Kan Hy: Schannel member is entangled in love with Nam Khanh, 1st runner-up of Single Star

Trí NhiJun 11, 2024 at 16:48

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Kan Hy, also known as Hy Banh Quy whose real name is Nguyen Duc Huy, he is an actor and content creator on the extremely famous Tiktok platform and is interested in and loved by a large number of young people in the online community.

Kan Hy was born and raised in Hanoi. He currently lives and works in Ho Chi Minh City. Since he was a c.hild, he has been very fond of art, especially acting. And that passion kept growing in him. He decided to study acting at A. C. T Academy - Vietnam's leading professional film acting academy. Well-trained in acting with a handsome face, the young actor's appearance on the stage is shining more and more.

Kan Hy: Schannel member is entangled in love with Nam Khanh, 1st runner-up of Single Star - Photo 1

Before becoming a talented actor as he is now. Kan Hy also has experience as a VJ and is currently still a VJ of Schannel. In addition, he also strongly develops content creation on the Tik Tok platform. Thanks to his funny content and sharp trending clips, he has successfully reached a lot of young audiences. Currently, his TikTok channel has attracted nearly 315 thousand followers with more than 8.2 million likes and the content on the channel has become a spiritual dish for many viewers.

Kan Hy: Schannel member is entangled in love with Nam Khanh, 1st runner-up of Single Star - Photo 2

In addition to being a Tiktoker, a VJ, Kan Hy is also a potential young actor. Although he is only a rookie, charming with the profession for 2 years, Huy's small roles have also left a strong impression in the hearts of young audiences. People remember him through viral short clips on social networks, or a villainous role in webdramas and youtube clips at Schannel, What to Eat Today is funny and fun...

Sharing a little more about his future plans, Kan Hy said that he himself is a progressive person, always wanting to develop better and better. He hopes to soon become a multi-talented artist, with certain imprints as an actor, possibly an impressive role in a certain movie.

Kan Hy: Schannel member is entangled in love with Nam Khanh, 1st runner-up of Single Star - Photo 3

Talking about his career development journey, Kan Hy shared: "Actually, what I have now is just a small grain of sand in the middle of the desert, but I have also experienced a lot of difficulties thanks to which I have grown a lot. In the early days with my passion for acting, besides going to school to improve my knowledge, I looked for every opportunity to work in the profession.

Looking for casting information on the internet, playing the role of extra 100 - 200k, there were times when I went to film because I was a newcomer and I didn't know who to ask for, in terms of sadness. Whoever called me to shoot something was me going to film. Until I joined a drama group to meet my brothers and sisters, friends in the profession and love art, they gave me an environment to study and practice and I had my first stage roles.

Kan Hy: Schannel member is entangled in love with Nam Khanh, 1st runner-up of Single Star - Photo 4

I have grown and matured since then. Then I was able to cast in short viral clips on the internet, I had a regular job, I went to shoot every day and started to be known by everyone.

Watching the videos on the first day when I went to shoot, I changed myself to act better, the stage also gave me a lot of fire so that I could act better, burn more and be more emotional. As for VJ, the job came very unexpectedly, I remember that was the day I went to shoot a webdrama film and met Ms. Minh Thu Schannel. She asked me if I liked being a VJ, I said I wanted to try. In my youth, I am enthusiastic and want to be able to devote a lot. 2 months later, there is a contest The next What to eat today, I have participated and become a VJ of Schannel until now.

Kan Hy: Schannel member is entangled in love with Nam Khanh, 1st runner-up of Single Star - Photo 5

Of course, in difficult times, I think a lot, but fortunately, as a person who lives positively and has a great passion for the profession, I have overcome the first steps easily. But I know it's all just the beginning, it's a long way in front of me."

Although Thanh Cong is still quite young, Kan Hy is always humble, he shared: "What I have now to say that I am successful is definitely not enough. Like building a house, I'm building a solid foundation and then starting to build the bricks that make up the first floors of my career. Only with a solid foundation can you build a house very high."

Kan Hy: Schannel member is entangled in love with Nam Khanh, 1st runner-up of Single Star - Photo 6

In 2024, Kan Hy made an impression when participating in the program The Shoppertainer - The Star of the Single. Kan Hy is a contestant in the top 11 finals, he is a contestant of the Long Chun team. After a period of intense and equally fierce competition, The Shoppertainer Champion - Single Closing Star 2024 officially named Yen Dan (Pham Thoai team). Kan Hy was also excellent when he stopped at the 1st runner-up position.

Kan Hy: Schannel member is entangled in love with Nam Khanh, 1st runner-up of Single Star - Photo 7

Kan Hy is also entangled in rumors of same-sex love with a Schannel member, tiktoker Nam Khanh. Although it is not officially public, the actions of giving to each other always make netizens affirm that the two have real feelings.

Kan Hy: Schannel member is entangled in love with Nam Khanh, 1st runner-up of Single Star - Photo 8

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