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Matcha hunter: thrilling jerking series, behind the hottest keyword on social networks

Phong Trần14:18:52 15/04/2024
In recent days, all social networking platforms from Facebook to Tiktok have been flooded with the keyword Matcha hunter. When clicking on the search bar on social networking platforms, it is not difficult to see that this keyword is popular.

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'Canada's hottest 22-year-old nanny' shows off her social media presence and lives an extremely luxurious virtual life

Mẫn Nhi10:04:18 15/04/2024
The most popular series in the first half of 2024 must name my family's wonderful nanny who is currently buzzing on social networks. People quickly tracked down the identity of the matcha g.irl after many sleepless nights wondering what happened.

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Pham Thoai spoke out about the case of an 8th grade b.oy who was "influenced" by his friend, wanting to pay off hospital fees

Thiên Di16:49:42 01/04/2024
In recent days, information about the incident of a m.ale s.tudent named N.H.D. being affected by his basketball friends leading to a tragedy has caused public outrage. Recently, Pham Thoai offered to pay all hospital fees after learning about his family's difficult situation.

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Pam Love Oi for a series of youth idols "breathing smoke", officially reaching 1 million followers

Kim Lâm11:05:19 01/04/2024
Pam previously caused a fever when she became the first Vietnamese b.aby to have a photo reach 1 million likes. Recently, he has officially reached 1 million followers on Instagram. This is enough to prove the influence and affection netizens have for the b.aby.

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Dear Pam, I was scared when I saw my parents doing this. The "basket" of memes was born, so adorable

Nguyễn Kim15:38:53 26/03/2024
Having a daughter who is a famous c.hild today, Salim's family has attracted a lot of attention. Recently, the c.hild powerhouse Pam continued to cause a stir on social media because of a series of adorable expressions in a TV show.

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Ly Hao Nam's d.eath was unfounded, Lam Chan Huy appeared, the family was shocked because their son was missing

Phúc Sen14:43:25 25/03/2024
The news that male singer Ly Hao Nam passed away has caused people to stir in recent days. However, recently, a close friend, Lam Chan Huy, shared that this is baseless news. Ly Hao Nam's family also has new moves.

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Hang Nomad revealed a tight waist despite being born, how is the stepmother-in-law relationship?

T.P13:53:14 07/03/2024
Tiktoker Hang Nomad left social media users in a frenzy, ahead of the recent clip she posted. Accordingly, the TikToker showed off her talent in the kitchen to entertain the whole family, but notably her surreal waist and the look of her husband's stepson.

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Miley Cyrus backs sister's ex-loving mother: 'As long as she's happy'

Đông Nguyên13:31:40 04/03/2024
Singer Miley Cyrus is reportedly completely unaware of the complicated love drama between her mother, sister and stepfather, actor Dominic Purcell. However, the singer expressed support for her mother's happiness.

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Family of 7 people passed each other on motorbikes, suddenly encountered good things in the cold

Kim Lâm14:58:59 02/03/2024
The image of 2 spouses and 5 small children, passing each other on motorbikes, going from Dien Bien to Lang Son was shared a lot on social media. Watching the whole family struggle in the cold rain just because of 2 words of livelihood makes everyone feel sorry.

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People's Artist Ngoc Thu: The female artist holds the rank of Colonel and has a peaceful marriage with Meritorious Artist Minh Tuan

Thiên Di16:41:17 29/02/2024
People's Artist Ngoc Thu fell in love with the seventh art through many film and television works since she was in her twenties with many quality roles. She has a happy marriage with Meritorious Artist Minh Tuan, a colleague at the Military Drama Theater.

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Chau Hai My passed away 2 months ago, friends witnessed unexpected scenes at the 102 billion villa

Quỳnh Quỳnh14:04:23 27/02/2024
Up to now, actress Chau Hai My has been gone for more than 2 months. Her 102 billion villa is currently locked and vacant. Many people passing by saw abandoned houses, heavy snow falling on the yard, and bare vegetable gardens.

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The wife gave up her jealous thoughts when she saw the beauty of the third c.hild

Minh Ngọc07:50:33 20/01/2024
Discovering that her husband was having an affair, the wife was extremely indignant and immediately thought of being jealous. But the situation turned upside down, as soon as she saw the third person's face, she suddenly became so confused that she couldn't understand.

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My Family is Suddenly Happy Season 2 is about to start, will the stars appear together?

Phong Trần17:00:12 16/01/2024
My Family is Suddenly Happy is one of the Vietnamese primetime films that received great attention from big screen audiences in 2023. The film brings together a cast of actors familiar to small screen audiences.

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Qingshan - Ability to r.eveal love acts in public, fans urge marriage

Vân Anh08:27:55 02/01/2024
Many times appearing in public, the Thanh Son - Kha Ngan couple has a very sweet act for each other, making all criticisms about the relationship between the two meaningless.

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Cu Thi Tra: "little girl" of the new generation of Vietnamese screens, whose beauty overwhelms the female lead

Vân Anh10:08:32 29/12/2023
Cu Thi Tra is currently the most anticipated potential actress on Vietnamese screens when she had a fiery a.dultery scene with actor B Tran in the TV series Us 8 years later.

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Ta Tuan Minh: The youngest actor to be awarded the People's Artist a.ward, almost quit his job because of an accident

Thiên Di16:11:24 28/12/2023
Ta Tuan Minh is one of 42 artists awarded the title of People's Artist (People's Artist) for the 10th time in 2023. In real life, he has a simple life with his wife and his two talented sons. artistic talent.

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Thanh Ha: C.hild star 'unmatched' with Bao Ngoc, known nationwide thanks to a once-in-a-lifetime role

Phúc Sen16:50:51 20/12/2023
C.hild actress Thanh Ha is a television face who captivated audiences with her role as Tam Anh in Family is No. 1 - part 2 Vietnamese version. Thanh Ha is also remembered as the role of Bao Ngoc's role as Lam Chi.

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"Ma Suri" Gia Ky wedding: The Magic Family stars reunite, the bride's profile is "not average"

Uyển Đình11:42:35 20/12/2023
Gia Ky recently held a wedding at a luxury hotel in Ho Chi Minh City. At the party, the former c.hild stars of the Magic Family were also present to celebrate. Photo frames with familiar faces from the popular childhood movie have attracted attention.

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Singer Tuan Khang wanted to do one thing before he passed away, his family did not announce the bad news for this reason!

Snow11:40:47 20/12/2023
Singer Tuan Khang used to have a happy life with his wife and children in America. His sudden passing made friends, colleagues and audiences sad. Especially when many plans are still unfinished.

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Meritorious Artist Minh Trang: "The first runner-up" has royal b.lood, a perfect life with her husband and children

Kim Lâm17:30:42 19/12/2023
Meritorious Artist Minh Trang was originally a theater actor and was once known as the number one actress of the Saigon opera stage. Currently, at the age of 60, even though she has not appeared on television for a long time, the audience still remembers her.

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Vu Linh Vuong: Once glorious Cai Luong artist, now lonely, sick, house without a bed

Thiên Di10:29:51 16/12/2023
Vu Linh Vuong used to work in Cai Luong theater and was famous for a while. He shared the stage with many famous artists, but in old age he had to live alone, poor, and sick in a cramped house.

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Before Chau Hai My passed away, she hoped her relatives would do one thing for her. Everyone choked up after hearing this

Bình Minh10:06:18 13/12/2023
Many artists and audiences simultaneously expressed their sadness at Chau Hai My's passing. The actress's wishes before her d.eath were recently revealed by Hong Kong (China) media.

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Vo Ha Tram's daughter broke up with her grandmother's house, returned to Vietnam and still kept asking "where are you?"

Bình Minh10:44:12 06/12/2023
Vo Ha Tram and her husband decided to bring their daughter to India for the first time to celebrate the Diwali New Year with her paternal family. Over the past time, she has adapted very well to life here, especially having the opportunity to learn more useful things.

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Thanh Son and Kha Ngan launched a powerful 'hint' right in the fan exchange event

Minh Ngọc19:11:46 04/12/2023
Recently, the Exchange event with Gulliver with the participation of the two main characters Thanh Son and Kha Ngan was held in Hanoi. The event was attended by a lot of fans.

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