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Trang Tran's husband, Hang Du Muc, threatened to be executed, declaring that he would "bury the love affair"

Pinky11:33:54 22/06/2024
In the midst of the noise, Hang Du Muc's husband was harshly criticized by the entire world, frustrated with his behavior of interacting with his wife, touching hands and feet that were not worthy of a man. A prominent figure in Vietnamese showbiz, former model Trang Tran, has officially spoken out.

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Cousin Hang Du Muc spoke up about his brother-in-law, Tho Nguyen stepped in and wanted to do something shocking?

Đình Như17:41:48 21/06/2024
In less than a week, Hang Du Muc and his wife have gone from being a dreamlike couple to revealing many hidden corners of their married life. In the midst of a series of scandals, their brother and a series of YouTubers and tiktokers spoke up to defend Hang Du Muc.

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The case of Hang Du Muc being "interacted" by her husband: Long Chun was upset and officially got involved

Pinky16:04:02 21/06/2024
The story of tiktoker Hang Du Muc being physically assaulted by her Chinese husband, leaving many bruises on her b.ody. Unreasonable j.ealousy is a h.ot topic that makes public opinion extremely concerned. Recently, Long Chun officially spoke out.

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Kan Hy: Schannel member is entangled in love with Nam Khanh, 1st runner-up of Single Star

Trí Nhi16:48:48 11/06/2024
Kan Hy, also known as Hy Banh Quy whose real name is Nguyen Duc Huy, he is an actor and content creator on the extremely famous Tiktok platform and is interested in and loved by a large number of young people in the online community.

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Fan Thoai was isolated by Long Chun, Tun Pham, and Yuan Vibi avoided and showed his annoyance

Châu Anh17:14:23 30/05/2024
Since the wedding incident on April Fool's Day, Pham Thoai has not only received a storm of criticism from the online community, but the male Tiktoker has also been ignored and isolated by his famous close friends.

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Pham Thoai "patted" Call Me Duy, Huong Giang - Le Duong Bao Lam did not dare to say anything

Thiên Di17:11:57 29/04/2024
The public face-palming between Pham Thoai and Call Me Duy made Huong Giang and Duong Lam clearly embarrassed. In particular, Long Chun and Tuan Duong also made profound comments that attracted attention.

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Pham Thoai - Vien Vibi face off due to fake wedding, Long Chun receives criticism?

Pinky13:43:34 24/04/2024
Two famous tiktokers Vien Vibi and Pham Thoai recently shook the internet when they suddenly revealed a series of signs that they had officially stopped playing, the reason was speculated to be due to Pham Thoai's fake wedding.

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Long Chun received criticism for his noisy livestream, using Hang Du Muc to respond to antifans

JLO09:46:15 24/04/2024
Long Chun recently held a livestream session on the occasion of his birthday. Accordingly, his live session lasted 12 hours with many famous guests in the closing world.

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Pham Thoai's "content" wife was contaminated by her husband, openly with a face that no one complimented

Snow17:00:23 03/04/2024
After the national audience troll, Pham Thoai's content wife suddenly publicized her face on social networks. The TikToker's true beauty makes people surprised.

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Pham Thoai and his wife accused by a series of TikTokers of blasphemy, criticizing the wedding breakdown

Thanh Phúc09:34:07 01/04/2024
The series of tiktokers who are close friends of Pham Thoai, suddenly had a voice to denounce the male tiktoker couple as blasphemous, the wedding was too fake to believe that the couple, disparaging everyone who listened had to frown.

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Pham Thoai's wife was accused of wearing a "fake" ao dai on her wedding day, what's the truth?

Tuyết Ngọc15:09:06 31/03/2024
Not long after the wedding ended, Pham Thoai's wife - Khanh Van was suddenly accused by a designer of wearing a fake ao dai on the big day. The clip recording the incident quickly attracted the attention of fans.

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Pham Thoai, full of masculinity, led his wife's hand into the ceremony, dispelling rumors of a fake wedding

Phong Trần15:35:51 29/03/2024
The news that h.ot tiktoker Pham Thoai is getting married is still considered a trick he created to attract the attention of netizens. But according to the wedding invitation, today the wedding of Pham Thoai and his long-time girlfriend officially took place.

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Huong Giang suddenly wanted to get married when she saw Pham Thoai's wedding and the ending

Phong Trần15:16:02 29/03/2024
On her personal page, Huong Giang suddenly announced that she would get married, making many people feel extremely surprised and confused. Accordingly, everything stemmed from social networks spreading rumors about h.ot TikToker Pham Thoai... getting married!

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Quyen Leo Daily - Owner of TikTok channel with sales of 72 billion VND after 12 hours of livestream

Vân Anh17:13:06 05/03/2024
Recently, the livestream of Quyen Leo Daily TikTok channel owned by husband and wife Nguyen Lan Anh (SN 1992, Nam Dinh) and La Quoc Quyen (SN 1995, Hanoi), has just announced revenue reaching VND 72 billion after more than 12 hours of continuous livestream.

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Tiktoker from Japan criticized 50 million as not enough to live in Vietnam, fans threw heavy criticism

Minh Lợi13:42:48 25/01/2024
Recently, the online community is circulating a clip of a g.irl who has just returned home from Japan. Not only did she criticize 50 million for not being enough to live in Vietnam, but she also had a sarcastic attitude toward people with low incomes.

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Shark Binh was claimed by a tiktoker as his "little wife", posting photos of him hugging and challenging Phuong Oanh

Nguyễn Kim06:39:15 27/12/2023
Shark Binh and Phuong Oanh's perfect married life is increasingly loved by many netizens. However, a famous tiktoker suddenly claimed to be Shark Binh's wife while Phuong Oanh was pregnant with twins, even publicly posting photos together.

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Long Chun was upset, denying the statement that a salary of 10 million would only mean eating nonsense: Are you afraid of retribution?

JLO11:43:00 11/11/2023
Recently, on social media, there was a channel that posted a picture of Long Chun with his quote: To be honest, in this day and age with a salary of 10 million/month, all you have to do is eat...But how can you survive?

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Long Chun was criticized for saying "only likes to hang out with rich people" on Shark Tank, and immediately responded

Ning Jing16:15:21 09/11/2023
On the evening of November 6, Shark Tank Vietnam aired episode 6 with an impressive capital call from Long Chun. It is known that he and his sister brought to the program bun thang - a traditional dish that has fed many generations of his family.

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Long Chun went to Shark Tank to raise capital of 2 billion, was rejected by the "sharks", Shark Binh said 1 thing directly

Thảo Mai14:38:04 07/11/2023
H.ot TikToker Long Chun (real name Tran Hoang Long) surprised when appearing in episode 6 of Shark Tank Vietnam, with his sister Thu Tra, raising capital of VND 2 billion in exchange for 15% of shares for 2 bun thang shops.

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TikToker Long Chun shows off his 9-story mansion in West Lake, but people only pay attention to the strangeness in the family tree

Nhật Hân15:06:56 27/10/2023
Hanoi's famous Tiktoker Long Chun makes people gasp with its spacious 9-storey property located right in front of West Lake. Besides the glamor of the mansion, a special feature in the family's genealogy attracts attention.

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Long Chun, Dat Do and a series of Tiktokers were named in the inspection conclusion for posting infringing content

Minh Lợi18:02:48 06/10/2023
Specifically, on September 29, the Ministry of Information and Communications issued Conclusion No. 08/KL-BTTTT, concluding a comprehensive inspection of the operation of the social network TikTok in Vietnam.

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Long Chun proudly earns billions every month, accepts being attacked, and declares: It's easy for anyone to do what I do

Pinky15:32:27 20/09/2023
Tiktoker Long Chun said in a recent interview with the media that he is no longer afraid of criticism and is proud of himself when he earns billions every month.

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Pham Thoai pretending to be a g.irl, falling off a float, wearing a fashion show in Hoa Lu ancient capital is just a trick of designers?

Thảo Mai16:43:50 13/09/2023
Many comments said that TikToker Pham Thoai pretended to be a g.irl, wearing a fashion show dress in the ancient capital Hoa Lu (Ninh Binh) is inappropriate. In response to the above opinion, designer Shi Linh has spoken.

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S.hock: Vietnam's No. 1 Tiktoker - Tra Dang is married, wedding postponed, who is the groom's identity?

Ngọc Sa14:31:00 13/08/2023
H.ot Tiktoker Tra Dang suddenly announced that she had a husband, causing fans to be surprised and stirred. According to the young idol, she has yet to get married for some reason, however both families have considered each other unlucky.

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