to go buy things back, and then on the second day of the New Year when he saw that he didn't have any clothes, I also gave him and his wife 2 million to buy clothes to wear. told me that I saw your c.hild dressed like that, I went to the market so I didn't know...".

I don't know what happened after that, but the story of the dowry and the wedding gold ended in an unhappy atmosphere.

Even the woman, who is said to be the g.irl's mother, also cleaned up the tables and chairs, chased the sui family home and asked to go to court to settle: "Now don't say much, you guys get out of my house". Seeing that, a manly woman raised her voice: "So what is the meaning of Sui family?"

Although the end of the property division is not known, the clip has caused netizens to argue. Many people support the mother-in-law, but also many people protect the daughter-in-law. When a dowry is given, it should not be reclaimed, and the husband is thinking that his wife's virginity is not a good idea. It is not clear how the incident was later resolved, but the story is still causing a stir on social networks.

Divorce: Mother-in-law pressing for gold, daughter-in-law f.orced to pay for 'daughter's life' - Photo 5

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