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The first time DJ Mie met Hong Thanh after breaking up, he had a strange attitude

Bút Bi07:24:05 22/05/2024
DJ Mie's presence at her ex-boyfriend's movie press conference surprised the online community. She said they are both new people and will always support each other in work and life.

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Diep left China after a noisy breakup with Soanh, netizens called for the Fat Cat case to be prosecuted

Đức Trí06:46:43 22/05/2024
H.ot tiktoker Diep No Broom continues to make moves that make people stir after the noise of ending his 5-year love affair with Soanh. Accordingly, Diep publicly announced her trip to China, looking radiant, netizens even joked that she was going to handle the Fat Cat case.

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Gil Le revealed her new love and boldly released dating photos, making netizens stir

Phương Thảo09:00:24 17/05/2024
After two love relationships with two famous female singers and actresses in Vietnamese showbiz, Gil Le has now revealed a new and quite interesting relationship that has made fans extremely excited and curious, competing to guess. .

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Diep clearly stated Soanh's true personality, admitting that he had hurt his other half

Nguyễn Kim17:00:12 13/05/2024
Recently, the love drama of tiktoker couple Soanh and Diep has attracted a lot of attention from netizens. After Soanh had a livestream to answer questions about the noise, Diep also officially issued a correction on his personal page.

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Doubt that DJ Mie still "loves" Hong Thanh, is it about to be "broken and healed"?

Bút Máy14:46:07 13/05/2024
The image of Hong Thanh showing off flowers given by DJ Mie backstage at a theater performance surprised many audiences. Many people believe that this is a move to implicitly confirm the couple's reunion 6 months after announcing their separation.

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Diep is not left out, Soanh flirts with girls on social networks, is praised as "handsome"?

Pinky13:50:27 11/05/2024
Revolving around the noisy breakup story of couple Diep and Soanh, netizens recently continued to stir when Soanh was caught having a public and affectionate response with a female account on her personal page. Before that, he also livestreamed admitting the breakup.

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Soanh first spoke out about the news of the affair, having a "rain sister" after breaking up with Ye

Quỳnh Quỳnh19:41:47 10/05/2024
After a series of hotgirl dating questions caused the marriage with Ye to break down, recently, Soanh has spoken out about the incident that attracted the attention of netizens. At the same time, the guy also clarified the relationship with the rumored 3rd person.

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Thuy Ngan plays the role of Hwang Jung Eum, the online community cries out in protest

Phi Đức14:37:59 10/05/2024
Recently, Secret Love – Hwang Jung Eum's one-time hit film has been confirmed to be remade in Vietnam. However, the female lead role played by Thuy Ngan caused great controversy from the online community.

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Soanh almost cried on live, 1 time said all about Diep, r.evealing the attitude of parents on both sides

Bảo Nam11:52:03 10/05/2024
After 1 period of silence and only posting openly about the divorce, recently, tiktoker Soanh has officially spoken out about her current relationship with her ex - Ye without a broom.

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Ye Broomless Impersonated After Statement About Fat Cat, Soanh Dao Breakup

Gia Nhi11:40:54 10/05/2024
H.ot tiktoker Ye broomless has just made a post sharing herself in distress, when she has been impersonated recently, stigmatizing the image amid the noise of breaking up with Soanh and making a move about the Fat Cat story. Her image deteriorated because of false rumors.

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Soanh and Ye simultaneously changed their TikTok names, and they "loved" to cut ties

An Nhi17:17:19 09/05/2024
More than 1 month since the outbreak of the love drama, every move of Soanh and Diep has attracted attention from netizens. Recently, the two simultaneously made new moves such as tacitly announcing their official path.

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Soanh painfully borrowed Zhencheng to break up with Ye, choking back tears

Phúc Sen15:38:38 09/05/2024
The couple Diep and Soanh so far after 2 months of noisy entanglements, both of them are constantly r.evealing confusing details, increasingly showing their lives alone, both trying to gradually practice with a lifestyle without the other half.

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Truong Ngoc Anh demanded a debt of 24 billion, just crying out for young love, appeared to say 1 sentence about the side

Pinky13:20:13 04/05/2024
Truong Ngoc Anh's young love Anh Dung officially joined his girlfriend in the debt collection case of 24 billion, the people were extremely stirred when he said 1 green sentence, expressed his frustration and sided with, protecting the actress. Earlier, the two had just been rumored to have broken up.

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Ye showed off his S-curve, super slim ant waist, r.evealing after parting with Soanh

Thanh Phúc10:25:12 02/05/2024
Ye without a broom has just made the online community wave, when there is a series of new images on his personal page. Accordingly, the female tiktoker showed off her bold figure, r.evealing a slim ant waist and an S-curve, which everyone praised wholeheartedly.

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Diep nonchalantly showed off her s.exy bare shoulders, her beauty improved after the noisy breakup with Soanh

T.P12:42:30 29/04/2024
Tiktoker Diep without a broom continues to make the internet stir when suddenly there is a new move on his personal page. Accordingly, Soanh's wife showed off her s.exy bare shoulders, confidence in her beauty and hidden self-love after the noise related to love.

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Diep comforted himself after the breakdown, did something that was heartbreaking to watch, the fans shouted Soanh's name

Thanh Phúc09:08:45 25/04/2024
Tiktoker Diep without a broom continues to make moves related to the noise of breaking up with her husband of 5 years, Soanh. Although there has been no official announcement other than rumors, the recent moves of the two have made netizens implicitly confirm it.

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Soanh was "caught" by netizens to have divorced Diep, the evidence was made public by the owner

An Nhi14:58:42 24/04/2024
Since resuming activities after a series of noise, every move of Soanh and Diep has been noticed by netizens. Accordingly, a move that people believe is that the two have now truly gone their separate ways.

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Diep lost weight and her health plummeted after breaking up with Soanh, publicly r.evealing her shocking weight

Trí Nhi10:04:34 24/04/2024
H.ot tiktoker Diep without a broom made people worried when he recently announced his current weight. She claims to be super skinny Asian, everyone who sees her is shocked when they see her unstable weight.

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Soanh was lonely after her breakup with Diep, sadly looking at the happiness of others

T.P09:57:21 23/04/2024
Regarding the noisy suspicion of emotional breakdown of tiktoker couple Soanh and Diep. Recently, on Soanh's side, he took the step of sharing the moment he saw another couple happy, saying a sentence that made everyone who read it tear up their hearts, regretting him and Diep.

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Diep posted a photo holding Soanh's hand, hinting at their current relationship, do fans suspect they are about to return?

Kim Lâm15:03:27 22/04/2024
After a period of silence amid the drama storm, without mentioning anything about her other half, Diep surprised many people by posting a sweet photo with Soanh. This move of hers attracted a lot of attention and questions about their current relationship.

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Truong Ngoc Anh despite everything, acts as "cannon fodder" to protect her boyfriend who is 14 years younger than her?

Nguyễn Tuyết15:31:56 20/04/2024
In recent days, Truong Ngoc Anh and Anh Dung have gone their separate ways because of a third person interfering in their relationship. However, recently, insiders have spoken out to say that is not the case.

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Diep appeared haggard, determined to become a new person, doing the same thing as Soanh

Kim Lâm17:03:07 19/04/2024
After announcing his stay in hiding, Diep Khong Choi publicly revealed himself, attracting attention from the online community. Notably, the h.ot female tiktoker also did something identical to Soanh, raising many questions.

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Diep erased his weird image and dyed all platforms red after rumors of breaking up with Soanh

Phúc Sen13:33:12 19/04/2024
H.ot tiktoker Diep without a broom continues to make new moves after a series of storms with Soanh divorce rumors. Many people think that she is gradually starting a new life, a happy single life after ending her love affair with her husband Soanh.

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Hoang Phuong Thi broke up with Vuong The Thoi, accusing her husband of being abusive and her mother-in-law scolding her

Đức Trí11:52:14 17/04/2024
H.ot tiktoker couple Vuong The Thoi and Hoang Phuong Thi officially announced their separation right after his wife just gave birth to a 26-day-old b.aby. The online community was deeply shocked and confused by the article directly denouncing Vuong The Thoi's family.

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